Anthony horowitz is the author of Alex rider. The  first Alex rider book was stormbreaker.anthony horowitz was born in 1955 fifth of  April. When Anthony horowitz was young  he went to  a boarding school. horowitz at the age of 13 he went to rugby school.Anthony horowitz first   book was the sinster secret of redrick k bower. Skelton  key the  third Alex  rider … Read moreANTHONY HOROWITZ!!! biography



Joanne Rowling was born in July 31st at Yate General Hospital in England and grew up in Chepstow , Gwent where she went to Wydean  comprehensive . J.K left Chepstow  for Exter university , where  she earnt a French and classic degree  , her cource included going to  Paris every year.


At adulthood she changed her name after her marriage  to J.KROWLING instead of Joanne Rowling this is also her pen name  her boss decided that she should have a pen  name because   he did not want others knowing her as Joanne  Rowling . Her first book of harry potter  book was turned down  by 12 publishers  until someone turned them down  and then it got published .

See the source imageBOOKS BOOKS

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J.K  and Robert Galbraith, is a British novelist, screenwriter and film producer best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series. The books have gained worldwide attention, won multiple awards, and sold more than 400 million copies




Dear Duncan, Cyan crayon here, please tell Allan Aqua that I am the true colour  of the sea ! I can prove it because two weeks ago you used me to colour the sea in your under the sea colouring book see told you so . Oh yeah   why do you use petunia pink more than me she … Read more

Viking Raiders!

The Vikings came from Sweden, Norway and Denmark to invade Britain. In 793 AD Vikings attacked the Christian monastery at Lindisfarne, North East England.  They made surprise attacks on places that weren’t very populated like Lindisfarne because they knew they  wouldn’t have to fight an army because there was no army to guard the coast. … Read moreViking Raiders!


1.If you are honest then you will have no worries. 2.I think honesty is important because if you are not honest people won’t trust you and you will be lonely. 3.Sometimes honesty is the best policy because sometime it’s better to tell white lies so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. 4.My favorite quote is ‘tell … Read moreHonesty

Water cycle

We have been -learning about the water cycle in topic precipitation  -is  rain sleet or hail condensation – is when water vapour turns into clouds evaporation -is when the sun heats the water it turns into a gass Transpiration -is when plants collect the water it turns into water vapour.    

10 facts about ancient mayans

.The ancient mayans live in Central America. .the ancient mayans use to draw on walls because there was no paper. .mayans thaught haveing long noises made them attractive. .mayans also performed human civilisation. .mayans eat the same things we eat today. .mayans are still alive today. .mayans are creative and colourfull. .they had an alphabet … Read more10 facts about ancient mayans


The snake opened its beady eyes, And peers around him, slowly slithering, round and around.   Feeling hungry, he searches for his prey, twisting turning, round and around.   ready to attack, faster than a bullet, pouncing on his prey, he devours it with his teeth.   He changes his direction, in a blink of … Read moreTornado


Where did the Mayans live? 🇲🇽 The Mayans lived in what we now call southern Mexico and Central America. They also lived in Guatemala, El Salvador,Belize,Hondura and Yucatán Peninsula. Their desendants still live there, and they speak the Mayan language. What did the Mayans wear? The Mayans wore jewellery originally crafted out of jade while on … Read moreKEY FACTS ABOUT THE MAYANS

What I liked about this half term!

I liked the waterfall painting that we did with the water couloirs and I also like the class assembly we did on marry Anning. I love the after school clubs that are provided, and I also love that I am in miss moorses class she is so friendly I also like all my friends in the class when I feel low they always make me feel better.Also my teacher makes me feel welcome and that I can tell here any thing!I don’t have time for the people who don’t like me I only have time for people who love me.and thank you miss Moores for letting me start year 5 with a possative smile.

Emily w 💝



 About Anning Mary was born and sadly her mother died. she was took care by three lady’s. One day they were all outside and Anning was only 15 months old. Then all of the sudden lightning struck! They went under a tree for shelter. The lightning bolts touched the tree they got shocked by thunder bolts and … Read moreMARY ANNING

interesting facts about Mary Anning

   Her father was a cabinet maker, carpenter, and an amateur fossil hunter. Those fossils were cleaned, polished, and then sold to tourists. The Annings had 10 children but only Mary and her brother Joseph made it to adulthood. In 1826, she opened a shop ‘Anning’s Fossil Depot’ that was visited by various important geologists from … Read moreinteresting facts about Mary Anning

The water cycle

The earth has a limited amount of water.  That water keeps going around and around and around and around  in what we call the “Water Cycle”. This cycle is made up of a few main parts: evaporation (and transpiration) condensation precipitation                                                                                                                                                                                               Evaporation:   Evaporation is when the sun heats up water in rivers or lakes or … Read moreThe water cycle

Rapper in the school Ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!!

