The end of another fabulous half term…

Here we are again Year 5/6, the end of another successful half term!

Well done to those of you who have sat your SAT’s tests and thank you for all your hard work.

You all deserve to rest and enjoy the next two weeks holiday.

Here is an animoto of some of the most memorable events over the last few weeks.

I look forward to seeing you all when we return in June, for our final half term of this school year!

Miss Moores

Gangsta Granny 📚 review

Title: Gangta Granny

Author: David Williams

Illustrator: Tony Ross


Genre:  Action, Adventure and comedy

My rating : 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟


Describe the Characters and their traits:

👱🏻- Ben: Ben is one of those types of children who finds old people boring, but one day he learns  a lesson from Raj. Raj tells him ” We all become old one day.

👵🏼 – Granny: Tells Ben that she was a international jewel thief called ‘ The Black Cat ‘ this is when Ben gets interested and starts liking granny , but then he knows the truth when granny and Ben try to steal the crown 👑 jewels !

The setting:

The setting is in the queens palace, granny’s house and in Rajs shop.

Why :

Rajs shop: Because Ben often goes to the shop.



TITLE : The war of Jenkins ear

Author : Micheal Morpurgo .


GENRE : Dramatic , action .

how many would I give out of 5 : 4 1/2

ABOUT THE MAIN CHARACTER :                                                                                                                                                               The two characters main  are Toby Jenkins and Christopher . At first Toby was really lonely , shy and unhappy because he didn’t really have many friends but he is kind as at the end he is friends with Christopher . Christopher is adventurous , kind and sometimes he brakes rules and stands up to strict teachers .

THE SETTING :                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The story is set in a really strict boarding school , where he tells many people that he is Jesus Christ but because some people didn’t believe him so he did some miracles hoping they would believe him . At the end Christopher started to believe that he was telling the truth. It is set in different parts of the boarding school such as the hall and the playground .

MY FAVORITE PART :                                                                                                                                                                                             My favorite part is when Christopher stood up to Rudolf . I liked that part because it was dramatic and it made me want to read even more and question my self that what is going to happen next .

WHAT HAPPENED IN THE STORY :                                                                                                                                                                 There is a boy called Toby who is friends with Christopher . Toby try’s to make Christopher believe that he was is Jesus Christ by doing many events . Will Christopher believe him or not ? 





Describe the characters and their traits:

In this story the 2 main characters are Frank and his dad Gilbert. Frank is a fat, short boy and his dad is also fat and short. Both farther and son love banger racing, Franks dad, Gilbert is a banger racer. Frank loves and cares for his farther after one particular race.

The Setting:

Frank and his dad live in a small village with only a church, a race track and an apartment with 99 floors. Frank and Gilbert live on the 99th floor of the apartment.

My favourite part:

Is when gilbert and Frank climb into the wishing well to steal some money. Then PC Plank the police officer comes and sees them and Gilbert says his leg fell into the well so he went to get it. PC Plank takes of his pants to  rescue them, Gilbert puts PC Planks pants in his top so the  police is walking around in his underwear.

What happened in the story?

Gilbert used to put his son to sleep every night and go racing, his son always used to follow him out. On one particular night Franks dad chopped of his leg so he got a wooden leg. Then they go home and one night Gilbert sneaks of  again so his son follows him and soon discovers his dad is a robber and a very BAD DAD!

This story could of been better if …

When Gilbert got his leg cut of they could of added more suspence built it up. Instead of Frank following dad out of the house he could’ve sneaked out of the house.

Overall you should read this story because…

Its very simple to understand and funny. I would recommend this book foe boy and girls from ages 9-13 because I don’t think anyone under 9 will understand the book and anyone over 13 would find it boring.See the source image



The switch: book review

This book I would say is a thriller and I will definitely have to give this book 5 stars.

Describe the characters and their traits:

Tad is a rich and quite chubby boy but Bob is pretty different as in average height and weight but that doesn’t mean he isn’t poor.

What is the setting of the story:

Tad was taken into a van. A van with no windows and was pitch black and it was so dark he couldn’t even see his hands right in front of his face.

My favourite part:

My favourite part was when Tad attacked Bob and the butler locked Tad in a cubourd and waited for someone special to pick him up.

What happened in the story?

A boy called Tad wished he could go to a fair and swapped bodies with a boy called Bob. Bob loved being in Tad’s body because he Tad was rich and Bob never got anything he wanted because he was poor. So Tad attacked Bob and the butler threw him in a cubourd waiting for a charity to take him away. But it was his parents charity and he got thrown into a van with no windows.

This story could be better if…

It could be a bit better if Tad didn’t talk to a mirror as much.

Overall you should read this book because…

You should read this book because it has so many unexpected twists. 

I would recommend this book to:

I would recommend this to children age 9-12.

By Liam


A Book Review- Narnia: The Last Battle

Title of book: Narnia: The Last Battle

Author: C.S Lewis

Fiction book

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

The characters:    

There is King Tirian who is the king of Narnia. Aslan, who is the god. Peter, Edmund and Lucy who are kids from our world but came to Narnia, saved it and ruled as kings and queens. Polly and Diggory, who were the first humans to ever visit Narnia and were there when it was created by Aslan. Eustace and Jill who saved Narnia. Last but not least there is Tirians best friend (who is a unicorn)


Setting: It is set in a magical and called Narnia that can be visited by humans with magic. It is surrounded by Calormene and Archenland. There is a big castle where the kings and queens live called Cair Paravel. There is lots of magical creatures like dwarfs and centaurs and unicorns.

My favourite part: When they go to Aslan’s  world and meet all their old friends and all the past rulers of Narnia like Prince Caspian and Reepicheep the mouse and Thornbutt the dwarf. When they try to go home they then realise that they are dead in the real world because they were on a train and they were sent to Narnia when the train crashed.

What happened in the story: There is two friends called shift and puzzle (puzzle is a donkey and shift is an ape) and puzzle always listens to shift because he thinks the ape is smarter. So when the ape Shift tells him to wera a fake lion skin they found and pretend to be Aslan, he agrees. But it causes a lot of trouble because they tell people to do bad things and work as slaves for  the Calormenes. Tirian has to fight to save Narnia but he cant do it alone so he asks for the help of Eustace, Jill, Peter, Lucy, Edmund, Polly and Diggory. Together they battle to save Narnia. Will they save it or will they not?

How this story could be better: It would be better if the story was funnier  although it is still funny. Also the language is hard to understand because some language in it is very old fashioned

You should read this story because it is funny, exciting and there is a lot of epic battles.


This book is written by an author called David Baddiel and it is illustrated by Jim Field.


Describe the characters ad their traits:

The main character in this book is a young nine  (nearly 10) year old boy who wishes he has different parents and he loves the colour blue.

the setting:

This book is set in lots of different houses as for his 10th birthday he gets to choose different parents. One of the houses  was actually  gym. The two people who live in that gym are very strong and love fitness so to watch television you have to run on the treadmill!

My favourite part :

My favourite part of the story was when a butler called Peevish  and Vlassorona live in a skyscraper and vlassorona wants to change barrys name to Barrisina. Another one of my favourite parts is when the people that live in the gym have a football team and its called united- kingdom and the maches are only 2 minutes long and not 90 minutes.

what happened in the story:

In the story Barry wishes for different parents but when he wakes up he’s in the agency and by his 10th birthday he gets to choose his dream parents, he had healthy and strong  parents, rich parents and many more. Another thing that happened was when Barry had parents that didn’t really care they gave him disgusting food so he said can we go and get some sweets and they said of course you can but when he got there he tried really sour sweets and the he said ” Its like a bombs just gone off in my mouth” 




Today in science we did experiments. The experiments we did were actually fun. What we tried to do is try to separate material from water. The materials that we used were sand, rice, salt and Last but not atleast paper clips. What we did was we used 2 different types of object but they were the same thing. It was a kitchen sieve and garden sieve. The other ingredient was a filter paper. We tryed separating all these ingredients with the object and here were our results: the sand went through the garden sieve but just a bit. The sand did not go through the filter paper. Then the paper clips broke the filter paper and it did not go through the garden sieve. The salt did not work at all. The rice went through the sieve just a tiny bit and did not go through the filter paper. 








Today, we carried out an experiment by putting Mentos into Diet Coke. We were trying to find out what would happen if we dropped Mentos into coke and it had an explosion.

Like this⇓

First, we had to go outside with the coke and Mentos into an open space. Then we put Mentos into the coke and it exploded. We did it twice so we get a better understanding of this experiment. 

Coke and Mentos Experiment {VERY COOL!}

Today we have been doing the Coke and Mentos experiment. We were trying to see what would happen if we put Mentos in side the Coke. What happened was my teacher put the diet coke in the middle and we had to make a big circle so everyone can see. Then we put the Mentos in the Coke.  We did it twice so we could look closer because we were going to write about it . We had to very closely to see if it would react. Then we went inside and wrote about it. we had lots of FUN!



Anthony horowitz is the author of Alex rider. The  first Alex rider book was stormbreaker.anthony horowitz was born in 1955 fifth of  April. When Anthony horowitz was young  he went to  a boarding school. horowitz at the age of 13 he went to rugby school.Anthony horowitz first   book was the sinster secret of redrick k bower. Skelton  key the  third Alex  rider book won the children book of the  year award.


Anthony horowitz  writes  action books so people can actually pick out one of his books from a shelf and actually enjoy reading the action book that he wrote.In 2006 ark angel { another book of Alex rider } won the childrens book of the year award again. in 2008 Anthony horowitz won  the  national  year of reading. first champion author. also written 22 hour films  for foyles  war!plus collison, midsomer murders ,and poirot feature films   the gathering horror and stormbreaker.  this is one of the books of Anthony horowitz alex rider.the first ever alex rider book to be written by Anthony horowitz was stormbreaker and the last of the first ten was Russian roulette. Anthony  won the book award for skelton key. Anthony horowitz had one wife on brother two sons  one brother one sister and also Anthony had one father.Related image 



Joanne Rowling was born in July 31st at Yate General Hospital in England and grew up in Chepstow , Gwent where she went to Wydean  comprehensive . J.K left Chepstow  for Exter university , where  she earnt a French and classic degree  , her cource included going to  Paris every year.


At adulthood she changed her name after her marriage  to J.KROWLING instead of Joanne Rowling this is also her pen name  her boss decided that she should have a pen  name because   he did not want others knowing her as Joanne  Rowling . Her first book of harry potter  book was turned down  by 12 publishers  until someone turned them down  and then it got published .

See the source imageBOOKS BOOKS

See the source image


J.K  and Robert Galbraith, is a British novelist, screenwriter and film producer best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series. The books have gained worldwide attention, won multiple awards, and sold more than 400 million copies




Life Of Jacqueline Wilson


Jacqueline Wilson was born on the 17th December  aged 72 in Bath, Somerset England in 1945. Her fat7uyuher was a civil servant ;her mother was an auntiques dealer. She went to Coombe Girls  School and started reading at the age of 2. She wrote her first novel which was 21 sides long that was called “Meet The Maggots” at the age of nine. 


D.C Thomson offered the 17 years old a job after she pinned a piece  on the horrors of teen discos. She was appointed Professorial Fellow  of the university of Roehampton.



She has written more than a hundred books over course of her carer. Wilson is the author of many book series. Some examples: Lily Alone, Hetty Fether , Sleep Over, Bad Girls, Mr Cool.


At the age of 40 she took an A-level English and earned a Grade A. She teaches modules in both the children Litrature and creative writing masters degrees {MA} programs offered by the university. She was on a girls Magazines.





Crucial Crew responce

This Wednesday we went to Crucial Crew. It was so good and helpful and fun. My favourite part of it all was the traffic safety. We had to be detectives trying to find out the cause of the crash. And Alexander figured out the cause was that Steve and Max got hit because they was wearing only black clothing so the driver wouldn’t have seen them until it was to late. And sadly Steve stopped breathing. Luckily for us Steve was only a manikin.

I also liked the train room it was a little creepy but it was fine. It was like a ghost was talking to us through a machine. Then the person who actually killed the driver it was just so sad I don’t know why I liked it but I did.




End of another half term!

Hello children,

Can you believe another half term has passed us by?! What a great success it has been, from super athletes day to bikability, to crucial crew and much, much more.

Enjoy your well earned week off and I look forward to seeing you all when we return.

Here are some of the best bits…….

Miss Moores

Dear Duncan,

Cyan crayon here, please tell Allan Aqua that I am the true colour  of the sea ! I can prove it because two weeks ago you used me to colour the sea in your under the sea colouring book see told you so . Oh yeah   why do you use petunia pink more than me she is a girl, thanks for leaving me on the carpet were your dog ate me!

When are you coming for me its dark in here? Two weeks ago  you used to colour a half pink half cyan dinosaur you have clearly never seen a dinosaur!!


From the real colour of the sea



                                           From Abbie h





Dear Duncan

Listen up kid I know that I’m your favourite colour but you only use me for murky waters and sapphire’s . Also  can you tell blue and green that I’m better than them ( I’m basically both of them together ). Also yesterday I was nearly eaten by your cat.

Can you tell the almighty ruler ( multicolour) that he is the worst ruler ever – I mean literally he cant even draw straight lines-Also tell aqua that I’m the true colour of the sea

The true colour of the sea!


Turquoise crayon




The day Cyan quit

Dear Duncan

Cyan speaking, now listen first of all tell blue and green they are not better than me. Tell them even if the best colour in the mixed with them is not better than me. By the brown got eaten by the dog the other day. Anyway lets get on, I have some very seriouse issues I would like to discus.

