My incredible 6 weeks holiday by Safaa

During the first week I went to Trafford centre .Then I went to watch incredible 2 .After that we went to a fancy restaurant . I   also went to Arizona Joes.  The following  week I went to a wedding in  Derby  you could smell food from far away. After that we went to meet some relatives in Leister. Then we went to jump extreme. The next week we went to Fun Valley . I went on my bike with my cousin. Following  that I  celebrated Eid with my family .During the penultimate week I went to Blackpool with my family and I nearly fell of one of the rides. The final week of summer I went to watch Christopher robin .So as you can see overall summer holidays were incredible .


5 thoughts on “My incredible 6 weeks holiday by Safaa”

  1. 1. I like that you used the word penultimate.
    2. What and where is Arizona Joes?
    3. To make this better you could stop using after and use a different connective like finally, next etc.

  2. 1. I like the word penultimate
    2. Did u go anywhere on eid ?
    3. You could add more feelings about yourself and you should words like firstly , secondly , therefore etc.


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