Look at our Christingles for Advent!

We have been learning about how Christians make Christingles at this time of year as a countdown to Christmas .

In class we have been learning all about what each part of the Christingle represents.  For example the orange represents the world and the red ribbon the blood of Jesus.
Ask your child to tell you what each different aspect means!

What are Gifts?

In R.E. we have been learning all about Gifts.  We now know gifts are not just presents but actions such as a smile or hug, kind gestures or even words.  Together we have explored how giving and receiving gifts feels and sharing our ideas with our friends.

Now on the run up to Christmas we and developing our understanding of Gods gifts to us.

We are now aware that Jesus was sent to us as a gift to help us in our daily lives.

Our Reading Area has been transformed in to a beautiful Gingerbread House which everyone helped to decorate with crafted sweets.

The children are loving reading Winter stories and Christmas Tales inside this snow dusted haven.

Welcome to Year 1!

The beginning of the term has gone very well in Year One.  All the children have settled in to class life and are gaining greater confidence and independence.   We have been learning about lots of new things and developing the children’s skills in areas they have begun working hon in Reception.


Year 1’s Autumn Term so far…

Year 1 have been very busy so far this term, we have been doing a lot of maths, working on addition and subtraction using lots of different methods. Sometimes it was a little tricky, but we worked really hard and can now nearly do it in our heads! Miss Allan is very impressed.

We have also learnt a lot about our local area, Beegu the alien crash landed in Bolton and we had to help her find her way around, and protect her from the delights of Bolton weather. She even came to visit us at the end of last half term, and has decided that she likes it so much here at St. Thomas’ that she’d like to stay.

This half term we are going to be looking at our hero’s. We will be focusing our work looking at Florence Nightingale and what an impact she made, whilst also thinking about the people who are heroes to us and help us in our lives.

Keep up the good work Year 1!

Welcome to the Year 1 class of 2015-2016

Welcome to our Year 1 class, I’m a little new to blog writing, so bare with me!

So far we have been having a lot of fun in Year 1. Our topic work has been taken over by a strange, yellow, long eared creature. Is it a rabbit? Noooo, it’s Beegu! After crash landing from a different planet, the children in Year 1 have been helping Beegu to feel at home here in Bolton. We have been really good, kind friends, thinking about how we could help him out now he’s stranded here, we don’t want him to be lonely! He’s been here for a while now, but I think he is starting to get a little bit hungry, can you think of any local places that Beegu could visit to find some food? Where could you suggest? Perhaps we could draw a map to help Beegu find his way.

We have been reading together everyday, whether that is within guided reading or having a story together before home time, choosing a new one each afternoon from Miss Allan’s special books.

It is really important that we read together at home too! Sit with your parents each night to read, and remember that if you read every day throughout the week, and get your parents to sign your reading diary, you get a GOLDEN TICKET!

Keep checking back on the blog to find out what Year 1 are up to next.

See you again soon,

Miss Allan

Phonics Screening

Year One Phonics Screening Check For Parents /Carers


Helping your child with phonics

Phonics works best when children are given plenty of encouragement and learn to enjoy reading and books. Parent play a very important part in helping with this. Please watch the clip below.


Here are two free website links to help the children have fun, whilst learning.

images           imagesCAN2L7AK





British Values Day


Today we learned about the “British Value” of voting to choose a party and it’s leader to run our government.

Our class was divided into three parties:

The Yellow Party

The Blue Party

The Red Party

Each party shared their ideas on what they would introduce to schools if they were elected and then chose their best idea.


After each child voted on their voting paper and posted it in the Ballot Box.


The votes were then counted and the Red Party won with their plan for more P.E. lessons in schools.




What a super ‘British Values Day’


What an amazing fun day we have had. Year 1 have participated in a ballot vote learning how and why voting is important with Mrs Copley.

We have also listened to Celtic music and learnt a Celtic dance with Miss Hughes and looked at the values of tolerance and mutual respect. Looking at the different faces and diversity of Britain with Mrs Jones. ‘Remember. We are all different but we need to treat everybody the same, not just our friends’