All you use me for is to colour the nice sea. I am such a good colour and you don’t even use me. Use me foe maybe a dinosaur. Being in the bin is probably better than lying In your smelly drawer, please clean it immediatealy.

Your very unhappy friend

Cyan crayon.

The Day The Crayons Quit !

Oi  Duncan,

Listen up, I know that I’m your favourite colour, for the sky, lakes, rivers, sea and much more .But come on give me a break will you! You’re so untidy when it comes to colouring .You draw outside the lines ,when your supposed to colour INSIDE the lines.What is the point of getting a colouring book or something when you aren’t even gonna colour the main bit ?Anyways tell your sis that I appreciate her for actually colouring me in properly and using me properly

How about using me for clothes one day?

Your unhappiest friend about everything in the whole wild world.

Royal Blue

P.S Colour inside the lines or ELSE …….

By Zahra


The Day Royal Blue Crayon Quit

Dear Duncan,

We both know I am the poshest crayon but the other crayons disagree. I am so posh I am even named after the royal family. I am the queen of crayons. But everybody says I am a copy of Dark Blue. You know I am better than him. I look so good that I should have a separate crayon box made out of 24-crayon gold. with royal blue sapphires on. 

Also you should replace me with blue because he is so small and short and I am way better than him. But don’t use me for the sky or sea because that would make be short and stubby which would be the end of the world. Just use me for everything else blue.  

Please make everything perfect or I will have to quit.

Your royal friend,

Royal Blue.


The Day the Rose Gold Crayon Quit !

Dear Duncan,

It’s me rose gold crayon and as the best colour in the world I am writing this letter asking why you have not used me in 3 years, as you little sister, Amy hasn’t stopped using me since she got that new princess book. This letter is going to be fast, as I am extremely angry.

All these issues are crazy like when I’m in the middle of me beauty sleep, all your sister does is smash me on her princess’s face. Why can you use me? Is it because I’m a girl or because you’ve forgotten about me? Do you remember the time you bought me from the local shop near your house, I was really exited because I thought I was finally going to be used, but clearly not now. I always see you using neon green crayon, even though I’m right besides you, wanting to be used. Are you trying to make me jealous? Well it isn’t working. I am in the middle of packing now, as I am running away from your house, as I do not want to be treated like a paintbrush. Good luck as you will be needing me.

P.S tell your sister I need me box back

Your sincerely, Rose gold crayon (I’m really mad)


True couler of the sea!

Dear Duncan,

Hey it’s teal here. Now can you please tell turquoise that he is NOT the colour of the sea. It’s obviously me. I’m darker than turquoise and lighter than blue. I am the true colour! Yesterday you used me to colour in the sea. So tell him to shut up!

Then you never give me a rest. Every thing you use me for takes me ages . I would probably need to hibernate like a bear. Can you not colour something small for once! Please sort this out!

The true colour of the sea


By Abbie.f


Dear Duncan,

I am the true colour of the sun you know me hot orange if orange and yellow are arguing I’m both of them together and I look cooler than them to you know last week you used me 10 times to colour in the sun in your sun book so they cant argue and if they do they’ve got big problems awaiting so please can you warn them

the best colour of the sun hot ,

hot orange.

The day the crayons quit

Hey Duncan,

Listen here, its me Crimson Crayon. Not red or blood red, just Crimson. Why do you only use me to colour blood? Its disgusting. Why do you not us me as much as you use red? You know my great great  granddad Crimson was used to colour blood for Shakespeare’s plays.

Okay, lets just stop the complaining for a few moments and make some suggestions. Can I please be used to colour something else? Why not make a crimson field sometimes?

Now, carrying on with the complaints. No offence, but I hate your sister. Every time she touches me she drops me straight away. Its like I’m contagious!

I’m sorry I’m being rude but please just listen to my suggestions. Please? If you do you will be my favourite person ever.


Crimson Crayon

By Aliyah


The great Viking invasion interesting hey want to  learn about it well read on…


Over several years the army battled through northern England, taking control of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Northumbria, East Anglia and most of Mercia.
By AD874, almost all the kingdoms had fallen to the Vikings. All except for Wessex, which was ruled by Alfred the Great. King Alfred beat the Viking army in battle but wasn’t able to drive the Vikings out of Britain.
After years of fighting the Vikings and Alfred made a peace agreement. But even after this agreement, fighting went on for many more years. An imaginary dividing line was agreed to run across England, from London in the south towards Chester in the north west.
The Anglo-Saxon lands were to the west and the Viking lands, known as the Danelaw, were roughly to the east.


1. kvingsi

2. doin




6. fibrtos


The day teal quit

Dear Duncan,

Hey it’s teal here now can you please tell turquoise that he’s not the colour of the sea! Its obviously me I’m lighter than blue and darker than turquoise I have to be the colour. Yesterday you used ME to colour the sea  so tell him to shut up!

My next complaint is after I’ve coloured one of them big things you draw its so tiring its not fair. Not just than when you colour you don’t even stay in the lines! After colouring one of those things I need a nap. Can you not colour something SMALL for once. Now please sort this out!

The true colour of the sea teal.

By Abbie.f

Dear Duncan

Dear Duncan,

I have a few things to get off my expensive chest so please fix these things below.

can you tell silver crayon to STOP saying he’s more expensive than me. I mean, I’m gold (24 crayon gold to be precise) and he’s not even GOLD so tell him to SHUT UP! I know I was 50p and he was £1 but that was because I was in a sale, anyway ignore that.

Also tell bronze to stop teaming up with poor silver crayon because it’s really annoying. Every time bronze TRYS to insult me he makes a compliment of me and I am NOT beautiful.

From your expensive friend,

Gold Crayon




The day the crayons quit

Dear Duncan,

Cyan speaking, now listen first of all tell blue and green that they aren’t better than me.

All you use me for is  to colour the nice sea  occasionally. I am such a handsome colour and you don’t use me! At least use me for an odd dinosaur. So I looked out of the window to see what else was cyan and I didn’t see anything I was shocked.

By the way put me away safe when you go to school, the other day the cat jumped (I didn’t know cats can jump) he nearly ate me while you were at school on Monday. On Tuesday the dog put me in the toilet, it stank! On Wednesday I fell out of your backpack and landed on the sofa then your dad sat on me, on Thursday I locked myself in the room because I was frightened out of my wrapper.

Your very handsome and scared friend

Cyan crayon

By Saaema



The day silver crayon quits !

Dear Duncan, 

I have a few things to get of my expensive, exquiste mind so please fix the things below :

Can you color more silver things ?  so I can prove gold wrong !  I mean he thinks he is used more and is 24 crayon-gold but I m 25 crayon silver so tell him to shut his mouth! I’m glad bronze is on my side because he is very intelligent! Thank you Bronze ! 

Fom your expensive friend, 

silver crayon. 

By Azeema .

Image result for silver old bronze crayon

Viking Raiders!

The Vikings came from Sweden, Norway and Denmark to invade Britain. In 793 AD Vikings attacked the Christian monastery at Lindisfarne, North East England.  They made surprise attacks on places that weren’t very populated like Lindisfarne because they knew they  wouldn’t have to fight an army because there was no army to guard the coast.

After raiding the monastery they travelled home.


What countries made up scandanavia?

Some Christian church leaders said the Vikings were sent by god to punish people. TRUE OR FALSE?

What weapons did the Vikings use?




             Most men were all-around handymen , but some hand skills or metal work . They could fight if they had to protect there family or to support their chieftain .


            They made clothes for the family . In the farm they get cow milk and make chees and do some work at home . they even teach their daughter how to cook , to jobs around  the house and how to farm .


They helped around the house and they use to farm . Their job included weeding vegetables , patches and scaring away hungry birds .


        Boys didn’t go to school instead they stayed at home and learnt how to fight and protect their family . Mostly the boy take the names of their father .


Task can you name the countries that steel have some Viking words?

by nageena and sara


The Day the Crayons quit.

Dear Children,

Over the last two weeks we have been reading and writing about the book ‘The Day the Crayons quit’.

Your task is to write a letter to Duncan from a crayon of your choice, explaining what you are unhappy about. You should also add an image or images.

I look forward to reading your letter.

Miss Moores


I think the  phrase honesty will set you free means that you will be free from worries cause if you lie you will worry about what will happen next but if you tell the truth everyone will hopefully forget about it

I think honesty is important in a person because if your honest all the time you will become a very trustworthy person and if you lie all the time know one will trust you.

Honesty isn’t always the best policy because sometimes if you tell the truth it might hurt someone’s feelings and then you might not be friends anymore.        

I like this quote because it’s saying that if you tell a lie every other thing you say is questionable.

by Marddiah & Kulsum


Honesty Quote

I think honesty will set you free means  that if you tell the truth you won’t get in trouble so you might be free.

I think honesty is important in a person because if someone is always honest you know you can trust them.

I don’t think honesty is always the best policy because sometimes you might need to tell a lie to make someone happy, for example if they ask if their new hat is nice? and you don’t really like it, you might say you like it to save hurting their feelings.

I think it means say what you want to say and tell the truth but you shouldn’t care what others think about you. I like it because I think it is right and I don’t think you should care what other people think about you. I think you should always tell the truth unless you are telling a white lie.

By Eli and Bradley 






1. I think the phrase below means that if you tell the truth then the issue won’t get into a bigger issue but if you tell a white lie then it is all right because your using your emotional intelligence on the other hand, telling a lie can effect your relation with your family and friends .

2. I think honesty is important because if a person was not honest then that person would not be respected so that person should be honest.

3. No it isn’t always the best policy because you might do a white lie for example , a person might say am I fat , and the other person might say no not at all .

4. My favourite quote is’ honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom’ because it is the true meaning of  honesty.

Image result for honesty is the first book in the chapter of wisedom

Azeema & Adil


1. I think the phrase might mean that you’re free of guilt. When you lie you carry around the guilt that you haven’t told the truth.

2. I think honesty is a good quality to have because when you are honest then there will be no consequences.

3. Honesty is not always the best policy because if someone asks you a question (for example: how do they look ) you have to say that they look nice because  you don’t want to hurt their feelings. This is a white lie.

4. I liked this quote because it means that if you tell the truth then you might not have any friends, but you will get the friends who are also honest.

Aliyah and Mariya




1.If you tell the truth you won’t get in trouble.

2.It is important because if you tell a lie then you will get someone else into trouble.

3.It is not always best to be completely honest because if you tell a white lie it is okay because you don’t want to hurt other peoples feelings.

4. I like this quote because it explains if you don’t tell the truth you will get into trouble.



I think honesty is telling the truth to everyone

I think honesty is important in a person  because you can loose friends 

I think honesty is not always the best policy because somebody could ask you something but when you tell the truth they might feel sad

My favourite quote is ‘Being honest never hurt anyone, telling lies hurts only you,’. I like this one because itmeans when you tell a lie some people will get upset and people will find  out but telling the truth is the right thing to do.

Narmeen and Sara



  1. I think the phrase means that if you tell the truth that you will be set free for e.g. If a person is in trouble and they tell the truth then they will be set free , and if you don’t tell the truth then the situation will become worse.
  2. I think honesty in important because you should always have  a bit of honesty in yourself and you should be honest in some situation .
  3. No, because if somebody asks you how they look and they probably look weird then you will have to say you look nice because if you say the opposite thing then it will hurt there feelings.
  4. This is my favourite quote about honesty, this quote means, that it is better than telling a lie and making them sad and you would rather tell them something that will not hurt there feelings.

Zahra & Khalinle


1) We think the phrase (honesty will set you free) means if you be honest ,people would let you do things  they wouldn’t ask other people to do.

2)I think honesty is important in a person because if you lie you could get others in trouble or yourself in trouble.

3) Honesty isn’t always the best policy because sometimes you may have to lie so others don’t get offended or if your a soft hearted  person you might not want to get told off.

4) I like the quote below because it says if you speak the truth you just have to remember what had happened.By Ayesha V and Molly B


1. I think the phrase honesty will set you free means that honesty is really important and will keep you away from trouble.

2. I think honesty is important because If you lie all the time then you will have no friends.

3. I think honesty is not always the best policy because sometimes you have to show your emotional intelligence.

Alexander & Muhammed


I think the phrase ‘ Honesty will set you free’ means if you tell the truth you are not trapped in the lie anymore.

Honesty is good in a person because you know they are always telling the truth and you can trust them.

Telling the truth is not always good because you can hurt somebody’s feelings. You can use white lies if it is necessary.

I think the quote ‘ I don’t want perfect, I want honest’ is good because if a person reads it they know they don’t have to be perfect and clever but just honest and truthful.

Elizabeth and Amberin


1.If you are honest then you will have no worries.

2.I think honesty is important because if you are not honest people won’t trust you and you will be lonely.

3.Sometimes honesty is the best policy because sometime it’s better to tell white lies so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

4.My favorite quote is ‘tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable’ because it encourages you not to lie and what the consequences will be if you do.

By Esa and Ahad


Good morning Year 5/6 and a happy new year.

This half term our school value is ‘Honesty’. Therefore your first task is to create a blog answering these questions;

  1. What do you think the phrase below means?
  2. Do you think honesty is important in a person? If so, why?
  3. Is honesty always the best policy? Explain why.
  4. Find and copy your favourite quote about honesty and explain why you like it.Image result for honestyI look forward to reading your blogs.

Miss Moores

End of a great term!

Well children,

We have come to the end of another fabulous term. Thank you for all your hardwork. I hope you enjoy watching this video of all your best bits.

Have a lovely Christmas and a nice break from school. I look forward to seeing you all in January 2018!!

Miss Moores

Christmas poem

When all the months go by,

this is my time to shine.

