On my birthday


On Wednesday 1st May 2019 I woke up and I was extremely exited because it was my birthday. My mum and dad left a card for me to read and it said: happy birthday to you our little bundle of joy!!!you are definitely mum’s little angel and dad’s reflection!!!I hope you will grow up to be a great girl . Enjoy your special birthday. Happy birthday our princess love you lots. Hope all your dreams come true. From Mum & dad !!!When I read it all I hugged my mum and I jumped out off bed and brushed my teeth for a new day. After I brushed my teeth I when down stairs and ate. After that I dressed up in my favourite dress. After that whilst I was doing my hair I called my dad and said thank you dad and talked about other stuff. After I did my hair I went down stairs and put my donuts in a bag and checked on my jelly. Then I went to school I was excited. When we were doing ICT we were learning about Greece. After that if we were done we could do ttrockstars or purple mash or IXL. After ICT we had our lunch break after that we had maths and English then we had our lunch.In the afternoon we finishing off our ICT .After ICT we went outside to eat my donuts I loved the donuts my mum brought me for my birthday then I give out my jelly’s inside then we packed up for home time and went home I had I wonderful time !!!


having fun at my cousins house


Today I went to my cusain house with my family because they came back yestoday so wet to thirhouse for a bit . Me and my cusain played outside with Rubina and Daniel . Our other little cusain where playing with us when she araived we played tig . then we watched youtude we watched Cinderela . Me and the girls where playing with the barbies for 24 minutes . then we played with her 1 Year oid kittens for a while . And thene because it was a sunny day we had BBQ we where playing on the slide while the boys made the food .
I had a grate day at my cusains house .


My Easter holiday


In the Easter holidays I went to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day at the beach. Me and my sisters made a sandcastle it was really fun. After we had something to eat, we had fish and chips it was really yummy.Next we had ice cream. I had a great time at the beach.


A fun time at sky high


On Monday I went to Sky High. I went with my sister and cousin’s.There were  obstacles up high but we can not fall because we had clips on us.It was like a zip line.

After we finished at Sky High we went to a restaurant . I ate cheese pizza and also shared with my mum.Then we went home from sky high.I enjoyed my day I hope to go again.


Having an epic Easter

On Easter Sunday some of my family came for a BBQ. Then I went to my friends swimming pool and had a sleep over. Eventually I woke up and got my bag ready to go back to my house.When I got back I did a Easter Egg hunt and I let my niece win so she could have the prize.I had a wonderful Easter with all my family and friends and can’t wait for next Easter.


Going on a picnic

On Wednesday me, mom, dad and my friends were packing our things for our picnic. We went in my friends car and went of to Moses Gate. When we arrived to Moses Gate we got our things out of the car and started to get ready. When we were ready for our picnic me and my friends started playing. We played hopscotch and played tag. When we were tired we went to have a nice rest on the carpit. After that nice rest we got up and went to the park. When we arrived at the park we started playing on the aquitmints. I played on the swing and after the swing I played on the big wiggly slide. Then we went back we had a little rest because we were tired. Then we went to get some ice creem. We had to walk ten minutes to the ice creem truck. After we arrived at the ice creem truck we started picking our ice creems. We all chose vinela with red and blue serup. The ice creem was dellishous. When we finished our ice creem we went back to playing tag. Whilst  playing my dad was making a BBQ. It smelled very good and I couldn’t wait to eat. The BBQ was finally finished so that we could eat. My dad gave me chicken to eat. I even had colla to drink with my chicken. After we finished our BBQ our moms gave us a pound so could buy an ice pop. We went to the ice cream truck to buy an ice pop. We got a green and red twirlled ice pop. When we finished our ice pop we were packing up. When we finished packing we went in my friends car and set off to Moreson. Our moms went but we didn’t go so we were chatting about our day. When our moms came back from Moreson we went back home. Our day was amazing and I had an amazing time.