An extract from Timmy’s Dillema by Ahmed

Dear Diary,
Today has been a day of decisions. And this wasn’t a day of decisions like Twix or Snickers (by the way diary that is hard because they’re my favourites ) but anyways it was about a million times harder than that. (actually it might have gone past infinity and beyond!)Now I am going to tell you all about it.

It all started when my friends Cupa and Mario sent me this letter.
Hey Timmy meet me at Luigi’s newsagents at ten o’ clock sharp. We’ll see you there . So about one hour later I went of to the newsagents. As soon as I got there I saw Cupa at the door. ” Hey dude. What’s up.” Said Cupa Hey Timmy take this gas mask and this canister and meet me in the back streets at the rear. ” He said in the freakiest imitation of our gang leader Mario. Immediately after I got into the back streets I got a phone from Deen. He rang up to see if I could go over to his house.” come on. Your meant to be one of us your a gangsta. Your in the group.” He barked “Your not a gangsta if you don’t do this.” “What am I then ?” I barked back. “Mother chicken. Mother chicken” He said whilst imitating one.