I’m the best holiday.

everyone waits day by day,

until the sky is snowy and grey.

We can all shout and cheer,

because the festivities are here.

Presents and gifts are given,

all sins are forgiven.

I was based on a story,

When Christ was given the glory.


What am I?

 I am Christmas! 🎄


By Aliyah and Amina


Water cycle

We have been -learning about the water cycle in topic

precipitation  -is  rain sleet or hail

condensation – is when water vapour turns into clouds

evaporation -is when the sun heats the water it turns into a gass

Transpiration -is when plants collect the water it turns into water vapour.



Christmas Poem.

Christmas is a time of joy.

Holy and wreaths many to see.

Ready to have fun and lots of joy.

Is time to get lots of presents.

Santa is coming to town is he going to give you presents now.

Trees you will see all day and all night.

Me and you will have fun to it’s Christmas time.

As you wait for a few days to wake up on a joyful day.

See you on the day of Christmas.

By Muhammad


Lancashire Lightning Cricket Club facts

Lancashire play at a ground called Old Trafford. No it is not Manchester United’s ground it is a different stadium in Manchester but it is very close. Lancashire’s full name is Lancashire Lightning and the women’s team is called Lancashire Thunder.

We are very lucky to have a coach called Chris who comes in and teaches us cricket every Wednesday. He is a cricket coach and has three jobs involving cricket. We are so grateful and I love him coming into school. I have definitely already learnt a lot about cricket and I can’t wait to learn more.

I (Eli) have been to a real cricket match at Old Trafford to see Lancashire Lightning play a league match and I definitely enjoyed a lot even though it is longer than a football match. In fact I actually enjoyed it more than a football match.   




Mayan poem and unscrambling game

M ayans lived in Central America mostly in Mexico

A round 2000 years ago from 1800BC to 250AD

Y oung Mayans and adults loved to play a game called pok-ta-pok

A vocados and other fruits were often a main part in the Mayan diet but the main food was maize.

N owadays you can still see Mayans in countries like Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala and other countries in Central America.

S ome Mayan gods are Ah Peku the god of thunder and Ajbit one of the creator gods who made humans from Maize.
















Image result for mayan pictureOnce you think you have unscrambled the words please leave a comment below on what you think and just type the numbers at the start of the word so when I look at it I can tell which ones you’ve done.

Thank you

By Eli and Ayesha V


Christmas quiz!

Answer these questions;

Why do Christians celebrate Christmas ?

they celebrate the birth of Jesus

they celebrate the gift giving

they celebrate Jesus rising again

unscramble these words :

  1. tevdna

2. rischt

3. ribth

4. figt

5. errym

6. lfe

7. ellsb

8. cilcei

In what town was Jesus born?

  1. Jerusalem
  2. Nazareth
  3.  Bethlehem

What’s the name of the time leading up to Christmas?

  1. Lent
  2. Advent
  3. Easter

who were the first people t visit Jesus?

  1. the sheperds
  2. the angels
  3. the kings

Good luck


Tom Gates book review.

It’s Tom Gates birthday and his dad has got a new van and Tom is going to take his friends and his cousins to the theme park but it is also the school disco and Tom does not want to get embarrassed so he tells his dad not to come he thinks he’s going to come because there is a Dino outfit in his fathers room but at the end there is an advertisement     of his dad in the costume.

By Muhammad and Alexander.

Mayan’s quiz

Unscramble the words then answer the questions

ofdo                                      1.Where did the Mayan’s live

sones                                    2.What food did the Mayans eat

yamna                                3. Why did the Mayans have long noses

rrawrios                              4. how many gods did the mayans believe in



ramecia.                                     By Esa and Amina

Mayan Mayhem

Mayan quiz

1. What did mayans wear on their faces?

2. Why did they wear it?

3. What religion did they believe in,

a) Zoroastrian

b) Christianity

c) Mayan religion

D) Something completely different.

4. Were they good fighters or warriors?

5. Are they still around today?

6. Where did they use to live?

Enjoy our quiz and if you think you have got the answers, come to us and check!

Amberin and Zahara

10 facts about ancient mayans

.The ancient mayans live in Central America.

.the ancient mayans use to draw on walls because there was no paper.

.mayans thaught haveing long noises made them attractive.

.mayans also performed human civilisation.

.mayans eat the same things we eat today.

.mayans are still alive today.

.mayans are creative and colourfull.

.they had an alphabet which they created them selfes.

. Mayans live in caves.

.mayans lived over 2000 years ago.


Mayan poem

Mayan have over 150 gods

Ah kin is the god of the sun

Yopaat is the god of the storm

Ah bolon  tzacab the god of farming

Now you see there are lots of Mayan gods







The snake opened its beady eyes,

And peers around him,

slowly slithering,

round and around.


Feeling hungry,

he searches for his prey,

twisting turning,

round and around.


ready to attack,

faster than a bullet,

pouncing on his prey,

he devours it with his teeth.


He changes his direction,

in a blink of an eye,

rushing around,

like a kid on a playground.


Gradually he slows down,

drifting of sleep

who knows when we will see him again ,

hours, days or weeks



The Maya

Hello children,

As you are aware our topic this half term is The Maya Civilisation.

Image result for pictures of the mayans

So the task I am setting you is to research the Maya and write your own posts (including pictures), sharing your research with the rest of the class. You could also include a fun quiz for the rest of the class to do.

I look forward to reading your posts.

Miss Moores


Where did the Mayans live? 🇲🇽

The Mayans lived in what we now call southern Mexico and Central America. They also lived in Guatemala, El Salvador,Belize,Hondura and Yucatán Peninsula. Their desendants still live there, and they speak the Mayan language.

What did the Mayans wear?

The Mayans wore jewellery originally crafted out of jade while on the other hand noble Mayans wore clay on their noses to create long ridges. The Mayans often hunted for parrots which they then stuck their feathers on to Mayan masks which were created in an Aztec style.




What I liked about this half term!

I liked the waterfall painting that we did with the water couloirs and I also like the class assembly we did on marry Anning. I love the after school clubs that are provided, and I also love that I am in miss moorses class she is so friendly I also like all my friends in the class when I feel low they always make me feel better.Also my teacher makes me feel welcome and that I can tell here any thing!I don’t have time for the people who don’t like me I only have time for people who love me.and thank you miss Moores for letting me start year 5 with a possative smile.

Emily w 💝


The end of your first half term as Year 5/6!

Well children we have come to end of the first half term and what a great success it has been! Full of fabulous memories such as Charlotte’s Web, the Harvest festival and of course your brilliant assembly all about Mary Anning.

Have a great holiday and I look forward to seeing you on the first day back. Here are some of the best bits…

Miss Moores


 About Anning

Mary was born and sadly her mother died. she was took care by three lady’s. One day they were all outside and Anning was only 15 months old. Then all of the sudden lightning struck! They went under a tree for shelter. The lightning bolts touched the tree they got shocked by thunder bolts and died.For a shock Mary did not die. Every  one said she was a dull girl but now after this she has gone brighter.


Her childhood 

When she grew up her father always used to take her down to the beach of lyme regis. She used collect things called curiosities. They are are things with lovely patterns on them. Chip by chip mary uncovered the curiosities.She would  would sell them for a 1p each. Then one day she met a lady called Elizebeth philpot, she said they were fossils .

When she found something…

well she has grown and something sad has happened. Her father fell down a cliff and became ill . He died she went to the beach all alone. Anning found a big slab of rock  and told two qory men to take it to her work shop. She had to calm  her self down. chip by chip she uncovered  some thing . 

i wll not tell you more of the story.But mary died in 1847 because of breast cancer. Sientists have been writing books and havent mentioned mary’s  disciveries but now after 2,000 years after mary is now reconized. Now you guys try to find information of what she had found this is your challenge.

interesting facts about Mary Anning


  1.  Her father was a cabinet maker, carpenter, and an amateur fossil hunter.
  2. Those fossils were cleaned, polished, and then sold to tourists. The Annings had 10 children but only Mary and her brother Joseph made it to adulthood.
  3. In 1826, she opened a shop ‘Anning’s Fossil Depot’ that was visited by various important geologists from Europe and New York.
  4. Mary Anning found the very first pterosaur in the year 1828.
  5. In the year 1811, Mary found a well-preserved and nearly complete 17 feet long skeleton. It was later named as Ichthyosaurus.
  6. She was born in Lyme Regis where the cliffs are rich in spectacular fossils from the seas of the Jurassic Period
  7. Mary learned very much about fossils from her father and developed skills in fossil hunting.









Related image





Mary Anning

In science this term we have been looking at Mary Anning  the famous palaeontologist. This is her biography.

Anning was born on May 21, 1799, in Lyme Regis, Dorset, England, the daughter of Richard and Mary Moore Anning. The Annings had nearly ten children, but only Mary and her elder brother Joseph survived to adulthood. On August 19, 1800, Anning narrowly escaped death during a lightening storm. She was one of four people who found shelter under an elm tree in Rack Field near Lyme Regis. Only Anning survived when the tree was struck by lightening. Local legend had it that her intelligence increased significantly after the incident.

Richard Anning made his living as a cabinet maker and carpenter. As a hobby and for extra income, he collected fossils. They were cleaned, polished, and sold to summer tourists. The area in which the Annings lived was rich with fossils. Their hometown, Lyme Regis, was located on the southwest coast of England. About 200 million years earlier, the region had been a sea bottom, where numerous dinosaur remains were fossilized after their death. As sea level fell, these fossils could be found on the beach and above it, especially in the exposed rocky cliffs. Richard Anning was among the first to take advantage of the tourist trade, which increased as Lyme Regis became a summer resort seaside town in the late 1700s. A popular item was what the locals dubbed “curiosities,” a coiled shell.

Richard Anning was not the only townsperson to sell collected fossils, but he did interest his whole family in the enterprise, including daughter Mary. Anning had only a limited education, perhaps only a few years in a parish school, but she learned much about the business and the fossils from her father. She developed extraordinary skills in fossil collecting. Her abilities came in handy when Richard Anning died in 1810, leaving his family  in debt for £120. He had been suffering from consumption and had fallen off a cliff before his death. Her brother Joseph was already working as an apprentice to an upholsterer, so the burden of providing an income for the family fell to Anning and her mother. Anning viewed fossil collecting as their only means of support, except for charity given to the family by their local parish from 1811 until 1815.

Discovered Ichthyosaur

In 1811 or 1812, Anning made her first important discovery. Though sources differ on the sequence of events and who was involved, it is clear that Anning was primarily responsible for the finding of a well-preserved, nearly complete skeleton of what came to be called an Ichthysaurus (“fish-lizard”). Some said that her brother Joseph found the skull first, or they found the head together, separate from the rest of the body. Others believed that Anning found the whole fossil on her own. Anning then hired workers to dig out the block in which it was embedded. In any case, the ten-meter (30 feet) long skeleton created a sensation and made Anning famous. She sold it to Henry Hoste Henley, a local collector, for £23. Eventually it made its way to the London Museum of Natural History, and a debate ensued over what to name the creature, a marine reptile with a long body and tail, small limbs, and trim head. It was dubbed Ichthysaurus in 1817.

This discovery was important to science as well as Anning’s livelihood. Though life in the Anning family was difficult for the next decade, Anning herself was developing important skills. She became a good observer, who could provide vital information to scientists. She knew the area well and became expert at predicting where fossils might be found after storms. Anning also became adept at removing the fossils without causing ant damage. Though Anning and her mother were the primary fossil hunters, they was often accompanied by her brother or a local friend, Henry De le Beche, who later became a geologist. The family was also aided by Thomas James Birch, who helped them sell many of their fossils before Anning became an adult.

Discovered Complete Plesiosaurus

In 1823, Anning made another important discovery, perhaps her greatest. She found the first complete Plesiosaurus (“near lizard”). This was a reptile that was nine-feet long and lived in the sea. It had a long neck, short tail, small head, and four flippers that were pointed and shaped like paddles. They were very rare, and Anning’s discovery led to the creation of a new genus. The specimen was sold to Richard Grenville for about £100, though sources differ and the amount could have been as much as $pound;200. Anning and her mother developed a reputation for being effective negotiators with those who wanted to buy their specimens.

By this time, Anning’s contributions and skills were being recognized by those in the field. She had her own retail shop in Lyme Regis. The shop was a tourist attraction that also drew interested scientists. Anning shared her knowledge with both segments of society when they visited Lyme Regis. Many were surprised at the level of her understanding of fossils. Anning also held an extensive correspondence with experts in the field, both in Britain and other countries. Yet, for Anning, this was also a business. She had a shrewd business sense and came to know her market well. She often sought out specialists or museums that paid more for her unusual fossil. With each major discovery, Anning started a bidding war. For example, her second complete Plesiosaurus was sold to the London Natural History Museum for £100.

Sadly, she died on 9th March 1947 of breast cancer. She was never mentioned by the scientists who wrote books about the discovery because she as a woman. But now 200 years later she is known as one of the greatest palaeontologists.

AliyaImage result for how old was mary when mary anning die


The water cycle

The earth has a limited amount of water.  That water keeps going around and around and around and around  in what we call the “Water Cycle”.

This cycle is made up of a few main parts:

  • evaporation (and transpiration)
  • condensation
  • precipitation                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Evaporation:
  •   Evaporation is when the sun heats up water in rivers or lakes or the ocean and turns it into vapour or steam. The water vapour or steam leaves the river, lake or ocean and goes into the air.Condensation:
  • Water vapour in the air gets cold and changes back into liquid, forming clouds. This is called condensation . You can see the same sort of thing at home…  Pour a glass of cold water on a hot day and watch what happens.  Water forms on the outside of the glass.  That water didn’t somehow leak through the glass!  It actually came from the air.  Water vapour in the warm air, turns back into liquid when it touches the cold glass.


