The pop star style by Harmain and Darya

Today we have been learning about how to be a pop star the first thing you should do is see if that the prop is good enough try to not to mumble and talk a lot. You  should experiment with different style ‘s you can choose a different pop star to copy and  give old cloths make over. Also if  you like to wear light cloths like the beach then you can wear it and if you want to dark cloths like the forest then you can you can wear any cloths you want you don’t have to judge others of what there wearing and always be creative in your own ways and don’t judge a book by its cover and be happy with what you are wearing don’t be jealous with other people’s styles because you can make better styles  such as diamond dress for girls and  a t-shirt with a pants for boys and you can always wear what you want to wear. Do you want to be a pop star?