Biography about Roald dahl

childhood  Roald   Dahl    was born on the  13 of  September  the 1916 .                                                                                                                                                                                            award  1954  wins edgar  allen poe  award and mystery writers of America awards.1959   wins second  edgar  allen poe award and second mystery  writers  of America award  .1972 wins a new England round table of  children  library award  .  1973 wins surry  schools   . award for Charlie and  the chocolate  factory .  Roald dahl was writing a third Charlie  bucket books. he had five children .  He wrote so many books that you can not count in the whole while world . also  he died in 47 years ago  .                                                                                                                                            See the source image     he was a  very good  writer and his books was very very   fun                                                                                                                            

Biography about Roald Dahl

CHILDHOOD    Roald Dahl  was born on the 13th of September 1916.He had four sisters and one brother. His farther died  when he was 3 years old. He won a reward on the day of 1954.1972 wins a England round table of children library award. 1973 wins surry school award for award for Charlie and the chocolate factory .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   BOOKS      ROALD  DAHL wrote at least 41 books. His  fraviote  book was the bfg. he wrote childrens  classic books.

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Life of Anthony Horowitz

Childhood Anthony Horowitz was born on the 5th of April 1955 in Stanmore, England. He went to Orley Farm Boarding School. He had an older brother and a younger sister also a really evil grandmother. His mother told him horror stories before bed and his father was always at work.  And his father was a Solicitor but he was mysterious so he never talked about his job whenever he is home. Anthony Horowitz liked James Bond novels and liked to write about them.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Career Anthony Horowitz started working at the University Of York and then he started working as a screenwriter, novelist and a children’s author. He started writing ten books of the Alex Rider series and an eleventh but its not in that series. He released the movie of Stormbreaker of Alex Rider. Anthony Horowitz also did adult books and graphic novels, his TV drama series has been running since 1997 .

 Adulthood Anthony Horowitz was married in Hong Kong because it was the country they where in so they did not understand the ceremony. He married Jill Green and had two sons ,Nicholas Mark and Cassian James. Anthony Horowitz also realeased more Alex Rider books, Crocodile Tears, Ark Angel and more over books in all of the Alex Rider series.  

Life Of Anthony Horowitz


He was born in 1955 April the 5th. His favourite book writer is James Bond. Anthony Horowitz (is 63 years old)He got sent to a boarding school.He wrote his first book when he was only 23 years old. Not only is he a talented screenwriter, he has written over 20 books for children. He continues to write and a list of his books is below.


He was a children author and his best book series is Alex rider Anthony Horowitz’s first book, The Sinister Secret of Frederick K Bower, was a humorous adventure for children, published in 1979 Anthony Horowitz. The Sinister Secret of Frederick K. Bower (London: Arlington Books, 1979) and later reissued as Enter Frederick K Bower(London: Arlington Books, 1979) and later reissued as Enter Frederick K Bower. In 1981 his second novel, Misha, the Magician and the Mysterious Amulet was published and he moved to Paris to write his third book.Anthony Horowitz. Misha, the Magician and the Mysterious Amulet (London: Arlington Books, 1981) In 1983 the first of the Pentagram series, The Devil’s Door-Bell, was released. This story saw Martin Hopkins battling an ancient evil that threatened the whole world. Only three of four remaining stories in the series were ever written: The Night of the Scorpion (1984), The Silver Citadel (1986) and Day of the Dragon (1986). .


Adult hood

He got married in Hong Kong his wife name is Jill Green. his best cinema movie is The Third Man Spy. Anthony Horowitz has written many scripts for television. In the 1980s, he wrote for the Robin of Sherwood series. In the 1990s he adapted several of Agatha Christie’s  Hercule Poirot stories. He also wrote the World War 2 TV drama, Foyle’s War.He listens to a lot of classical music, such as: Chopin, Benjamin Britten and Mozart.His three tips for writing fiction are: (1) Read more. (2) Write more. (3) Believe in yourself.

A List of the Alex Rider Books by Anthony Horowitz
Point Blanc
Skeleton Key
Eagle Strike
Ark Angel
Crocodile Tears
Scorpia Rising

Biography About Roald Dahl


Roald Dahl was born on 13th September 1916. Dahl has four sister  and one brother , there name is Asti Dahl , Alfhild  Dahl , Asta Dahl , Else Dahl and Louis Dahl . But all of the sudden father died  when Dahl was three . After his father  died  he attended LIandaff Cathedral School and  he stayed there  for two years . Suddenly  his for sister died of the infection following burst appendix they all sister was bold related .

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Roald Dahl  married in 1953 . He had 5 children  there name  was Lusy Dahl , Tessa Dahl , Ophelia Dahl ,Theo Matthew Dahl and Alivia Twenty Dahl. Roald Dahl speak three languages (English, Norwegain, Swaili .The year which Dahl was forced to crash land his Gladiator air craft in labyan desert.

Books and awards

Dahl wrote at least 41 books . This favourite book was BFG ,Dahl wrote children classic books. Dahl also wrote adult books too. Dahl sell the twit book in 2007 the page were 302,300 . In 1954 Allen Peo awarded and mystery America award. In1959 he won second Edgor  Allen Peo award . In 1979 he  won California young reader medal. In 1990 Roald past away his age was 47 .

A Biography Of Roald Dahl

Biography  Of  Roald Dahl


Roald Dahl was born on 13th September 1916. He had 4 sister’s and 1 half brother .He used to go to the Cathedral school, Llandaff. He started Boarding school in 1925 at the age of 9. His Boarding school is called St Peter’s in Weston- Super -Mare. He lived in Llandaff , South Wales, United Kingdom.


Roald Dahl had 5 careers. He was a screen writer. He was a writer. He wrote poems. He was an author. He was a novelist.


He won approximately 26 book awards. He won awards in the UK, the United states , Australia and other countries. He wrote 28 books in total he wrote 17 children books and 2 adult fiction novels  and short stories and 7 non fiction  books. He re-wrote his first book 6 times.

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He died on 23rd November 1990/ at the age of 74. He died  because of a rare cancer of blood. He was buried in the cemetery at  St Peter and St Paul’s church in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire,England.

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Liz Pichon


Liz Pichon was born on the 11th August 1963 .She had dyslexia that meant she struggled in school and it was hard for her to understand things in school .Her school was  Gramber Well school of Art .



Liz Pichon first worked as an art director which means she judges art .After that she became a freelance illustrator and Liz illustrated her own books .Finally she wrote children books and Liz became an author.

Personal life

Liz lives  with her 3 children and her husband.

Herself=Liz Pichon=54

Husband=Mark Flannery






1 series of self illustrated won Roald Dahl  funny prize .Red house children book award for younger children .2012 water stone children book prize . Tom Gates genius ideas,<mostly > won a Blue peter book award.




A Biography Of Dr . Seuss


Dr . Seuss was born in 1904 on 2 of March . He has two siblings Henrietta Geisel and Marnie Seuss Geisel . His favourite colour  was purple . His favourite food was green eggs and ham !


As A Man

His dad wanted him to be a  doctor but he became a famous America author and he has been an author for 1927 till 1990.  DR. Seuss full name is Theodor Seuss Geisel.

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D r. Seuss has written many books such as

Green eggs and ham ,

The cat in the hat  ,

Oh the places you ‘ll Go.

He has written many more books .


The  death of D r. Seuss

At last he died because of Oral cancer . He died when he was 87 and the date of his death of D r. Seuss is 24 September 1991.