Precipitation occurs when so much water has condensed that the air cannot hold it anymore.  The clouds get heavy and water falls back to the earth in the form of rain, hail, sleet or snow.


When water falls back to earth as precipitation, it may fall back in the oceans, lakes or rivers or it may end up on land.  When it ends up on land, it will either soak into the earth and become part of the “ground water” that plants and animals use to drink or it may run over the soil and collect in the oceans, lakes or rivers where the cycle starts

all over again.

Do plants sweat?

Well, sort of….  People perspire (sweat) and plants transpire.  Transpiration is the process by which plants lose water out of their leaves.  Transpiration gives evaporation a bit of a hand in getting the water vapor back up into the air.

Image result for water cycle  Aliyah

water cycle

I think I will learn a lot about the water cycle here is five things  I all ready know.

  1. Humans are made up of about 75% water.
  2. Water can exist in three forms: liquid (water), solid (ice) or gas (water vapour).
  3. 2/3rds water in polar 6ice caps.
  4. 97% of water is in the oceans (this is salty water) and 2% is in the ice caps, leaving only 1% available for us to drink.
  5. About 70% Earth is covered in water.         By Amina K
  6. Related image

research about mary anning

Anning was born in Lyme Regis in Dorset, England and remained single all her life. Lyme Regis is famous for its Jurassic ammonites and dinosaur remains.  Towards the end of her life she was however, granted a government research grant in 1838 to help with her work.

By Amina K

Image result for research about mary anning

The royal family

The queen has two birthdays one on the twenty first of April and one on  the tenth of June . The queens official birthday is on the tenth of June and her fake birthday is on the twenty first of April. This year the queen will be turning ninety one. Everyone around  the world celebrates the queens birthday.

By Amina K

Related image

All about Mary Anning


In science we are working on Mary Anning. She was a paleontologist. Do you know what a  paleontologist is? Well I will tell you all  about and her and her experience…


Who is Mary Anning?

Mary Anning found the fossil of died or extinct animals. Today many children like finding out about dinosaurs. When Mary Anning was a child, no one knew about these fossils but rather thought it was lightning bolts. Mary Anning changed the thought of these people.

A paleontologist is mainly a fossil digger.


When did she live?
Mary was born in 1799. She grew up while Britain was at war with France. She was 16 in the year of the Battle of Waterloo (1815). She was alive when Victoria became Queen, in 1837. Mary Anning died in 1847.She died from breast cancer , she was aged 

Image result

Mary Anning


This year

I am looking forward to this year of all the different things that we are going to do things like science ,topic , literacy, numeracy art and lots more. I think you are going to be one of the best teachers I have ever had.

By Amina K


Image result for maths for kids picture age 9 cartoon teacher


Welcome to the new year 5/6!

I hope you have all had a fabulous summer and have come back to school feeling very refreshed.

I am looking forward to getting to know you all, over the coming weeks and also to reading some of you fantastic blogs!

Please feel free to write a blog and share anything interesting you have done over the holidays!

Wishing you lots of luck for a successful 2017/2018.

Miss Moores

Year 6 school leavers.


What an amazing year it has been. Enjoy your best bits….

Thank you for all your hard work. You will be missed.

Good luck in your new school – we are sure you will continue to make us very proud!

Miss Moores, Mrs Unsworth, Miss Varley, Miss Lawrie, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Lane, Mr Collins, Mr Burke and Mrs Taylor (The Year 5 and 6 team) x

End of the Year!

Well Children,

Today is the last day of the school year! I hope you have enjoyed your time in Year 5/6 as much as I have enjoyed teaching you all. Good luck to all those school leavers, believe in yourselves and shine bright in your new schools and good luck in your final year at St Thomas’ to the year 5’s.

Best wishes and have a great summer everyone! Enjoy looking at some of your pics.

Miss Moores

Anti-bullying Week

Well done Year 5/6 on a successful ‘anti-bullying’ week,

I have put a selection of our photos, from this week, below. Also if you click on the tag ‘antibullying’ you can read through some of your great posts about what you have learnt this week and some of your thoughts on bullying.

Thank you for all your contributions. Have a great weekend.

Miss Moores


Howard Carter!

The story of Howard Carter and Carnvan

One day Carvan told Howard Carter to try and find the tomb of Tutankhamun.Howard Carter hired a few other men to help him dig with the money he had been given by Lord Carvan.A young boy was hired to fetch water for the workers because in Egypt it’s very hot. When he was looking for water he hit a hard surface he started to dig furiously. He had found a stone step he quickly coverd it up and went to tell Carter.Carter immidatly told his diggers to start digging were the boy had told them to. They found 12 other steps.

They found a wooden door with a stamp on it Carter knew that this ment it was royal and intact(not been discovered).They broke  down the door and headed towards the path there they found another door. Carter sent a teligraphe to Lord Carven to come. ………

Lord Carter came two weeks later and joined Carter in the path way they desended towards the next door.He slowly prized a hole through the door to see if there was any dangerous or deadly gasses.But then he remembered arcioligist can’t dig without an inspector with them.

They secretly crept into the room and had a nosey look around!

By Shifa,Aamina.F,Maleeha

The adventure to find Tuts Tomb!

Today me and my partner, Maariyah, are going to tell you what we have learnt about the story and adventure of Howard Carter!

What Chloe has learnt

  1. A young boy discovered the steps leading to Tuts tomb.
  2. Howard Carter was an archeologist.
  3. It takes 2 weeks to get to Egypt on a boat from England.
  4. Carter couldn’t find it the first time.
  5. Inside tombs, you can find other things than a mummy.

What Maariyah has learnt

  1. Howard Carter was the one who found the tomb.
  2. Lord Carnarvan was his colleague and he helped Howard find it.
  3. If you take a boat from England to Egypt, it takes 2 weeks.
  4. It was found in 1922.
  5. An inspector had to watch them.

I hope you know some facts and now we know too!

Chloe and Maariyah


Operation Christmas boxes

Last week and before. Our teacher (Miss Moores ) gave us a paper that says bring boxes and decorate the boxes and then put some presents in that box. The box will be given to a child who doesn’t get any presents usually. So I thought that was a nice thing to do to a child that is poor so I made a box as fast I could and nice as I could, so  then I gave it to Miss.

That is this easy to do so I want you to  make one and make a child happy.



Rapper in the school Ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!!

Today the best rapper in the school has made another rap but this time it is about bullying! I hope you like it!


The 8-feet tall kids think they are so cool,

But actually they are acting like a fool.

They ruin young children’s poor little lives,

BULLYING! That is what they strive!


Pushing them everyday against the wall, 

They continue the same in that mall.

Kids go to sleep with a really bad stomach ache,

They think about the inconvenience the bullys create.


Physical-bullying, cyber-bullying, social bullying,

All this stuff is SO SO SO irritating!




Well that’s ma rap folks. Hey! Can you make a better one than mine!(I know you can’t, I’m the best rapper!) Leave a comment using your username. Watch out for tomorrow’s rap!

Maariyah Continue reading

Howard Carter’s discovery

Hello Children,

This morning we have been learning about the discovery of Tutankamun’s tomb by Howard Carter in 1922.


Image result for pictures of howard carter at the tomb

Can you create a post telling me and the rest of the class what you learnt and how you think Carter would be feeling on this amazing day.

Miss Moores


On 5th November every year, people all over Britain become pyromaniacs for the evening, lighting bonfires and setting off fireworks. This annual tradition is a way of remembering the events of November 5th 1605 when a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament, killing all inside it including the King, was foiled. One of the most famous conspirators of what became known as the Gunpowder Plot was Gu


Guy Fawkes was born a Protestant but converted to Catholicism when he was about 16. At the time, religious teaching was dictated by the Church of England which would not tolerate Roman Catholicism. Therefore it was difficult for followers of the Catholic faith to worship freely in England. Guy Fawkes and the other members of the Gunpowder Plot were all Catholics and the plot was a response to the repression they experienced. Another reason for wanting to kill the King was that King James I was Scottish. Up to 1603, England and Scotland were ruled as two separate nations with two different monarchs. After the death ofQueen Elizabeth I, King James (who was then King James VI of Scotland) was next in line to the throne of England. Therefore he became the first monarch to rule both nations, a situation which would later go on to create what is now the United Kingdom Catholicism. Therefore it was difficult for follo


Guy Fawkes was born a Protestant but converted to Catholicism when he was about 16. At the time, religious teaching was dictated by the Church of England which would not tolerate Roman Catholicism. Therefore it was difficult for followers of the Catholic faith to worship freely in England. Guy Fawkes and the other members of the Gunpowder Plot were all Catholics and the plot was a response to the repression they experienced. Another reason for wanting to kill the King was that King James I was Scottish. Up to 1603, England and Scotland were ruled as two separate nations with two different monarchs. After the death of Queen Elizabeth I, King James (who was then King James VI of Scotland) was next in line to the throne of England. Therefore he became the first monarch to rule both nations, a situation which would later go on to create what is now the United Kingdom. Some English people were o


Although Guy Fawkes wasn’t the main  in the Gunpowder Plot, he probably had one of the most important roles. A cellar below the Houses of Parliament was rented by the members of the plot which was filled with 36 barrels of gunpowder. There was enough gunpowder that it would have completely destroyed the building and caused damage to buildings within a one mile radius of it. Guy Fawkes was in charge of guarding the gunpowder, and, if he hadn’t have been caught, would have been the person that lit it. It is claimed that, although there was enough gunpowder to cause quite considerable damage, the gunpowder had actually “decayed” and, if it had been lit, would not have exploded! Ironically, t

FACT FIVE  During his involvement in the Gunpowder Plot, Fawkes called himself John Johnson and gave this name when arrested


The gunpowder plot all began with Guy Fawkes. He joined 8 plotters and they decided that they were going to kill the king ( James 1st) to do this they put 36 barrels of gunpowder in the cellar of the houses of parliament . Francis Tresham knew about their plan and wrote a letter to the king explaining what would happen on the 5th November. As soon as the king knew, he ordered his guards to search the houses of parliament and when they did they found the 36 barrels of gunpowder and hiding behind was Guy Fawkes … They decided to arrest him and his punishment was to be sentenced to death. As they were going to hang, draw and quarter him, he said to himself that they would not kill him, but he would kill himself if he had to and he did this by jumping off the scaffolding and breaking his neck. The king now declares that 5th November will be a public holiday.

By Abbie.  


Christmas is a on December every year it is  is a celebration that is celebrated by Christianity.On Christmas you would perhaps go to your cousins or friends house and celebrate by eating nice food and wearing new clothes.


Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the son of God. His birth date is unknown because there is little information about his early life. There is disagreement among scholars on when Jesus was born. Christians celebrate Jesus’ birthday on December 25.

Christmas (which means “Feast day of Christ”) is a Christian holiday that refers to the birth of Jesus (whom Christians believe is the Son of God), and a cultural holiday for non-Christians.

The day known as Christmas Day is celebrated on the 25th day of December. It is one of the most important days of the year for Christians, along with Easter when the death and resurrection of Jesus are celebrated. The season of preparing for Christmas is called Advent and begins on a Sunday about four weeks before Christmas. The Christmas Season (called Christmastide) ends on January 6 or the Twelfth Day of Christmas, in which Epiphany is remembered.

Christmas is celebrated all over the world, as a religious holiday or as a time of celebration by Christians and non-Christians alike. The traditions are different from country to country, but they nearly always include a feast, giving gifts or cards, and enjoying church or public festivities such as singing Christmas carols and songs. Santa Claus is a tradition in many countries of the world.

Christmastime, as it is often called, is in the winter of the Northern Hemisphere, at a time when there were already ancient festivals. Some of the traditions that are used for Christmas are older than Christmas, or come from other non-Christian traditions such as Yule. Modern traditions of Christmas often focus on the giving of gifts. The season for retail stores to sell gifts, food, greeting cards, Christmas trees, and decorations begins the day about a month before Christmas Day.

Why don’t you unscramble these words


We have been learning about rememberance -day and I have typed words for you to unscramble .

1. Mreymerbnacead 


3.dlrow raw 1

4 dlrow raw 2

5 deid 

6 ylimaf


8 tcepser


10 dlrow

hope you unscramble all of them and get them right.

by Aamina F










Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators all didn’t like the king because he was a Protestant and Guy Fawkes and his gang were all catholic men so they all thought of a plan and found cellars which nobody usually went in.They decided that they would hide in the cellars and blow up 36 barrels of Gun powder on the fifth of November when the king would be there.                                                                                                       
One of the people of the Houses of Parliament Lord Montagle recivex an annoymas letter telling him all about the plot so he told the King the king said to the soldiers search the building now.So they did and found him in the cellar hiding behind 36 barrels of Gunpowder .                                                                                                                                                                                           

The soldiers asked him loads of questions while he was being tortured and stretched he survived for 2 days and gave up they sliced him quartered him and betrayed him and the other 4 men.

By Aamina

Bonfire Night Task

imageHello Year 5/6,

As I’m sure you are all aware tonight is Bonfire Night and this week in school we have been learning when and how this tradition started.

I would like you to create a post telling others the story behind Bonfire Night (the Gunpowder Plot). Also try to include a significant picture and remember to tag your post.

I look forward to reading your post – keep safe if your celebrating bonfire night and have fun!

