Think you know

Hi, today I’m recommending an e-safety game. This will test your knowledge about e-safety. It’s called Think you know. You get to choose your character and then jump over objects. Don’t worry if you bump into an object because a question will appear. For eg ” hey I game with this person and it wants to meet me in real life. Should I meet them or not?”. If this happens in real life never meet, you don’t know what they’ll do. But if you know them in real life already like a friend it’s alright. Hope you enjoy this game bye.

By, Seedra



Facts about e-safety

 Staying safe online : some golden rules

. Don’t give out personal information, such as your address or phone number

. Don’t send pictures of yourself to anyone, especially indecent pictures

. Don’t open emails or attachments from people you don’t know

. Don’t become online ‘ friends ‘ with people you don’t know 

. Never arrange to meet someone in person who you’ve met online

. If anything you see or read online worries you, tell someone about it

Thank you for listening, please be sure to be safe. If you want follow these rules. Bye

By, Seedra