My half term


Hello Mrs Booth,

I have been on loads of walks with my mum and dad to Smithhills hall and my mum has been teaching me all about the Tudors and Stewarts. We have been to Smithills farm and they are so interesting to learn about. On the sunny days I have been making up games with my next door neighbours but obviously social distancing and on the rainy days I have been doing my home work. On some of the boring days I have been helping my mum doing flights. Mrs Booth, do we have to do the replica for our home work and put it on the blog for everyone to see?

P.S hope you all are keeping safe
by Laila-Rae


1 thought on “My half term”

  1. Hi Laila-Rae

    I am glad you have been busy learning about the Tudors and Stuarts. I am surprised I haven’t bumped into you as I walk around the hall and farm a lot. We have adopted a new dog called Snowy, she is a Golden Retriever. She is very cute but likes lots of walks! What do you mean by a replica I am a bit confused?

    Stay safe and thanks for commenting on the blog,
    Love Mrs Booth xx


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