Miss Moores

Eid celebration

Muslims celebrate Eid because they don’t eat for 40 days so we have to eat at 2 o’clock and we eat at the night then after 40 days then we have a little party because we didn’t eat.So we wear nice and new things and we go to are friend houses and some times people come to are houses.For eating we make nice things and delicious food.

Eid celebration

Eid is a celebration for Muslims where we  go to people houses and eat different foods and wear some fancy or religious clothes.It is an Islamic festival and one of the clothes we wear are a jubas and another thing is we hug them 3 times😘 First the right then the left and the again on the right side.On that day we even give money presents and sweets.

From Adam.D

Christmas is coming

Every year there is a celebration about the birth of Jesus Called  Christmas.Christmas is a celebration  were you get the whole family round to sit at the table and have a big feast.The children always hope to get gifts the reason we get gifts is because when jesus was born he had three gifts:gold frankincense myrrh.



from:Luke H

About our Islamic celebration EID!

Eid is a Islamic celebration that Muslims have after ramzan(Ramadan). Muslims wear  jubas(an Islamic uniform)and we meet our families and friends at their houses and hug them 3 times and say “allah huakbar” or we say ” Asallam”. We all eat food like meat from a lamb.Their are two different Eids I forgot to mention:Eid ul  Fitre and Eid ul Adha.Eid ul fitre is a small Eid were we greet people and also eat and Eid ul Adha. The big Eid is the sacrifice Eid where in Pakistan people use knifes to cut the animals and say the gods name,Allahhuakbar as they cut the meat of the goat or cow.Well I hope you liked me my explanation about Eid and I hope you understand it😀.


Celebrating Eid

Eid is a great day for islamic people because of the great food and water and also you can meet your cousins. Plus you have lots of fun because over Ramadan (before eid) you fast (not eating for couple of days) and it is very hard to travel to your cousins house and back. Also you get sweets,chocolate and lots more.




Eid is a celebration that muslims celebrate.It is when we go to people’s houses and eat lots of rice,meat and some jelabi.We get lots of presents like:money,sweets and toys. All the men go to mosque at 6:00am and pray – women do it at home. Everyone is up and ready very early because kids are excited and adults are praying. People come to you’re house early because in the afternoon you’re house will be packed out.In the evening everyone is tired and goes to sleep.

Bonfire night

It started in 1605 when one guy called Guy Fawkes – wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament but failed. He had a gang of 12 people. He was hiding behind 36 barrels of gunpowder. But when it was his torture time he told him self that you don’t decide when I die – I decide! So then he jumped of London tower and then died. They caught all of the men and they also died in torture .So then King James the 1st celebrated that he never died .


On Eid we go to other  people’s houses .We get  presents , sweets , clothes , toys and money .We  get to eat lots  of sweet food and some rice and meat.We celebrate Eid  because  a sheep  got  sacrificed on  this day . On  Eid Muslims celebrate Eid by  gifting others .

These are some of the sweets we eat on Eid . YUMMY!







Christmas celebration !

Christmas is important  because Jesus was born.

Christmas is a time where families and friends  get together and have a  meal.

Christmas is also a time when family and friends come together and give gifts to each other.

Image result for christmas house decorations

We decorate our houses with lights and pretty  decorations and invite people like friends and family .

We also decorate the inside of our homes.We decorate our homes with things like Christmas trees,ribbons,and some beautiful lights. 

Some  people also believe that Santa clause comes and gives us presents .

Do you celebrate Christmas?


Eid celebrations

On Eid Muslims celebrate Eid by eating yummy food and gifting others.We also go and meet our family and friends and have some fun. Popular foods on Eid are rice,chicken and curry.We also have a laugh and chat as well. On Eid we get presents and money from family members as a sign of love. Here are some of the yummy foods we eat on Eid.Image result for food on eidImage result for food on eid

Eid is related to Ramadan.The day after Ramadan is when we start to get ready for the big celebration of Eid. Two days after  Ramadan finishes it is Eid. We celebrate Eid because we want to thank God for blessing us with everything we need. Unlike some people who don`t have as much as we do we still moan about this and that. On Eid we donate some money to the poor so they can live there own lives like us.
Image result for donation tub

Celebrations and Festivals


This week we had a special Diwali assembly in school – we learnt all about the Diwali festival and how and why it is celebrated by Hindu people, each year.


So this week’s task is for you to create your own post about a festival or celebration that you participate in, such as: Christmas, Eid, Chinese New Year or anything else that you celebrate.

Try to include a significant picture and explain how you celebrate. Here are some ideas of the things you could include: what you eat, what you wear, what decorations you put up, who you celebrate with, any special songs you sing or prayers you say.

I look forward to reading your posts.

Miss Moores

The end of Year 5/6’s first half term…

Well children, it’s been an excellent half term and you have all worked very hard – we have had pantomimes, reading picnics, harvest celebrations, trips to Bolton Museum and much more. I hope you have enjoyed it all as much as I have. Here are some of the pictures:

I look forward to the our next half term and all the christmas festivities we have coming up!

Enjoy your holiday!

Miss Moores


We when’t to smithillis high school and we watched a concert and heard lots of music which was very loud .They played  different songs  , I loved the incredible’s one which had alot of rythems and sounded better than the other ones.                                                                           Salma f

Egypt trip

Yesterday we went to 5-6 Egypt trip and when we went in .We saw a lady the lady talk about every  thing that she knew about Egypt so after we played lot  of things. The lady was kind because he

let us  to look and feel real things that were 5000 years ago an at the last 20 minutes then just the lady said to come for words an be the king so every one walked to a line and start to clap ,make nice sounds  and say HOOORAY! YE!YE!HOORAY!HOORAY!HOORAY!

our ancient Egypt trip

Yesterday my class year 5/6 went to Bolton museum to find out about ancient Egypt.  First we did a time line from now until then. The timeline showed that 500,ooo years ago was when ancient Egypt began. I held the picture of  Henry the 8th  and was 3rd in the line. After that we were split into 3 groups I was group 3 and my group did food and drink. I found out that they ate pigs , cows , ducks and even pomegranate seeds and all about the after life. My favourite bit was when Mr Collins one of our helpers had to dress up as Tutankhamun.

Egyptology Trip

Good afternoon Year 5/6,


Yesterday our class visited the Egyptology department at Bolton museum. You all seemed very enthusiastic about the visit and appeared to really enjoy it.


Can you share with the rest of the class somethings that you learnt and what you enjoyed most about the visit?

I look forward to reading you comments or posts.

Miss Moores

Father,son,and Holy Spirit.

Today I have learned in a Re about God and how he can be three different person at the same times this includes:father,son and Holy Spirit and how he is one person not three different people.Also how his heart and mind are the same this just shows he is someone     Different to each person I have learnt this from my wonderful teached miss moores.



Prince William

1) His full name is William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor.

2) He was born on June 21, 1982 at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, west London, weighing.

3) He shares his birthday with philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, author Mary McCarthy.

4) His nicknames have included Big Willie, P.Willie, Wills, Billy.

5) He supports football team Aston Villa.

Image result for prince william and kate middleton


Interesting facts on Prince William

Prince William is Prince Charles Eldest son. Prince William was strongly affected by his parents divorce  when he was younger and his mothers tragic death.He is second in line to the throne because Prince Harry is younger than Prince William.He has been given the title of The Duke of Cambridge so he had an extra reason to celebrate earlier this year. Prince William got married on the 29th Apil 2007,he got married to a girl called Kate.He has 2 chilldren called  Prince George and princess Charlotte.They were born in the same hospital as William, St Marys Hospital. .He was born 21 June 1982 he is going to turn 35 this year. This is Prince William on his 31st birthday with his cake.Image result for pictures of prince william 31 birthdayImage result for facts on prince william

In this picture theres Prince Charles and Prince William who is holding Prince George.

By Saaema

Why don’t you unscramble these words!

We have been learning about biographies in literacy and language. We have read the biography of Prince William and now to cheer you up I have a game. Why don’t you unscramble these words that are to do with the Royal family?

  1. Mawilli
  2. Eeunq
  3. Naida
  4. Atek
  5. Lipphi
  6. Rrhay
  7. Loettrach
  8. Eggoer
  9. Nodlon
  10. Celapa

So lets see who will get these unscrambled words scrambled correctly!


Pictures of Prince William from childhood to now!

Here are some pictures of Prince William since he was little up till now!

Image result for diana with prince william when he was born

Prince William with his mum, Diana when he was born

Image result for prince william baby

Prince William as a young baby

Image result for prince william at school

Look at him in school!

Image result for prince william as a child

Diana (his mum on the right), Harry (his brother in the middle) and his self on the left.

Image result for prince william as a teenager

This is Prince William as a teenager

Image result for prince william at his wedding

Prince William at his wedding

Image result for prince william with his children

Prince William with his wife and children


So those were the pictures of Prince William since childhood up till now! What a difference!



The Childhood of Prince William

Early Cut

Prince William was born Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor on June 21, 1982, in London, England, the eldest son of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Charles, Prince of Wales. His official title is “His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales.”

William attended Mrs. Mynor’s Nursery school in West London (1985-87), Wetherby School in Kensington, London (1987-90), and Ludgrove School in Wokingham (1990-95). In 1995, at the urging of his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince William (nicknamed “Wills”) entered Eton College, one of England’s most prestigious secondary schools. With his father and brother, he enjoys outdoor sports including riding, skiing, shooting and fishing.

As he is directly in line to the British throne after his father, Charles, he spends a good deal of time at Windsor Castle with Queen Elizabeth, who is very concerned with his upbringing and career development.

Affected by both his parents’ divorce in 1996 and his mother’s tragic death in 1997, the tall and handsome young William publicly stated his dislike for the press, and expressed discomfort with the growing attention he received from love-struck adolescent girls.

The life of Prince William


Hello Year 5/6,

Today in language and literacy we read some interesting information about the famous Prince William (pictured above with his father and son). We then started to plot a timeline of his life so far.

Over the next few days and weekend, I would like you try and find out as much about his life as possible. This will be extremely helpful to you when you write his biography next week.

It would also be great if you could share any really interesting facts about him on our class blog!!

I hope you enjoy doing the research and I look forward to reading your biographies.

Miss Moores

Welcome Year 5/6

Welcome children to the new school year – 2016 / 2017.

I am really looking foward to the coming school year and getting to know you better, I hope you are too.

Your first task it to comment on this post and let me and the rest of the class know what you are looking forward to the most. 🙂

Miss Moores

Leaving 😭

At ST Thomas I have had a great time making new friends and learning new things while the teachers help me to reach my full potential I am very sad I am leaving ST Thomas and I will never forget this place.


End of Year 5/6

Well Year 5/6 what a year it’s been….

I can’t believe it’s over. Thank you to each and everyone of you for all your hard work and contributions this year. You are all very special! Enjoy Year 6 and good luck to those of you who are going on to your new schools, we will miss you!

Here are some great memories from the last half term… Enjoy!

Have a fabulous summer and stay safe.

Miss Moores

Goodnight Mr Tom – Film vs Book

Well Year 5/6,

You have finally reached the end of Goodnight Mr Tom and have also now seen the film.

Your task is to reply to this post telling me and the rest of the class;

  • Any differences you noticed between the book and the film.
  • Whether you preferred the book or the film and an explanation why.

Thank you,

Miss Moores

Goodnight Mr Tom

Mr Tom

Todays task……..

We are now up to the part in the story were Mr Tom kidnapped Willie from the hospital because the Drs there wanted Willie to go into a children’s home! He managed to escape with Willie on the train and brought him back to the village of ‘Weirwold’.

Willie has been very poorly and having some horrific nightmares about what he went through in London, however he is now starting to recover!

Your task is to;

1. Reply to this post with a prediction of what you think will happen next in the story?

2. Explain whether you think that Tom did the right thing in kidnapping Willie.

I look forward to reading your posts!

Miss Moores

Irish dancing facts

Irish dancing or Irish dance is a group of traditional dance forms originating in Ireland which can broadly be divided into social dances and performance dances.

Irish social dancing can be divided further into céilí and set dancing. Irish set dances are quadrilles, danced by four couples arranged in a square, while céilí dances are danced by varied formations (céilí) of two to sixteen people. In addition to their formation, there are significant stylistic differences between these two forms of social dance. Irish social dance is a living tradition, and variations in particular dances are found across the Irish dancing community; in some places, dances are deliberately modified and new dances are choreographed.

Irish step dancing, popularized in 1994 by the world-famous show Riverdance, is notable for its rapid leg and foot movements, body and arms being kept largely stationary. The solo stepdance is generally characterised by a controlled and rigid upper body, straight arms and back, and quick, precise movements of feet and legs. The solo dances can either be in “soft shoes” or “hard shoes”. Soft shoes are often called ghillies or pumps. They are constructed of very soft kid leather – similar to ballet shoes in texture. Their laces crisscross across the top of the feet and are tied up either around the ankle or under the arch of the foot. Hard shoes are often called heavy shoes or jig shoes. They are used to create the beautiful rhythmical percussions. They are made of black leather with fiberglass heels and taps on the tips of the shoes with a leather strap across the top of the foot.



On Monday-Friday it was like a normal weekend. I went to my grandmas and played out with my friends. On Saturday my brother went to a fair in town, my sister went town and I went to play football at the rugby field with my friends. We recorded a video for my friends youtube channel. We had to do the crossbar challenge and me and Farhan hit it. After that we had a football match and we won 12-7 I scored a hatrick. On Sunday me and my family went to macron stadium for a fair. I bought alot of sweets and I went on 2 rides. I went on this ride called outrage and I screemed ALOT. I went on this other ride, it wasnt even fast at all it looked fast. I had no hands but all the ride just done was span in the air. I had a snow cold with the tangy green apple and cola. It was a great day! I also done this football thing and if I got it the square 3 times I wouldve won £20. It hit the edge and came out 3 times!

