happy eid mubarak ❤️


happy eid mubarak l hope you have a good eid mubarak



My half term


Hello Mrs Booth,

I have been on loads of walks with my mum and dad to Smithhills hall and my mum has been teaching me all about the Tudors and Stewarts. We have been to Smithills farm and they are so interesting to learn about. On the sunny days I have been making up games with my next door neighbours but obviously social distancing and on the rainy days I have been doing my home work. On some of the boring days I have been helping my mum doing flights. Mrs Booth, do we have to do the replica for our home work and put it on the blog for everyone to see?

P.S hope you all are keeping safe
by Laila-Rae


I interesting 🛍


Hi it’s me basically I went to the shop  and there was a massive queue. So then I told my mum to buy me Ben & Jerry’s and she didn’t even know I went in there.There was a man filling up the freezer with Ben & Jerry’s and she totally ignored it and I was like Mum. Then I had to give my Masi wipes and then share. It out I and got pyjamas Then we went home I tried my pyjamas on and they fit me 😍🥰😘😗😝🤨🙂😃😁😋😍😂😅💚🤪😚😋🥰💔🤍🤎🤎🧡💙💙😂🥰😇😃😃😁🧤🧣👛🧳👝👒🧤🧤👢🦺🧶🧵🧥🦂🦕🦖🦐🦑. Wear gloves before going shopping because there might be germs.


Adventures with Sara


Hi I hope you are having a good time at Home 🏠 I hope you are good and 😃

I Hope you’re going for walks

Having lots of fun

Because I went on a walk to And it was awesome 😎

Lots of fun


my 2 week of lockdown


On Monday me and my family had a fire to get rid of all the wood in my play house out side and when summer is here and all the wood is gone I am going to make it into a nice cosy warm house and decorate it. On Tuesday I did my home work and it was really easy. Every day I do one piece of work each day and I love doing the work that Mrs Booth got us to do I especially like doing the work because I really like school.

P.S hope you all are saying safe and keeping nice strong and most of all healthy.


my morning routine


Hello everyone this is my blog of my morning routine. 1.In the morning I get up and walk into my hot and boiling shower. 2.After that l change my clothes. 3.Next l go downstairs and eat egg and toast or cereal.
4.Then l do my schoolwork.
5.I have my lunch in the afternoon.
6.Then I have a half an hour of rest and then watch the news.
7.Then do my 🕌work.
8.Finally l get to rest and then l eat and then watch a movie then I go to sleep 🛏💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