Going to the Bolton library


On Monday we went to Bolton library. My partner was Evan we walked past the ABC park.It took us forty minutes to get there.We were so tired but we made it there we had to be very quiet because a library is a quiet place.

Eventually we met Laura the librarian she read us poems and a story about Hansel and Gretel. She let us pick a fiction or non fiction book I got a non fiction book called Darkness dark. We ordered alphabetically words and 3 digit numbers.

She picked people to read the Blurb at the back of their book. She told us to come back to get our library card if we have one we can have 10 books for 3 weeks or more.

Finally we put our coats on and we set off .I hope I will go back.


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  1. I liked the explanation you did on the library trip. You’ve said so many thing that I hope we might do next Monday on our trip to the library . I hope you had a good time at the library and I hope you had a great time.


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