Extract of BOLTON BOY SAVES THE DAY! by khadijah

A house 🏠 was lit on fire 🔥 around 7pm last week on green lane near Charlesworth Avenue ,Bolton.connor McGrath,who was at the scene,saved a young family from a burning building.A teenager ,a 6ft 1 in and 14 stone ,persuaded the terrified mother to throw daughter Koli ,aged 5 and  callan aged 13.Lindsey ,who is the mother,threw the 👶🏼  Children out the already burnt window. Connor  McGrath stood 10 feet    below.


3 thoughts on “Extract of BOLTON BOY SAVES THE DAY! by khadijah”

  1. 1. That a was an amazing story.
    2. Khadijah what happened to the baby?

    3.To make this better you could add more information and more punctuation.


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