This is a  story about Billy Midas and his cat, Goji.

Billy Midas was a boy who though that he was a loser. He did not have any friends. There were two popular boys from year 6. Billy wanted to be just like them, but he knew that he will never be like them. There was only one pearson, (or should I say animal), who always cheered Billy up. One day he went to his back garden and heard something behind a bush! He went to have a look and saw… a little person stuck! He couldn’t believe his eyes! He helped the little person and then the little person started to talk. Billy asked him who he was. The little person said that he was a chimichanga! The chimichanga  also said that he can wish for something because he helped him. Billy said that he wished to turn things into gold. He also said that nothing is going to happen, but the chimichanga said to wait for one hour and then it will come. Billy waited and then went upstairs. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a golden cushion. It had his bracelet that turned into gold on it. It was true! The next day, he went to school. He saw Callum and Ed and went up to them. He showed them the bracelet. They said to do that for them. The next day he came back with some gold. Callum and Ed were suprised and were now Billy’s friend. One day when he went home he was surprised. Normally Goji would greet him. He saw the cushion and there he was! He was turned into gold! He grabbed Goji and ran to his back garden. He screamed Chimichanga help me. Chimichanga came and said what has happened? Billy showed him Goji. The Chimichanga said that he can turn him back normal, but its not easy. He said if you are going to want your precious cat, then he has to have no gold and no friends. Billy thought and thought. He sighed and said that he wanted… GOJI! The Chimichanga did as he was told, and then disappeared.

This story teaches us to think before you wish. He could have just wished for friends! Thank you for listening. Hope that you enjoyed this story!






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