Today the best rapper in the school has made another rap but this time it is about bullying! I hope you like it!


The 8-feet tall kids think they are so cool,

But actually they are acting like a fool.

They ruin young children’s poor little lives,

BULLYING! That is what they strive!


Pushing them everyday against the wall, 

They continue the same in that mall.

Kids go to sleep with a really bad stomach ache,

They think about the inconvenience the bullys create.


Physical-bullying, cyber-bullying, social bullying,

All this stuff is SO SO SO irritating!




Well that’s ma rap folks. Hey! Can you make a better one than mine!(I know you can’t, I’m the best rapper!) Leave a comment using your username. Watch out for tomorrow’s rap!


Read moreRapper in the school Ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!!

Anti-bullying Week / November 14th – 18th 2016

Hello Children, This week is national ‘anti-bullying’ week so today in class we have been discussing different types of bullying and what we can do, if we thought someone was being bullied.   Can you create a post explaining what bullying is and what you should do if you thought someone was being bullied? Miss … Read moreAnti-bullying Week / November 14th – 18th 2016


On 5th November every year, people all over Britain become pyromaniacs for the evening, lighting bonfires and setting off fireworks. This annual tradition is a way of remembering the events of November 5th 1605 when a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament, killing all inside it including the King, was foiled. One of the most famous conspirators of what became known as the Gunpowder Plot was Gu


Guy Fawkes was born a Protestant but converted to Catholicism when he was about 16. At the time, religious teaching was dictated by the Church of England which would not tolerate Roman Catholicism. Therefore it was difficult for followers of the Catholic faith to worship freely in England. Guy Fawkes and the other members of the Gunpowder Plot were all Catholics and the plot was a response to the repression they experienced. Another reason for wanting to kill the King was that King James I was Scottish. Up to 1603, England and Scotland were ruled as two separate nations with two different monarchs. After the death ofQueen Elizabeth I, King James (who was then King James VI of Scotland) was next in line to the throne of England. Therefore he became the first monarch to rule both nations, a situation which would later go on to create what is now the United Kingdom Catholicism. Therefore it was difficult for follo


Guy Fawkes was born a Protestant but converted to Catholicism when he was about 16. At the time, religious teaching was dictated by the Church of England which would not tolerate Roman Catholicism. Therefore it was difficult for followers of the Catholic faith to worship freely in England. Guy Fawkes and the other members of the Gunpowder Plot were all Catholics and the plot was a response to the repression they experienced. Another reason for wanting to kill the King was that King James I was Scottish. Up to 1603, England and Scotland were ruled as two separate nations with two different monarchs. After the death of Queen Elizabeth I, King James (who was then King James VI of Scotland) was next in line to the throne of England. Therefore he became the first monarch to rule both nations, a situation which would later go on to create what is now the United Kingdom. Some English people were o


Although Guy Fawkes wasn’t the main  in the Gunpowder Plot, he probably had one of the most important roles. A cellar below the Houses of Parliament was rented by the members of the plot which was filled with 36 barrels of gunpowder. There was enough gunpowder that it would have completely destroyed the building and caused damage to buildings within a one mile radius of it. Guy Fawkes was in charge of guarding the gunpowder, and, if he hadn’t have been caught, would have been the person that lit it. It is claimed that, although there was enough gunpowder to cause quite considerable damage, the gunpowder had actually “decayed” and, if it had been lit, would not have exploded! Ironically, t

FACT FIVE  During his involvement in the Gunpowder Plot, Fawkes called himself John Johnson and gave this name when arrested


Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the son of God. His birth date is unknown because there is little information about his early life. There is disagreement among scholars on when Jesus was born. Christians celebrate Jesus’ birthday on December 25. Christmas (which means “Feast day of Christ”) is a … Read morechristmas

Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators all didn’t like the king because he was a Protestant and Guy Fawkes and his gang were all catholic men so they all thought of a plan and found cellars which nobody usually went in.They decided that they would hide in the cellars and blow up 36 barrels of Gun … Read more


