Georges Marvellous Medicine

I read a book called Georges Marvellous Medicine. This is what happened

George’s mother left George with his wicked old Grandma. When Georges parents weren’t home grandma was then treating George badly. George was thinking of something to make that can blow away the wicked old witch women. He was making his own medcine, when he finished he gave that medcine to grandma. In grandmas tummy a fire was going on. After that grandma was growing and growing and growing all the way to the roof. First Georges room then the atick then the roof. Mum and Dad came home and saw that grandma’s head was popping out of the roof. George’s father wanted to make more to sell so that they become rich. They made 3 more Georges Marvellous Medicine. Grandma was supposed to drink medicine number 2 but she drank medicine number 3. Grandma was geting smaler and smaler and smaler until she vanished.


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  1. Hi Hamza

    Thanks for the book review. I enjoyed reading that story to you all, it was very funny!

    Thanks Mrs Booth


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