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Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Wow ! What a fantastic start to year two ! The children have had a very busy first half term and have been superstars ! 😀  They have made us very proud.

Check out the animoto below to see what we have been doing




Try hard to read every night, even if it is just one page. Remember to ask your parents to sign your home/school planner. If it shows me that you have read every night, you will get a golden ticket every Friday from Mr Wonka!

Who is your favourite character in the book you area reading?

What do they look like and what is their personality like?

Can you write a book review about your favourite book?

Can you write a new ending to a story you have read?



Something incredible has happened… It all started when Miss Hughes heard a loud crash while she was marking after school. She thought it must be thunder, but is wasn’t!

Early next morning, she arrived at school to find strange, yellow footprints all over ks1 and the word ‘help’ had been written on one of the windows.

A mystery book about a little, yellow alien appeared on our doorstep and it all started to make sense!

Poor Beegu is lost in our world but we are going to help him find his way around.

Have you seen or heard anything strange? Leave your comments below!
Watch this space for more exciting news!

Phonics Screening Test

Year One Phonics Screening Check For Parents /Carers


Helping your child with phonics

Phonics works best when children are given plenty of encouragement and learn to enjoy reading and books. Parent play a very important part in helping with this. Please watch the clip below.


Here are two free website links to help the children have fun, whilst learning.

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