All about what you should do if you are getting bullied online!

First don’t get upset. Then block and unfriend and report the person. Then tell an adult straight away. Don’t chat to the person then you could get the blame for why they are being mean. Then if you want to be safe put your account on private or delete it. If you have enjoyed like and comment. Ceira .H.


Games I recommend and I don’t


for 0-4 year olds I think this cartoon called Paw patrol or Nursery Rhymes.

for 5-7 I recommend a movie like tangled or gnome alone and other Pixar or Disney films.

for 6-8 I say it has to be like the worst witch or my little pony or Alvin and the chipmunks.

for 7-9 I think something more realistic like Malibu Rescue  or Sugar Rush or Goosebumps.

Right adults and teens you can watch any adult or teenager film like avengers the meg the silence and others like horror.

Gaming [children]

for kids they should play Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, Golden Axe and Sonic.

Ceira .H.


All about Digital Leaders!

Digital Leaders are members to tell people about E-Safety and we have the job of putting laptops away, how to stay safe, talking about games you should use and everything about computing.

Who are the Digital Leaders?

Me [Ceira] , Seedra, Faizan, Saleeka and others.

  What reason is the Digital Leaders helping?

 We do this job to help and talk about E-safety and other things to be safe online.

Hoped you enjoyed everyone leave a like and comment if you want to be a digital leader.

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