Zoom catch up!

Hi Year Three,

It was lovely to catch up with you all today and see your faces! As promised here are some photos of Snowy!


As you can see she loves going for walks and getting very muddy!

Looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday at 1pm.

Mrs Booth xx


IXL winners!

Hi Year Three

Week ending 31st May Ibrahim  361 questions

Week ending 7th June Zayan 530 questions

Week ending 15th June Ibrahim 578 questions

Week ending 21st June Ibrahim 527 questions

Week ending 28th June Ibrahim  376 questions


Fantastic effort

Mrs Booth


Hello Year Three!

Dear Year Three

I hope you are all staying safe and are well. Who can tell me what they have been up to during the half term break. Have you been out for a walk, picnic or even a day trip. Please let me know what you have been up to. Don’t forget to write in sentences.

Thanks Mrs Booth x


Eid Mubarak Year Three

Mrs Booth and Mr Rudd would like to wish all those children celebrating Eid in Year Three Eid Mubarak. We hope you have had a lovely day celebrating with your family. If you would like to post on the blog what you have been doing during your celebrations that would be great.

Stay safe and take care

Love Mrs Booth & Mr Rudd xx


IXL winners!

Hi Year Three,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe!

Week ending 3rd May-Ibrahim 1040 questions!

Week ending 10th May-Ibrahim 822 questions

Week ending 17th May Ibrahim 742 questions

Well done Ibrahim you have been working extremely hard, keep it up!

Take Care

Love Mrs Booth x


IXL winners

Hi Year Three

Well done to those of you who have been on IXL. The winners are:-

Week ending 19th April-Mohammed Hamza

Week ending 26th April-Ibrahim P-amazing work you answered 724 questions! Keep it up!

Stay safe

Love Mrs Booth



The Romans!

Hi Year Three,

We hope you are keeping busy! This term we would have been learning about the Romans in class. We have set you some work to complete about the Romans.

Please go on Purple Mash and look at the 2-Do’s and have a go. There is a creative activity and some fact finding activities. We are looking forward to seeing your work.

Thanks Mrs Booth and Mr Parr


Winning Name!

Thank you Dalila and Laila Rae for your contributions, the girls could not decide so have gone for Beautiful Bethany-Silly Sally as the name for my sheep footstool. You can both have a prize from my box when we get back to school.

Love Mrs Booth xx