An extract from a diary dilemma by Yahya

It started when, this boy called Billy Midas he was always a loser then he saved a tiny being called the Chimichanga he got rewarded a gold maker . Billy Midas lost his cat because he accidentally  put  a magic pillow on his cupboard . Then his cat Goji slept on it then it turned to gold . Then when he came back from  school he called the cat but no reply he called again no reply he went upstairs and he was shocked to see that his cat had turned  to gold. Then he called this tiny being called the Chimichanga he had two decisions one to get the cat back or keep the gold maker . In place of a living purring cat there was nothing but a metal frozen cat statue . If he chooses to keep Goji it will reverse the  power of the gold maker or if he chooses to keep the gold maker then Goji will remain as a statue forever. In my story I have choose to keep the gold maker because you can by another cat  if you have a lot of gold and if you kept Goji you will be a loser again  and everyone would start to bully you .