Eid is a celebration that muslims celebrate.It is when we go to people’s houses and eat lots of rice,meat and some jelabi.We get lots of presents like:money,sweets and toys. All the men go to mosque at 6:00am and pray – women do it at home. Everyone is up and ready very early because kids are … Read moreEid


On Eid we go to other  people’s houses .We get  presents , sweets , clothes , toys and money .We  get to eat lots  of sweet food and some rice and meat.We celebrate Eid  because  a sheep  got  sacrificed on  this day . On  Eid Muslims celebrate Eid by  gifting others . These are some … Read moreEid

Father,son,and Holy Spirit.

Today I have learned in a Re about God and how he can be three different person at the same times this includes:father,son and Holy Spirit and how he is one person not three different people.Also how his heart and mind are the same this just shows he is someone     Different to each person I have learnt this from my wonderful teached miss moores.



Interesting facts on Prince William

Prince William is Prince Charles Eldest son. Prince William was strongly affected by his parents divorce  when he was younger and his mothers tragic death.He is second in line to the throne because Prince Harry is younger than Prince William.He has been given the title of The Duke of Cambridge so he had an extra … Read moreInteresting facts on Prince William

Why don’t you unscramble these words!

We have been learning about biographies in literacy and language. We have read the biography of Prince William and now to cheer you up I have a game. Why don’t you unscramble these words that are to do with the Royal family? Mawilli Eeunq Naida Atek Lipphi Rrhay Loettrach Eggoer Nodlon Celapa So lets see … Read moreWhy don’t you unscramble these words!

The Childhood of Prince William

Early Cut Prince William was born Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor on June 21, 1982, in London, England, the eldest son of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Charles, Prince of Wales. His official title is “His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales.” William attended Mrs. Mynor’s Nursery school in West London (1985-87), Wetherby School … Read moreThe Childhood of Prince William



Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor

Date of Birth
April 21, 1926

Place of Birth
Mayfair, London

Birth Family
Father was Prince Albert, Duke of York (later King George VI)
and mother was Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, House of Windsor

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

4 children: Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward

Educated at home

Became Queen England II of England on June 2, 1953.

I hope you have learnt more about the queen


                                                        By Zainul


Now let me tell you about my weekend.On Saturday was an AMAZING day my dad brought me my trampoline. It’s black and yellow. Also I went Preston I was gutted because I couldn’t go on the trampoline. I played with my cousins. It was HECKTIC.It was so messy,loud and fun.  

Triple Jump !

A triple jump is an athletic event where instead of just running and jumping as far as you can there is a hop, step and then the jump. The longest triple jumpers around the world are Jonathan Edwards and Inessa Kravets.

Tim peake

Timothy Peake Tim Peake Nationality British Born Timothy Nigel Peake 7 April 1972 (age 44) Chichester, Sussex, England Other occupation; Test pilot Previous occupation; British Army officer.         Military and aeronautical Edit Upon graduation from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1992, Peake served as a platoon Commander with the Royal Green Jackets. Peake … Read moreTim peake

Tim Peake

Timothy Peake Born: 7 April 1972 Nationality: British Family: married and has one son Hobbies: skiing, scuba diving, cross country running and reading Timothy graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1992 as an officer in the Army Air Corps. He became a helicopter flying instructor in 1998 before being selected for a post … Read moreTim Peake

Amazing celebration for the queens 90th birthday !!!

HUGE CELEBRATION AT QUEENS PARK !!! As we all know ,  it was the Queens birthday yesterday and I hope it was the best birthday she’s had so far !!! HERE ARE SOME FACTS ABOUT THE QUEEN !!!    According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2015, her estimated fortune is £340m, up £10m from last year. The queen … Read moreAmazing celebration for the queens 90th birthday !!!

