The story of Snow White by Veronika

On Tuesday  the year 5s from st Thomas  were invited and there were 6 other  schools invited to  smitholls  school   to  watch the drama students  perform the  pantomine Snow White. When we got there  the red  big curtains  were closed  we  the show started there were different songs and lights. Before it started the head teacher  started the show with saying good morning everybody and the show started it  was amazing  because they did it very good.

In the performers there is a beautiful girl Snow White it was about  Snow White  who lived with her anti Queen Ursula was realy jealous of Snow White because Snow White is beatifuler then her. One day  Queen Ursula said to objob  to take her to the forest to kill her but objob did not kill her the  fairy godmother  went to save her the fairy godmother she gave objob a ribbon to take it to her.