Thats it for now I hope you guys are having a great holiday.

Happy Blogging,




My holiday

One day me and my family went to the town , we have bought lot of stuff.

We have been to Mcdonald’s and after that we went to eat ice cream.

Me and my family went to the extreme park amusement park I really enjoyed it.

we have been in London with my family and we visited the town everything was beautiful and we have took lots and lots of photographs.  That’s what I  been doing on the holidays.

By Angelika Ruszo.

Queen mum Elizabeth I

Why is Queen Elizabeth famous?
Who was Elizabeth I?
Elizabeth was Queen of England, Ireland and Wales from 1558 to 1603. She gave her name to the ‘Elizabethan Age’. It was an exciting time in English history. This was the age of William Shakespeare’s plays, Francis Drake’s voyages, and the sea battles against the Spanish Armada.

When did she live?
Elizabeth was the daughter of King Henry VIII. She was born in 1533. Her grandfather Henry VII was the first Tudor king of England.Elizabeth became Queen of England in 1558. She died in 1603.

Why is Elizabeth famous?
Elizabeth I ruled England alone. She did not marry. So although she was queen, England had no king. This was unusual at the time.The Elizabethan Age was an exciting part of English history. There were new ideas, and arguments about religion. There were wars with Spain. English explorers sailed to new lands.

My Weekend

On Saturday I went to go and watch Civil War. I was supporting Iron Mans team but he lost. The movie was hilarious! On Sunday I went to Nandos and ate roulette chicken, chips and Coke. The food was nice. After I went to the desert place Ice Dream and had a hot cookie dough with a lot of whipped cream and Ice cream. My weekend was fantastic.

Happy Blogging,




Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor

Date of Birth
April 21, 1926

Place of Birth
Mayfair, London

Birth Family
Father was Prince Albert, Duke of York (later King George VI)
and mother was Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, House of Windsor

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

4 children: Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward

Educated at home

Became Queen England II of England on June 2, 1953.

I hope you have learnt more about the queen


                                                        By Zainul


Now let me tell you about my weekend.On Saturday was an AMAZING day my dad brought me my trampoline. It’s black and yellow. Also I went Preston I was gutted because I couldn’t go on the trampoline. I played with my cousins. It was HECKTIC.It was so messy,loud and fun.


Triple Jump !

A triple jump is an athletic event where instead of just running and jumping as far as you can there is a hop, step and then the jump.

The longest triple jumpers around the world are Jonathan Edwards and Inessa Kravets.

Tim peake

Timothy Peake

Tim Peake
Nationality British
Born Timothy Nigel Peake
7 April 1972 (age 44)
Chichester, Sussex, England
Other occupation;
Test pilot
Previous occupation; British Army officer.





Military and aeronautical Edit
Upon graduation from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1992, Peake served as a platoon Commander with the Royal Green Jackets. Peake became a qualified helicopter pilot in 1994 and a qualified helicopter instructor in 1998, graduating from CFS(H) at the Defence Helicopter Flying School at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire. In 2005, he graduated from the Empire Test Pilots School in Wiltshire and was awarded the Westland’s Trophy for best rotary wing student. He then served on Rotary Wing Test and Evaluation Squadron (RWTES) at MOD Boscombe Down completing trials on Apache helicopters.

Peake completed a BSc (Hons) in Flight Dynamics & Evaluation at the University of Portsmouth the following year.Peake left the army in 2009 after 17 years of service and over 3,000 flying hours to his credit, becoming a test pilot with AgustaWestland.




Steel is a mixture of several metals (this is called an alloy) but most of it is iron. Steel is harder and stronger than iron.

Alloys with more carbon than this are known as cast iron. Steel is different from wrought iron, that has little or no carbon. There are some newer steels in which carbon is replaced with other alloying materials.


By zainul


Did you know ?

Did you know  that yesterday was queen Elizabeth’s birthday on the 21st of April. Did you  know that her father was called Albert Duke of York. Queen Elizabeth became queen when her father died in  1952.

Her family owned a very old castle called the Glamis which is famous for it ghosts. In 1947 she married her cousin Prince Philip, Prince of Greece.

Image result for the queen's wedding

They now have 4 children together; Charles, Anne, Edward and Andrew.

We hope you enjoyed reading this.

By Larissza

The Queens 90th birthday

Elizabeth II became queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 1952. Elizabeth I was Queen of England and Ireland from 1558 to 1603. Through her parents and grandparents, Elizabeth II can trace her ancestors back long before Elizabeth I! When did Elizabeth II become Queen?
Queen Elizabeth’s father was King George VI. When he died in February 1952 Elizabeth became Queen. Her coronation was on 2 June 1953. In 1929 Princess Elizabeth was given a pony for her 3rd birthday. So began a lifelong love of horses. In 1930 she gained a baby sister, Princess Margaret Rose. The two Princesses did not go to school. They had a governess, Marion Crawford (‘Crawfie’). Other teachers came to their home to give lessons.



Tim Peake

Timothy Peake

Born: 7 April 1972
Nationality: British
Family: married and has one son
Hobbies: skiing, scuba diving, cross country running and reading

Timothy graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1992 as an officer in the Army Air Corps. He became a helicopter flying instructor in 1998 before being selected for a post with the US Army, flying Apache helicopters.
In 2005 he graduated from the Empire Test Pilots School (ETPS) in the UK. He received a degree in flight dynamics and evaluation in 2006. Timothy was the senior Apache test pilot and was also the Squadron Training Officer. He has logged over 3000 hours flying time on more than 30 types of helicopter and fixed wing aircraft.

Timothy was selected as an ESA astronaut in May 2009.



Amazing celebration for the queens 90th birthday !!!


As we all know ,  it was the Queens birthday yesterday and I hope it was the best birthday she’s had so far !!!


  According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2015, her estimated fortune is £340m, up £10m from last year.

The queen was born on the 21st of April 1926 in Mayfair , London

She became famous in 1952 and was crowned on June 2nd 1953.


She is the longest monarch ever !!

she has 3 sons and 1 daughter named ; Anne , Charles , Andrew and Edward .


I only just realised , seconds before writing this blog that Queen’s Park has the word queen in it , what a coincidence !!

Yesterday I went to Queen’s Park to celebrate!! At the park there were many people . I was stood right next to the blasting music . I was really loud . There I saw Reka , Megan and Liam !! Reka found me at the park and we started dancing together , we were the only one who were so we had to do something !! There were also many fireworks and many songs like ; Uptown funk , and many more like the National anthem !! Before that I went on the actual park , I attempted to climb the pyramid , i couldn’t , we did the obstacle coarse at the back , i kinda did it , and then i humped on the climbing frame !!

I tried putting in photos , it didn’t work !!

Until next time …..

happy blogging

Mikayla Williams .







Queen facts

Well hello there bloggers I am going to tell you 15 awesome facts on the queen.There’s probably a few facts about The Queen that may surprise you and here they are:

The queen has two birthdays so there’s better chance of good weather for her birthday parade aka Trooping the Colour, oh she’s so lucky imagine how many presents she would get in 1 year?!
Her Majesty made her first speech when she was 14 that would be nerve racking.

She is also head of 15 commenwelth countries Australia, New Zealand,  Canada,  Jamaica, Antigua  and Barbuda,  Belize, Papua   New Guinea,  St Christopher   and Nevis, St Vincent  and the Grenadines , Tuvalu,  Barbados, Grenada, Solomon Islands, St Lucia and The Bahamas.




Facts about Tim Peake

Today I am going to tell you guys some great facts about Tim Peake, So lets get right into it.

His name is Timothy Nigel Peake and his nickname is Tim Peake. He was born on the April 7th 1972. He had his birthday in space!! His space mission is Expedition 46, Expedition 47 and Soyuz TMA-19M. The Soyuz is like a satalite. He was born in England,Chichester. His wife is Rebecca Peake and has two sons called Oliver Peake and Thomas Peake. He was educated at University of Portsmouth (2006), Royal Milatery Academy Sandhurst and Empire Test Piolot school. He went in space in at 15 December 2015.

I have given you guys the main facts about Tim Peake and I hope you’ve learnt something new,

Happy Blogging,


I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging for a while guys, but I’m back with some information about her majistey the Queen (Queen Elizabeth II)I hope this information can help you when it comes to doing our big write.

The Queen was born the 21st April 1926 she celebrated her 90th birthday on Thursay, did anyone go to see the fireworks? I didn’t but they were that big I saw them from my front garden. Her children are Prince Charles,Prince Andrew,Prince Edward and Princess Ann.Prince Charles is next in line for the thrown. If you turned 90 on Thursay you would have a special coin made for you and if you manage to get to the age of 100 you will get a telegram off her majistey.

At the time of her birth nobody even had the littlest thought to she would someday become queen.She got to enjoy the first decade of her life with all the privileges of being a Royal,without the pressures of being the heir apparent. Her mother and farther divided their time in London or Royal lode. Elizabeth, nicknamed libbet and her sister Margret got home schooled by tutors. Accedimic courses included; French, mathematics and history, with dancing ,singing and art lessons undertaken as well.

In 1936 the death of Elizabeth’s grandfather changed her life.Her Uncle became King but he loved an American divorcee so he had to choose between her or King,in the end he choose the love of his heart.

Great Facts About The Queen!

Today I am going to tell you guys great facts about the Queen that you’ve never heard before, and she has turned 90 today WOW!

Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the Commonwealth and supreme Governer of Church of England. She became Queen on the 6th of February 1952. Her Coronation was on the June 2nd 1953.  She was born on the 21st of April 1926. She was born in Mayfair,London. Her birth family was, her father, Prince Albert (later King George VI), her mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and her sister princess Margret. She was educated at home. As she grew older she got married to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. She had 4 children called Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. Our Queen of England has been independent of 7 Commonwealth countries. During her reign she has been Queen of 25 other countries and has been a sovereign of 32 different nations, but half of them became republics!

I hope I’ve given you guys enough amazing facts about the queen.

Happy Blogging,


The Queen’s 90th Birthday

Good Morning Year 5/6,

Today is a very special day in our country because today is our queens 90th birthday. She is our longest serving and oldest monarch! So Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!!!

As you know to celebrate this event, we are going to be researching the queen and producing a biography of her life in our language and literacy lessons. In preparation I thought it would be helpful if you could do some of your own research at home and perhaps share it on our class blog….

I look forward to reading your posts.

Miss Moores

My weekend

On my weekend I played outside and made lovely brownies with my sister and dad. I played football and cricked with my friends. I played on my ps4 as usual and played a new game called on my laptop. everytime when I got eaten i would rage alot.

I have had a great weekend and I hope you guys had one too.

Happy Blogging,


Hi guys Megan here I forgot to tell you all about my Easter holiday! How silly of me. That doesn’t matter because I am going to tell you now …..

On good Friday ( the day Jesus died on the cross ) It was my cousins and my best friends birthday! (How chaotic ) 😯 I had to go to see my Uncle then rush to my friends party for something to eat! ( mmmm it was delicious ) Then we went back to her house for a sleepover and there was a lot of other girls there. I really enjoyed my self that day!

Then Sunday (the day Jesus came back to life) was Easter! Did you know we celebrate with eggs because the stone guarding his body was shaped like an egg.(you learn something new everyday) Anyway back to my story I got about 15 eggs! 

Then Monday I had another sleepover at my friends Sophie’s it was sooooo much fun we played pool,went on her Wii,played  darts (for children) we must have had hundreds of sweets. I was nearly sick! We watched a film and didn’t  go to bed until 12:00 pm. We had an Italian themed day because we had pizza,garlic bread and pasta.

They were the most exciting things in my holiday because the rest of the time i was doing my homework chilling out! Also a question for you all if Jesus died on Friday why do they call it Good Friday?

until next time……..

happy blogging


Goodnight Mr Tom

This book is about a boy called William and he is evacuated to the country side. He is moved to a house and the owner of the house is Tom.Mr Tom .He is kind and caring and he gives me rich food like bacon ,cake and rich clothes. Tom at night puts a blackout which is a lamp that you put out so that the aeroplanes don’t know where to bomb.He has no children or wife ! He goes to a new school called Woodbridge school. He has no friends but he is going to get some friends at school.




On Saturday I went to my grandma’s house.I also saw my cousins there.After I went to play cricket with my cousins and friend.We had lots of fun.I hit a six.On Sunday I went to play football with my friends and my brother.Next I went swimming at Bolton school.It was a really really really fun weekend.


By Zainul

Our new class read…


Year 5/6,

This week we are starting our new class read ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’. Can you predict what the story might be about?

I am sure you are going to enjoy this book and I look forward to reading it with you.

Miss Moores

My holiday so far.

Right now my holiday is amazing! On Saturday me and my brother chilled on the ps4 and played games. On Sunday my mum and dad booked to go Air Vault trampoline park. There was a massive foam pit and I done a backflip inside it! My sister got winded. Yesterday I went to my grandmas and talked with my grannie and grandad. Today I went to the town centre and saw the new things what was being made. The things look cool! My brother bought football shoes. I bought jeans and my sister bought shoes too. I hope you guys are having an amazing holiday too and stay safe.

Happy blogging.


Toms Midnight Garden

Today we watched the film of the book Toms midnight garden i think it was probbly the best film in my life.

I really liked it because it was one of those films  which had gone back to past .I think the most exciting part was when Tom realised that Mrs Barthelemew was Hatty. My second one was when Tom went back to past and met Hatty.

