As you know Year 6, we have started our new topic in science – SEEING LIGHT. You should already have some fantastic scientific knowledge about light as you have explored this topic in previous school years. Therefore, I set YOU the challenge to tell me all the wonderful things you already know! You could tell … Read more


The Vikings had to make everything using their own hands in the farms . Farmers  grew Oats Barley Weet They grinded the  grains to make the flour, porridge and ale . They planted vegetables  too, and khept animals like cows , sheep ,  pigs  and chickens. CAN YOU SOLVE THESE SCRAMBLED WORDS TO SEE WHICH JOBS THE … Read moreWHAT JOBS DID VIKINGS DO ?

Viking Gods

                                          Viking gods Vikings have many gods; Thor was the god off lighting, Freyja was the god off love  and bladder is the son off Freyja – he is kind and gentle. Loki is a trick god, he killed Bladder. People loved and trusted Thor but hated Loki.  Death When a Viking dies in battle he goes to … Read moreViking Gods

Who were the Vikings? Excuse me. Yes, you… would you like to learn about the Vikings? Great! Well let’s start at the beginning… The Vikings lived over 1000 years ago, he doesn’t look that old to me, what’s your secret?     The Vikings were Norse people who came from an area called Scandinavia. You might know it … Read more


Yesterday was a very unusual day at St Thomas’ …. It started off a little bit strange –       … which progressed into something weird –   and culminated in a vicious visitor arriving IN school! Challenge for you; Year 6 – explain to the world what happened here yesterday. (I’m sure they will be shocked!)

Remember, Remember the 5th of November …

We have been looking at historical texts and famous people in guided reading this week. We looked at the famous person – Guy Fawkes and the thwarted gunpowder plot! We have learnt an awful lot … some facts interesting and some rather disgusting! CHALLENGE Using your reading skills can you summarise what you have learnt … Read moreRemember, Remember the 5th of November …