Who were the Vikings ?

Year 5 have been enjoying finding about the Vikings but who were they?

Well they were a group of people who came over and raided and then settled in Britain over 1,200 years ago. Vikings were also known as the Norsemen. (Norsemen means ‘people from the North’)
They were great travellers and sailed to parts of Europe, from Norway, Sweden and Denmark where they traded, raided, and often settled.

The children will share any information or interesting facts they have learnt on this class blog.

We hope you enjoy leaning some new facts.

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Viking Boats

Ships or boats were extremely important to Vikings.  Longships carried warriors on raiding missions across Europe. huge trading ships moved people, animals  goods over distances.


by Ahmad



Longships could go in shallow or deep water.

They were good to take on oceans and rivers.

Dragons were sometimes

carved on the front.


They looked scary.

The Vikings were not afraid to die.

They believed that if you died in battle you went straight to Viking  heaven.

Here is a Viking God

By Kamar and Zayan



All about the vikings

Fact about Vikings

The Vikings were fierce warriors from Scandinavia an area in northan  Europe . They were most powerful in the years 790-1100 CE. The Viking were champion ship – builders and there long boats voyaged all around coast of Europe and evan  to the Americans. some of the voyaged were violent raid , where gangs of warriors would attack town and village along the coast and the river.

Family life

All the members of Saxon and Viking  families were kept very busy. Both young  and old had their own jobs  to do and tasks to carry out . They were also expected to help each other when the need arose. Saxon and Viking  children were expected to make themselves useful.



Victory Vikings

Hi there I’m going to tell you facts about Vikings. So without further a do lets get started!

Who were the Vikings ?

The Vikings came from Scandinavia, which are the countries  that we now call Denmark, Sweden, Norway. They were great warriors and were feared throughout Europe. They sailed across the North Sea and the Northern Atlantic Ocean in order to invade countries, create settlements, farm and trade. In AD 793 the Vikings attacked a monastery at Lindisfarne, which is a small island off the north east coast of England. This attack marked the beginning of the Viking age. As well as being fierce Warriors, the Vikings were long working people who built new farms, villages, forts and towns.

Invaders and settlers

During the beginning of the Viking age , Vikings would cross the seas from Scandinavia to invade defenceless villages on the British coastline looking for gold, silver and livestock. They had a fearsome reputation for killing or capturing anyone who stood in their way before heading home with their stolen goods. Viking Kings grew rich from their raids and were able to supply and train large armies. As farmland in their own countries became scarce, they turned their attention to settling in the places they attacked.

Vikings ships

The Vikings were famous for their shipbuilding skills and were the best sailors of their time. They used their ships for fishing, for carrying merchandise that could be traded with other countries and for transporting Warriors to new places that were to be invaded.

 Everyday Life

In their homelands, most Vikings were farmers or fishermen. Many were also craftsmen or traders. When they settled in Britain, they built new villages, towns and cities and brought there old way of life with them .Family life was very important also to the Vikings .The man was the head of the household and boys in the family would help him with his work. Girls would often help their mother at home.


by : Saamya and Mariya A


Welcome and today I will be telling you some Viking facts :-)!


Who were the Vikings?

The Vikings (like me) are very fierce we were very famous for our boats which is sometimes called Dragon ships. We came from three different countries Norway Sweden and Denmark. The name’ Viking’ comes from a language called ‘Old Norse’ and means a’ pirate raid’.

Why did Vikings raid?

We went to attack so we can get more treasure and the people in the monasteries did not have any weapons so it was easy to raid over them.

Why did we attack in longboats?

We built fast ships for raiding and war. These ships were ‘dragon-ships’ or ‘longships’. we also had slower passenger and cargo ships. we built small boats for fishing or short trips.   


Well that is all, that is how we lived. Catch you later  – bye!

p.s Now do you know a bit more about us  !

from Mohammadiman





Facts about Vikings

The Vikings age lastet from about 700AD to 1100AD, The Vikings people came from Scandinavia Denmark, Norway and Sweden and spore the nose language.

Most Vikings slaves [or thrells ] were foreigners who had been captured. Unsurprisingly. The did all of the dirty and  unpleasant jobs and were the legal property

of their master.


By Sofia


Vicious Vikings

Welcome I will tell you awesome facts about us Vikings . Yes I’m a Viking my self. Yes know Vikings are extinct but I’m not. Ok enough with the chit- chatting let get on with this 

Who were the Vikings ?

Well is not really complicated. us Vikings were the best warriors. We went around countries fighting the tiny warriors off and taking women and children as our slaves. We were also called Norseman. We had hardly got defeated as were big , fierce , muscly and awesome ( not bragging or anything) 

What was our transport?

Us Vikings didn’t have rockets, cars, tanks , or any other vehicles you have. We used a simple boat. Your probably like wooooooow boring , but hold onto  your wigs. We didn’t have little girly boats . We had manly, cool longboats. it  had a horrifying dragon head , which would scare of the enemies. It also had shield on either side so it could blocks the arrows. We had rows to push the boat along the wild sea. Now that cool! 😉 


Why did the Vikings raid ?

Well that’s is such a silly questions. Were big , fierce and all so what else a we going to do sit there an knit . We raided the monasteries as the monks who lived there had lots of treasure and couldn’t even  fight back and its also so we could burn the churches   


What countries did the Vikings come from?

Well us Vikings were from 3 countries. Called Norway , Switzerland and Denmark. Switzerland as it was covered in Forests. Norway as it was very hill and Denmark as it was sandy.



Well bless bless for now better watch out we my rise from the dead and come back ( only joking XD )

Again bless bless  ( bless bless means goodbye in Viking)

By Faiz




Were the Vikings always victorious?

Hey there! I’m a REAL VIKING WHO’S NAME IS VIKING! Oh, sorry let me get started. Us Vikings are very interesting humans, and I’ll tell you all about us. The actual meaning of Viking is ‘Norsemen’, and that means people from the North. So now you can tell we were from the North. The exact places we came from were;Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Norway was too hilly, Sweden was covered in forests, and Denmark had lots of sandy OIL! No sorry I ment to say SOIL! SO FRUSTRATING! But anyway, that’s us. Oh, and one more key fact, we travelled on WATER! Soo surprised it could carry us. NOT THAT WE’RE FAT! Oh and by ‘it’ I mean our ship, AKA a DRAGONSHIP! oh and since we’re at the end, I’m not a Viking.



Viking Facts Of Vikingnes ARGH!!!!!

Us Vikings weren’t always big angry strong people who had a habit of irritating the Anglo-Saxons as we only attacked for survival. But to be fair we might have been a bit furious and bad tempered.

We only attacked in the first place was for farming. In the countries we came from (Scandinavia) our land was pretty awful to grow food in. In Norway it was too hilly, in Sweden there were too many forests and in Denmark the soil was too sandy. Back then things were pretty grey until we found Great Britain  where farming was great. We first attacked Lindisfarn (a small island near the UK). Well, we might have earned our name ‘The Vicious Vikings’ as Lindisfarn turned out to be a holy island and some of the Monks in the church were drowned, killed or taken as slaves by us. The only problem was that many of us (besides me) didn’t know how to read or right so we couldn’t pass down our victorious however the monks could and they wrote down horrible things about us. This was then passed down therefore people think we were all those things I said at the beginning. That’s so not fair.    

By Yaqub