Year 2 Summer Term


Wow ! What a busy term we have had ! We have had such fun with our learning. The Year 2 children loved their visit to the beach and has a great time building sandcastles, playing cricket and burying Mrs Jones in the sand ! We have also enjoyed sports day and our fabulous ‘Let Your Light Shine Festival’ !

Have a wonderful summer !


Gangsta Granny Book Review

Hi today I’m doing a book review. The book I am doing it about is Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. This book is about a boy called Ben he has to go to his nana house every Friday. He does doesn’t like going because she only plays scrabble and she smells like cabbage . The reason he has to go is because his parent like dancing on ice so they go watch it live Ben doesn’t like it but he has to go to his Nans house . He thinks his nan is boring but he discovers she is a jewel theith so he comes up which a plan to try and steal the Crown Jewels …………..

Buy the book to read on…

Kadie Thomson


The pop star style by Harmain and Darya

Today we have been learning about how to be a pop star the first thing you should do is see if that the prop is good enough try to not to mumble and talk a lot. You  should experiment with different style ‘s you can choose a different pop star to copy and  give old cloths make over. Also if  you like to wear light cloths like the beach then you can wear it and if you want to dark cloths like the forest then you can you can wear any cloths you want you don’t have to judge others of what there wearing and always be creative in your own ways and don’t judge a book by its cover and be happy with what you are wearing don’t be jealous with other people’s styles because you can make better styles  such as diamond dress for girls and  a t-shirt with a pants for boys and you can always wear what you want to wear. Do you want to be a pop star?



An extract from a diary dilemma by Yahya

It started when, this boy called Billy Midas he was always a loser then he saved a tiny being called the Chimichanga he got rewarded a gold maker . Billy Midas lost his cat because he accidentally  put  a magic pillow on his cupboard . Then his cat Goji slept on it then it turned to gold . Then when he came back from  school he called the cat but no reply he called again no reply he went upstairs and he was shocked to see that his cat had turned  to gold. Then he called this tiny being called the Chimichanga he had two decisions one to get the cat back or keep the gold maker . In place of a living purring cat there was nothing but a metal frozen cat statue . If he chooses to keep Goji it will reverse the  power of the gold maker or if he chooses to keep the gold maker then Goji will remain as a statue forever. In my story I have choose to keep the gold maker because you can by another cat  if you have a lot of gold and if you kept Goji you will be a loser again  and everyone would start to bully you .



An extract from Timmy’s Dillema by Ahmed

Dear Diary,
Today has been a day of decisions. And this wasn’t a day of decisions like Twix or Snickers (by the way diary that is hard because they’re my favourites ) but anyways it was about a million times harder than that. (actually it might have gone past infinity and beyond!)Now I am going to tell you all about it.

It all started when my friends Cupa and Mario sent me this letter.
Hey Timmy meet me at Luigi’s newsagents at ten o’ clock sharp. We’ll see you there . So about one hour later I went of to the newsagents. As soon as I got there I saw Cupa at the door. ” Hey dude. What’s up.” Said Cupa Hey Timmy take this gas mask and this canister and meet me in the back streets at the rear. ” He said in the freakiest imitation of our gang leader Mario. Immediately after I got into the back streets I got a phone from Deen. He rang up to see if I could go over to his house.” come on. Your meant to be one of us your a gangsta. Your in the group.” He barked “Your not a gangsta if you don’t do this.” “What am I then ?” I barked back. “Mother chicken. Mother chicken” He said whilst imitating one.


david beckham by musa

1975 David Beckham is born in London on may 2nd. his mumsandra is a hairdresser. his dad ted is a kitchen fitter.David is Alad who loves football alawags kicking or bouncing a ball. 1986 David starts at  the bobby Charlton football  school. he is the best plaer. he is still just eleven. soon a talent scout has found david. the seou is from man !u1991 david is at man a. he is sixteen. 1993 David is in the top squa man a. his pay at man u goes up to around.


The story of Snow White by Veronika

On Tuesday  the year 5s from st Thomas  were invited and there were 6 other  schools invited to  smitholls  school   to  watch the drama students  perform the  pantomine Snow White. When we got there  the red  big curtains  were closed  we  the show started there were different songs and lights. Before it started the head teacher  started the show with saying good morning everybody and the show started it  was amazing  because they did it very good.

In the performers there is a beautiful girl Snow White it was about  Snow White  who lived with her anti Queen Ursula was realy jealous of Snow White because Snow White is beatifuler then her. One day  Queen Ursula said to objob  to take her to the forest to kill her but objob did not kill her the  fairy godmother  went to save her the fairy godmother she gave objob a ribbon to take it to her.


Extract of BOLTON BOY SAVES THE DAY! by khadijah

A house 🏠 was lit on fire 🔥 around 7pm last week on green lane near Charlesworth Avenue ,Bolton.connor McGrath,who was at the scene,saved a young family from a burning building.A teenager ,a 6ft 1 in and 14 stone ,persuaded the terrified mother to throw daughter Koli ,aged 5 and  callan aged 13.Lindsey ,who is the mother,threw the 👶🏼  Children out the already burnt window. Connor  McGrath stood 10 feet    below.