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Hi! My name is Saleeka, I am from year 6. I help people with the work on laptops who don’t understand how to do something. Today I am introducing a game called… THINK U KNOW. This is a game for all types of ages. This helps the little children understand more about e-safety. If you go on to the age rate of 8-10 then you will be able to play a game called Band Runner. All you have to do is choose a character and jump over obstacles and when your friend asks you a question you should see if it is a bad question or a good question when you have decided whether it is a good or bad question then press YES or NO.
Remember that you should follow the e-safety rules and then play games that include the e-safety rules. If for instance the game that your about to play is over your age rate (LIKE FORTNITE) then you shouldn’t play it.
That’s it for today but make sure you check out any other posts from the other Digital leader Members.



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  1. Thanks Saleeka for this information. You need to tell all the boys about the e-safety rules as they play fortnite..

  2. Hi Atiya, I actually need to tell them to follow the E-safety rules but none of them listens to anyone , including the teachers.


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