Garden Project Litter Picking

About an hour ago, a group of Year 5 students joined Councillors Ishmael and Darvish, along with Community Worker Aboh and a team of voluntary workers in a litter-picking tidy of an under-used and overgrown region of Kingsley Street. Handi-reacher’s and dustbin bags were provided as paired teams of Year 5 students and community workers removed all the litter they could find.

This was to launch a new project to transform the area into a new playground and garden zone for the community and school. A design competition is planned to generate great ideas for the best use of the land. Watch this space!

After the area was transformed into a litter-free zone (LFZ) the councillors and community workers left the Handi-reacher’s and remaining dustbin bags for St Thomas to keep the area around the school and church an LFZ. Hopefully the work can continue regularly to keep St Thomas School and Church looking beautiful and clean!