Queen facts

Well hello there bloggers I am going to tell you 15 awesome facts on the queen.There’s probably a few facts about The Queen that may surprise you and here they are: The queen has two birthdays so there’s better chance of good weather for her birthday parade aka Trooping the Colour, oh she’s so lucky … Read moreQueen facts

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging for a while guys, but I’m back with some information about her majistey the Queen (Queen Elizabeth II)I hope this information can help you when it comes to doing our big write. The Queen was born the 21st April 1926 she celebrated her 90th birthday on Thursay, did anyone … Read more

Hi guys Megan here I forgot to tell you all about my Easter holiday! How silly of me. That doesn’t matter because I am going to tell you now ….. On good Friday ( the day Jesus died on the cross ) It was my cousins and my best friends birthday! (How chaotic ) 😯 … Read more


  On Saturday I went to my grandma’s house.I also saw my cousins there.After I went to play cricket with my cousins and friend.We had lots of fun.I hit a six.On Sunday I went to play football with my friends and my brother.Next I went swimming at Bolton school.It was a really really really fun … Read moreWEEKEND!!!


In topic we are learning about Vikings .Today Im going to tell you some facts about Vikings. Did you know that the Viking Warriors were led by Chieftains? Did you know that the most popular weapon during the Viking age was an axe? Did you know that swords were prized possession and sometimes given names? Discover … Read moreTOPIC

Derek Mclennan

The largest haul of Viking treasure ever found in Britain has been unearthed by a metal detector enthusiast, it was revealed in September.The hoard, which consists of more than a hundred artefacts, many of which are historically unique, is now under the care of the Treasure Trove Unit and is regarded as being of significant … Read moreDerek Mclennan


Hello and its me again. In RE this week we talked about loss and death.We even read a book called how to live forever.I have read the book 3 times but still enjoyed it.You shouldn’t live longer than your parents or over grow them.We shared thoughts and feelings.It was really emotional.   Hussain

Gangster granny

My favorite book is gangster granny. My favorite part is when granny and Ben were swimming through the  sewer pipe . At first Ben thought Granny was boring because she played scrabble. In the middle of the story Ben found out that Granny used to steal jewels from shops. Ben and Granny had to go … Read moreGangster granny

Beast Quest

Hello and it is your trusted blogger Hussain and today i will introduce a book to you written by Adam Blade.It is gonna Beast Quest Balisk the water snake.Here is the books cover.I would personally rate it 9/10.It is all about a boy and a girl who are again pirates and lots more danger so that they can find the boys … Read moreBeast Quest


Hi it’s me Hamza and today I will tell you facts about  materials.   Facts: A material’s state can be solid, liquid or gas. Materials are made up of lots of little particles. How these particles are arranged determines their state. Solids can hold their own shape unless something happens to them. Liquids flow and … Read moreMaterials


Hello,and its your blogger of the month Hussain and today we will learn about science (materials).We will learn things about floating and sinking.321 get ready. Metals : Metals are found underground. Gold, Silver and platinum and even copper are all type of metal and they will all sink under warter.But there are loads more . … Read morematerials

Nat’s dinosaur guid

Hey it’s me nat the fossil freak ,I’m here today to tell you about dinosaurs . Did you know that velociraptors were only the size of turkeys? also trex’s had very short arms ? and the spinosuarus’s fin pumped blood into it to make other preaditors run away? Nat  


Today we were looking at different families. My family is Grandma,Mum,Dad and 3 children. We had a green piece of paper and wrote down the different kinds of families. When we finished  Mum,Dad and 3 children, Mum,Dad and 4 children and Mum, Dad and 2 children were the popular ones.   Hamza


Hello Year 5/6, The value this half term is freedom. In preparation for our RE lesson next week, please comment below explaining ‘what freedom means to you?’ I look forward to reading your responses. Miss Moores

Viking facts

The people we know of as Vikings originally came from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Today, these three countries together are called Scandinavia. The people from these countries used to speak a language called Old Norse. We don’t know what they called themselves, but the people they invaded referred to them as Norse, Norsemen, Northmen or … Read moreViking facts


Hello again and it is trusted blogger Hussain and I will write about LIGHTING!!!   So get ready. Facts facts  facts Its very hard to believe but … How hot is a lightning bolt? Only about 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit — roughly five times hotter than the surface of the sun! Lightning flashes more than 3 … Read morescience


In Science we have been learning about electricity.Electricity is a very powerful thing because it usually has around 200-300 volts. A volt is electricity that powers what you are using. The world’s biggest source of enery for producing electricity comes from coal. The burning of coal in furnaces heats boiler water until it becomes steam which … Read moreScience


The Rat The Year of the Rat is the first in the Chinese zodiac cycle. The 12 zodiac animals are, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. A Rat year occurs every 12 years. The Ox The Ox occupies the second position in the Chinese Zodiac. The … Read moreTHE RACE