France is a large country in western  Europe. France is known for it rich history and  culture. The Capital of France is Paris.France is next to Belgium,Luexumburgh and in the east Germany and Switzerland. A quarter of the land is covered by forest.The French alps begins at the Mediterranean Sea. By Zaheer, Leah,Amas.

Facts about France

In France the population is 67million people. It’s capital city is Paris and it has 2.2 million inhabitants. The real name is republic Francies the laungue which is French.  Mainland France boarders to Germany , Italy, Marocco, Luxembourg , Spain and Switzerland.7 million people visit France every year. By Esraa and Kulsum

History of Ainsworth family!!!

When we went to Smithills hall and we went to Isabella’s room. We saw her room it was very fun and we found out she liked sowing and she loved playing the piano. Later we went to the library and Richard Ainsworths room. He liked studying in that room and there were lots of panting. There were also lots of birdsas he liked birds. Next we went to miss Isaabela Strings room. She was head of the women servants.

By Mercedesz and Aishah P