What was your favourit part ????

Happy blogging and a


Comparing Tom’s midnight garden to the movie

At the start of the half turm our class read was Tom’s midnight garden and we watched the movie Tom’s midnight garden. In the book it took ages when Tom went downstairs when the grandfather clock struck 13 and in the movie it took half an hour and Tom already went down the stairs and went in the garden and saw Hatty. In the movie I remembered some words that they said in the book. I really liked the movie and the story too.

Happy Blogging,



Yesterday on the Wednesday 30th of March I went to laser quest in Manchester. It was amazing! It was a free-for-all match. We all wore yellow lights on our shoulders and the suit that we had was kind of heavy. Me and my cousin kept double teaming  and eventually I came third! I was really sweaty after I played. We went to do a little bit of shopping and I got clothes and then I went to my grandmas. My cousins live next door to my grandma, so I played with them too. I had an amazing day yesterday and I hope you guys are having an amazing week!

Happy Blogging.


Easter holidays!

In the Easter holidays my cousin came to stay at my house,  after, me and my cousin went to the shops. we bought chewingum ,millions,sherbet and penny sweets. It was a lovely day so we played  out side.My 2 sisters went to his house to stay with his sister. 2 days later I went out with my friends and family to a play area and there  was a big curly black slide, it was so fun but these people were blocking the slide, so we went on the tiger slides, it was fast. I made a new friend called Oliver,  we were going every where together. After 1 hour we went shopping, it was Tesco. I got so bored that i couldn’t get my spirits up. So I helped my Mum and she decided after we had done shopping we could go out to eat at Pizza hut. In pizza hut we all ate cheesy bites. It was an american special and we all enjoyed the day out. In the next holidays we will go somewhere better!     Hamza


Moira and Esther assembly

Moira and Esther told us the legends of the three trees.

The first tree wanted to become a treasure chest but he became a feeding box in a smelly cow shed. He heard a baby crying so he held a baby called baby Jesus and he was the most precious treasure of all.The second tree wanted to become a massive ship that carries powerful kings. But no, he became a little fishing boat. One day there was a storm and a man said’CALM’ and the storm went away. The tree carried Jesus. The last tree wanted to grow so tall that he could make people look up at God. He got cut down and he got  turned into a cross that held a Man named Jesus. he was very sad but 3 days later he realised  that Jesus was alive!



In topic we are learning about Vikings .Today Im going to tell you some facts about Vikings.

Did you know that the Viking Warriors were led by Chieftains? Did you know that the most popular weapon during the Viking age was an axe? Did you know that swords were prized possession and sometimes given names? Discover more interesting facts and information about Viking warriors, Viking clothing, Gods, homes and children on our Facts about Vikings pages – there is a page for every subject.Did you also know that Viking   warriors were very brave.The most popular weapon during the Viking age was an axe. Made with heavy sharp blades, they could easily smash through helmets or sever limbs. Spears were used to thrust into victims or lighter ones were thrown. Spears were the preferred weapon for poorer warriors as swords were costlySwords were considered the ‘heroes weapon’ they were usually a prized possession and were sometimes given names such as ‘Fierce’ and ‘Leg Biter’. Most swords were double edged and they often had a central long groove which made them lighter. When the sword was not being used it was carried attached to a leather belt or baldric (shoulder strap). Swords were often passed on from father to son or buried with the warrior when he died.

Derek Mclennan

The largest haul of Viking treasure ever found in Britain has been unearthed by a metal detector enthusiast, it was revealed in September.The hoard, which consists of more than a hundred artefacts, many of which are historically unique, is now under the care of the Treasure Trove Unit and is regarded as being of significant international importance. He is a metal  detecting enthusiast as well as a retired buisness man.







Moira and Esthers assemblys

On  Monday till Thursday me and Aya enjoyed watching Moiras and Esthers assemblys because they told us the story of the three trees that they all wanted to be a special thing but  saddly they didn’t. But  that is not the end of the  story because the first tree wanted to be a treasure chest but instead  it actually held baby Jesus. The second tree wanted to be a humungous ship that carried qeens and kings but it actually became a fishing boat that carried Jesus during a storm. The last tree wanted to be a tallest tree in the jungle but instead it became a cross that  held Jesus.

Mikayla & Aya



Its me and I am back with another post, I haven’t been able to put on a post recently because I have been busy doing all my homework every day.Anyway I am back and today I am going to be talking about our class novel Tom’s Midnight Garden ! I don’t think that I have ever been this excited about a book so far we are on chapter 23 only 4 more to go. What is your favourite part so far ? Mine is when Tom goes right back to when Hatty is younger.

until next time …….

happy blogging

megan  🙂

How to live forever……

In how to live for ever the message was that if you live forever you wont have a driving test, holidays, fun days and much more. Usually people or children like growing up. My belief for death is that it is the beginning because this is a test world to see how we behave and act.

Start by marking “How To Live Forever” as Want to Read:



Hello and its me again. In RE this week we talked about loss and death.We even read a book called how to live forever.I have read the book 3 times but still enjoyed it.You shouldn’t live longer than your parents or over grow them.We shared thoughts and feelings.It was really emotional.



How to Live Forever…..

Wow Year 5/6 I enjoyed reading all your book reviews for world book day. Thank you for sharing them with us!


In class this week we read this fabulous book – How to Live Forever by Colin Thompson.

What do you think the message from the story was? What would you have done if you were Peter? I look forward to reading your comments.

Enjoy your weekend.

Miss Moores

Mum minder !!!

           MUM   MINDE!

          By Jaquline Wilson 

I love this book because it makes me laugh and smile  🙂   😀 in this story a girls mum does baby sitting but her mum becomes ill so the girl has to take over (it’s a really tuff job)  after a while she gets used to it and after that the parent of the babies end up taking their children to week . 

I read this book 5 times and I still can’t get enough of it ! I really the girl Sadie because she has a really funny personality and she is a lot like me, I always help my mum look after my sister and when her mum is really ill she takes over looking after 4 children which is a really hard job considering …. They eat crayons, mess about , spit out their food, scream and shout . 

So that’s it for now until next time …




Gangster granny

My favorite book is gangster granny. My favorite part is when granny and Ben were swimming through the  sewer pipe . At first Ben thought Granny was boring because she played scrabble. In the middle of the story Ben found out that Granny used to steal jewels from shops. Ben and Granny had to go to Buckingham palace and steal the jewels. When they were in Buckingham palace the queen came and saw Granny .   I think this book is recommended from ages ‘ 8 to 10’ .



Beast Quest

Hello and it is your trusted blogger Hussain and today i will introduce a book to you written by Adam Blade.It is gonna Beast Quest Balisk the water snake.Here is the books cover.I would personally rate it 9/10.It is all about a boy and a girl who are again pirates and lots more danger so that they can find the boys mother and farther.In this book there are against pirates and 2 snakes one of the snakes is on the book cover and the other looks the same.So what are you wating for read it NOW NOW NOW!!!So i hope you enjoy reading the book.And until next time happy blogging.


Toms midnight Garden

Chapter 11


Tom was standing in the garden icolated. He was watching Hubert and James picking apples. Suddenly a dog called pincher started barking at me. The boys were confused because they didn’t know why the dog was barking. Tom had to stick his tongue out. In a flash his tongue jumped out and Hatty stuck her tongue back. Tom felt weird because he maybe had discovered a new friend but if she can see me can the boys?



Hi it’s me Hamza and today I will tell you facts about  materials.



A material’s state can be solid, liquid or gas.

Materials are made up of lots of little particles. How these particles are arranged determines their state.

Solids can hold their own shape unless something happens to them.

Liquids flow and take the shape of their container.

Gases are usually invisible and spread out to fill up the room.

Materials have properties that make them useful for certain jobs.





Tom’s Midnight Garden!

Hello there today I’m going to tell you about my favourite book Toms Midnight Garden it’s a fabulous book. The author of this book is Philipa Pearce(thank you for writing this book). This book is all about a young boy named Tom who doesn’t like going to his Aunt Gwen and Uncle Alan’s house. What happens is toms brother gets ill and Tom has to go to his aunts house.

When he goes there he found this massive grandfather clock and in the middle of the night he goes down stairs(because he can’t sleep)and he go out of the house into the back garden the clock strikes thirteen and Tom founds him self in this beautiful garden.

Woah I wish I was there so any way he sees this girl called hasty and every night Tom goes to that garden until he has to go home dun dun dun. His aunts and uncle doesn’t know about the garden but now Tom doesn’t want to go home. Oh no now what will happen?

Im loving this book because of the description and this book is a fantasy genre and this fits in with our unit in Language and Literacy (on genres.)This book is one of the best book I’ve read so far maybe one day I could write my own book similar to this.

Ok I’m afraid I cannot tell you any more sorry you’ll have to read it by yourself. Until next time see you later….


The main characters are Tom, Aunt Gwen and Uncle Allan they have have a grandfather clock and it struck 13 and it only struck 13 at night. When it did strike 13 Tom sneaked down stairs to check the grandfather clock but then he saw a magical garden. He went into the magical garden and he could also walk through walls but then he saw a gardener with a sandwich. The gardener couldn’t see Tom but Tom could see him. Then a girl turned up called Hatty and Hatty could see Tom so they went to the garden together.

Vampire story!

hello , yes it’s me AGAIN and today I’m going to be talking about my favourite book which is about vampires !

It tells you lots about ;

how you can become a vampire

what vampires don’t like, and lots more! !!

If you were born with fangs then your a vampire !

Fangs are a type of tooth , but not just any ordinary tooth , it’s a very,very sharp Tooth

if a baby was born with a fang it’s was likely to become a vampire !

Mwha ha ha ha !



Hello,and its your blogger of the month Hussain and today we will learn about science (materials).We will learn things about floating and sinking.321 get ready.

Metals :

Metals are found underground.

Gold, Silver and platinum and even copper are all type of metal and they will all sink under warter.But there are loads more .


Raw Materials : These materials are found naturally – they come from the earth. Some natural materials come from underground:


Some  natural materials come from living things:

Soft Wood
Hard Wood

Thats all for now but untill next time happy blogging.

What freedom means to me ?

Freedom is being able to be free and do what you want to do.

Freedom is everyone’s best friend .

Freedom is what to say and when to say it

freedom is LOVE !!!

freedom is being yourself without permission

freedom is the closest step to having courage . Without freedom you won’t have courage !


Those were some things of what freedom means to me !

I hope you enjoyed reading ! Mikayla


Nat’s space quiz

Hi it’s me, the fossil freak, Nat. I’m here today to give you the best space quiz EVER !!!

  1. What is the name of the darkest planet ?
  2. What planet  rains acid ?
  3. What is the planet with huge rings ?
  4. How long will it be before the sun goes supper nova?
  5. What is at the centre of our galaxy ?
  6. What is the largest known star?

Please comment below with your answers.


Nat’s dinosaur guid

Hey it’s me nat the fossil freak ,I’m here today to tell you about dinosaurs .

Did you know that velociraptors were only the size of turkeys?

also trex’s had very short arms ?

and the spinosuarus’s fin pumped blood into it to make other preaditors run away?




Today we were looking at different families. My family is Grandma,Mum,Dad and 3 children. We had a green piece of paper and wrote down the different kinds of families. When we finished  Mum,Dad and 3 children, Mum,Dad and 4 children and Mum, Dad and 2 children were the popular ones.




Hello Year 5/6,

The value this half term is freedom. In preparation for our RE lesson next week, please comment below explaining ‘what freedom means to you?’


I look forward to reading your responses.

Miss Moores

Spring 1

Well Year 5/6, would you believe that we are now half way through the school year?! Here is a film of the last half term – I hope you all enjoy it.

Please feel free to comment below sharing your thoughts and / or favourite moments from this half term and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Miss Moores

Next years animal

Next years animal will be a Rooster. Rooster is almost the epitome of fidelity and punctuality. For ancestors who had no alarm clocks, the crowing was significant, as it could awaken people to get up and start to work. In Chinese culture, another symbolic meaning of chicken carries is exorcising evil spirits.The Rooster is the tenth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac. The Years of the Rooster include 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017 and 2029.



Viking facts

The people we know of as Vikings originally came from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Today, these three countries together are called Scandinavia. The people from these countries used to speak a language called Old Norse. We don’t know what they called themselves, but the people they invaded referred to them as Norse, Norsemen, Northmen or Danes. In the 19th century, we started to use the word “Viking” (which comes from the Old Norse word vikingr, meaning “pirate”). Raiding was certainly what most people across Europe saw and wrote about, but this was only one part of their culture. Their men might go raiding in their youth, but they would be expected to settle down and raise a family as they grew older, and a great part of their culture involved farming and fishing.


Year of the monkey

12 Chinese zodiac animal signs

The Chinese people created the 12 Chinese zodiac signs according to the arrival order of the 12 animals, and each zodiac sign is designated to a specific year, so the same zodiac sign returns every 12 years.

More interestingly, the wise Chinese people later created the love compatibility of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, and even discovered the mystical relationships between zodiac signs and travel destinations, adding much luster to traditional Chinese culture. 2016 (on the Chinese calendar) is a year of the Monkey, starting from February 8 (Chinese New Year), and ending on January 27, 2017 (Chinese New Year’s Eve)The Monkey is ninth of the 12 animals in the recurring 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle. Every 12 years there is a Monkey year. Interestingly, Monkey years are all multiples of 12 — from 12 AD, through 1200 AD, to now in 2016.


Language and Literacy

In language and literacy we have been looking at different kinds of genres. here are the genres we looked at: Fantasy,adventure and horror. my group who were Zahraa, Mikayla, Aya and Hussain . Me and Hussain were fierce pirates although our enemys we had to complete a quest which was keep the treasure safe.shockingly me and Hussain got knocked down onto the floor whilst captain Zahraa stole our treasure.

GIVE OUR TREASURE BACK! you pesky scowls….. urggh


Last Day of Half term

Today was an unusual day for y5/6 because we all bought snacks in. why ? Well we finished our ladder and and in the afternoon we had our snacks. It was a treat for Hussain because it was his birthday. Guess what movie we watched ?  ANNIE ! All of the class enjoyed it especially Miss Moores !



Hello again and it is trusted blogger Hussain and I will write about LIGHTING!!!


So get ready.

Facts facts  facts

Its very hard to believe but …

  1. How hot is a lightning bolt?
  2. Only about 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit — roughly five times hotter than the surface of the sun!
  3. Lightning flashes more than 3 million times a day worldwide — that’s about 40 times a second. Not all those flashes hit the ground — some happen between or inside clouds which happens rarely.
    1. The streamer can travel up through a building, a tree, or even a person, which can be fatal.
    2. Lightning kills about 2,000 people a year, so stay inside during lightning storms.

    That is all I can do so until next time  HAPPY BLOGGING!!!

Best week ever !!

Today we had super athletes day and I really enjoyed it . I loved all the activities and the one I liked the best was the golf . It was super exiting .

Tomorrow we are having a little party because we got a full ladder of ladder points . Miss Moores is bringing a film for us to watch and we are allowed to bring some snacks for us to eat. I can’t wait !!!



Chinese New Year celebrations

Chinese New Year is a traditional and very important Chinese holiday. It was originally a festival to honor ancestors as well as holy or sacred beings. It is also known as the Spring Festival, which is the literal translation from the Chinese name. It is also referred to as the Lunar New Year because the Chinese calendar is lunisolar. A lunisolar calendar uses both the moon phase and the solar year. Chinese New Year is the longest festival in the Chinese calendar.
Interesting Chinese New Year Facts:
Traditionally Chinese New Year lasted from the last day of the Chinese calendar to the 15th day of the first month.
It is a major Chinese holiday. In countries and territories that have high populations of Chinese, Chinese New Year is also celebrated. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines are only a few.
Chinatowns in other cities also celebrate Chinese New Year.
The exact date of Chinese New Year changes each year because it originated in 2600 B.C. At that time people followed the lunar calendar.
The Chinese New Year is symbolic of letting go of the past and welcoming new beginnings. It’s a popular time for spring cleaning.
Each year of the Chinese New Year calendar is named after an animal. This is a 12 year cycle. Once the 12 year cycle is over the animal list begins again. The list in order is: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.



In Science we have been learning about electricity.Electricity is a very powerful thing because it usually has around 200-300 volts. A volt is electricity that powers what you are using.

  • The world’s biggest source of enery for producing electricity comes from coal. The burning of coal in furnaces heats boiler water until it becomes steam which then spins turbines attached to generators.

  • Lightning is a discharge of electricity in the atmosphere. Lightning bolts can travel at around 210,000 kph (130,000 mph), while reaching nearly 30,000 °C (54,000 °F) in temperature.



The Rat

The Year of the Rat is the first in the Chinese zodiac cycle. The 12 zodiac animals are, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. A Rat year occurs every 12 years.

The Ox

The Ox occupies the second position in the Chinese Zodiac. The 12 zodiac animals are, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal according to the 12-year-cycle.

The Tiger

The Tiger ranks the third of the animals in the Chinese zodiac. The 12 zodiac animals are, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each year is related to an animal sign according to a 12-year-cycle.

The  Rabbit is fourth in the Chinese Zodiac. The 12-year animal cycle is: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

The year of the Dragon is fifth in the Chinese zodiac. Each year has an animal sign according to a 12-year cycle. Years of the Dragon include 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 and 2024.

The Snake

The Snake occupies the sixth position in the Chinese Zodiac. The 12 zodiac animals are, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each year is related to a Chinese zodiac.

The Horse

The Horse occupies the seventh position in the Chinese Zodiac. The 12 zodiac animals are, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal according to the 12-year-cycle.

The Goat

The Goat comes 8th in the Chinese zodiac. The 12 zodiac animals are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog,

The Monkey

2016 (on the Chinese calendar) is a year of the Monkey, starting from February 8 (Chinese New Year), and ending on January 27, 2017 (Chinese New Year’s Eve).

The Rooster

The Rooster is tenth in the Chinese zodiac. Each year is related to an animal sign according to a 12-year cycle. Years of the Rooster include 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029.

The Dog

The Dog occupies the eleventh position in the Chinese zodiac. The 12 zodiac animals are, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal according to the 12-year-cycle.

The Pig

The Pig is the last animal sign on the Chinese zodiac. The 12 zodiac animals are, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig; forming a 12-year-cycle. “The Year of the Pig” is not any particular year in history, but a position in the zodiac cycle.



Chinese New Year Traditions

Fireworks are used to drive away the evil in China. Right after 12:00PM on New Year’s Eve, fireworks will be launched to celebrate the coming of the New Year as well as to drive away the evil. It is believed that the person who launched the first firework of the New Year will obtain good luck.


Small Year
Small year is the 23th or 24th of the last month of the year. It is said that this is the day the food god will leave the family in order to go to heaven and report the activity of family to the Emperor of the heaven. People will follow religious ceremony to say farewell to the food god, including taking down and burning the paint of the food god. After the New Year’s Day, people will buy new paint of the food god and display it in the kitchen.



Happy new year to China !!!

As we all know it’s the start of the Chinese New Year  which means it’s ……..TIME TO CELEBRATE ! 

I’m guessing you all want to know more about this ( big celebration ) So you can impress your friends and family . 

By the end of this blog you’ll know loads about the Chinese New Year !

Enjoy !!!

Monkeys !

2016 is a year of the Monkey according to the Chinese 12-year animal zodiac cycle. Other Monkey years include: …1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004… If you were born then you’re a Monkey….. Im joking . Did you really think I called you a monkey ! … , no……


Although there are many interesting legends and stories explaining the start of the Chinese New Year festival, the main two reasons for the festival are:

To celebrate a year of hard work, have a good rest, and relax with family
To wish for a lucky and prosperous coming year


Chinese people believe that a good start to the year will lead to a lucky year. Chinese traditionally celebrated the start of a new year of farm work, and wished for a good harvest (when most were farmers). This has now evolved to celebrating the start of a new business year and wishing for profits and success in various vocations.

ok I think we should stop there that’s enough of the information for one day . No I’m just kidding . Why do you always fall for these jokes , of course you want to know more even I do !

Before you go can you complete this little task !

Can you name some of the Chinese zodiac animal years ?

Ill give you 3 clues




can you name the rest?










Chinese New Year 2016

chinesse new year 2 chinese-new-year1









Hello Year 5/6,

Well done to those children who tried to guess why Miss Moores had uploaded a picture of a monkey! But unfortunately no one guessed correctly! The reason I put the picture on was because this week is the Chinese New Year 2016 and this year it is the year of the ‘Monkey’!

Here is this weeks challenge…..

Can you try and find out some interesting information about Chinese New Year traditions?

I look forward to reading your posts!

Happy New Year!

Miss Moores

Tom’s Midnight Garden

Toms Midnight Garden

Hello Year 5/6,

Its been quite a while now since I have posted on our blog but unfortunately as you know we have been having some technical difficulties. However, we seem to up and running again, which is good news!

In the last few weeks we have started our class read ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ and I am pleased to see that you all appear to be enjoying it. The reason I selected this book is because it fits in with our Unit in Language and Literacy of ‘Fiction Genres’ and stories with a ‘Historical Context’.

It would be great if you could comment below, answering one of the following questions?

What clues have we had so far that tell us this story was set many years ago?

Why is Tom not happy to be staying with his aunt and uncle? If you were Tom how would you feel?

What has been your favourite part of the book so far?

Do you think that Tom and Jess (from Brasham’s Tortoise) would become friends if they ever met? Why or why not?

I look forward to reading your replies very soon.

Miss Moores


Autumn 2…….

Autumn 2 was a busy half term for Year 5/6.

Here is a snap shot of some of the things that went on;

Children’s comments ;

“This half term I have really enjoyed blogging and PE with Dan because it is fun. RE was also fun when we were reading the bible stories of Christmas.” Megan

“I enjoyed doing dance in PE because we got to be superheros!” Zainul

“I really liked everything this half term but the thing I liked the most was the football after school club and writing poems.” Mohammed

“I loved the Christmas fair and making the chocolate lollies!” Zahraa.

“This half term I have most enjoyed dance in PE and maths with Mr Mac!” Shrai

“I really liked Moira and Esther’s shows!” Ibrahim

Happy New Year, Year 5/6

imageHello Year 5/6,

I hope you have been having a wonderful holiday and enjoyed spending lots of time with family and friends.

Perhaps you could write a blog and tell the rest of the class about one or two of your favourite days over the holidays?!

As I’m sure you all know, tomorrow is New Years Eve and Friday will be the 1st of January 2016! A brand new year! Wow that is exciting! I thought it would be a nice idea for us to share a New Years resolution / or personal goal you would like to set yourself for the new year.

I will go first;

Miss Moores would like to train and do a 10km run in May.

Can anyone find out how far that is in miles?

What would you like do? Maybe you want to improve your handwriting, challenge yourself to read 2 books a week, blog at least once a week or get 9 or 10 out of 10 on your weekly spelling tests.

I look forward to reading your personal goals.

Happy New Year,

Miss Moores



Cafe Create

Today all the choir went on a trip to cafe create and coloured in Christmas decorations! After that we looked at the displays (they were amazing ) ! Then we sang happy birthday to a lady who was there . We also sang all the other songs we have been learning in choir !

We also got a cake of a lady who kindly made them they were delicious. We also got a drink and some chocolate buttons

thank you to cafe create !!!


Mary Anning

Hello today we will learn about Mary Anning. So let’s get started with a picture. Mary Anning found 3 very important animals the fish lizard, Icotharause is what we discussed in class..

  • Mary Anning was born on 21st May 199 in Lyme Regis, Dorset.
  • Her father, Richard Anning, was a cabinetmaker and amateur fossil hunter.
  • When she was only fifteen months old, Mary Anning survived being struck by lightning. She was in the arms of a neighbour under an elm tree, when a bolt of lightning struck the tree. The lightning killed the neighbour who was holding Mary, and it killed two other women, but Mary was unhurt.
  • We found this facts when we watched the video but we never knew who the ladies were.    Sadly,that’s all i can blog so until next time HAPPY BLOGGING!!!By Hussain

A very famous picture.

Mary Anning


Hello Year 5/6,

The last week of term is finally here and what a great term it’s been! Full of learning, fun and Christmas preparations. Most recently we have been learning about the life of Mary Anning and writing her biography. You even carried out your own research on this famous lady and I know you all became very interested in her! But who was she? What did she do?

Your challenge is to blog or comment below telling me something’s you have remembered about Mary. I have included some pictures above that may help you. Remember this is your words, not someone else’s.

Happy Blogging

Miss Moores

Christmas fun!



Well Year 5/6, Christmas preparations are well under way in school – as you can see from the two pictures above. Can you share with us what you are most looking forward to in school, over the next two weeks and why?

I will start.. I am really looking forward to the Carol Concert because I love hearing each class sing their songs beautifully and also its lovely to see parents and families come and enjoy it too. Now your turn?

Miss Moores

Megan’s Christmas Quiz !

Do you know a lot about Christmas to take on the challenge ?

1.  Who was born on Christmas Day ?

2. Where did Mary and Joseph stay before their baby was born ?

3. Why do we celebrate Christmas ?

4. Is the story in the bible ?

5. Why did Mary and Joseph have to travel to Bethlehem ?

6. What Christmas traditions are their ?

7. What did Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem on?

8. If the story is in the Bible, is it in the old or the New Testament ?

9. Why do we have Christmas trees ?

10. Why was Mary surprised that she was going to have a child ?

I hope you can answer all my questions and Maybe tell me what you are doing for Christmas, I am having all my family at my house and we are having a Christmas meal (I will help cook it). I love Christmas, it is my favourite time of year !


Mayan Gods


This week we started our new topic of the ‘Mayans’. We looked into what life was like for the ancient Mayan people. We discovered that they were very religious people, who believed in lots of different Gods.

Your task is research Mayan Gods and write a blog on one of them.

Things to think about;

  • Name of the god
  • What they looked like (a picture)
  • What Mayan people believed this god represented or helped them with

I look forward to seeing your blogs soon.

Miss Moores


Wise Proverbs

Dear Year 5/6,

Today we discussed wise proverbs and we shared with each other, some that we are already familiar with.

Such as;

‘Your best teacher is your last mistake!’

‘Never judge a book by its cover!’

‘If you can’t say anything nice, then say nothing at all!’

Can you share any more wise words (proverbs) that you know? It might be a good idea to ask parents and other family members if they know any good ones?!

Happy blogging,

Miss Moores.image


Famous British Landmarks


Today in British Values Day we discussed the meaning of famous landmarks. After that, we looked at ten British Landmarks and used an Atlas to label these landmarks on a map of Great Britain.

The landmarks we discussed were;

The Tower Bridge in London

The Angel of the North

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in London.

Windsor Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Buckingham Palace

The impressive white cliffs of Dover


 Hadrian’s Wall

 Blackpool Tower

Your task is to chose one of these landmarks, find out some information about it of your own and write a blog about it. Makesure you have inserted a picture or pictures aswell!

I look forward  to reading them.

Miss Moores