Welcome To Your New Class

Dear Parents, Carers and children,

Welcome to Lower Key Stage Two, we hope you are all well and are excited to begin a new school year. We would like to introduce to you the members of staff who will be working in the Y3 and Y3/4 team.

Mrs Booth and Mr Rudd will be working in Year 3.

Mr Parr, Mrs Topham, Mr Collins and Miss Aspinall will be working in Y3/4. Mrs Crompton will be covering between the two classes for Management Time and PPA cover.

Out topic, for this half term will be ‘The Flintstones’ and we will be learning all about the Stone Age. Our Learning Logs will be related to this topic. Madame Bridges will be coming into school to teach French on a Thursday.

On PE days, your child must come into school wearing their outdoor PE clothes. (NO SCHOOL UNIFORM NEEDS TO BE WORN THIS DAY). This will consist of black/navy jogging bottoms and hoodie plus a white t-shirt.

This half term PE will be

Y3- Wednesday and Friday

Y3/4- Tuesday and Friday

For break time your child can purchase milk and toast from the school office. Alternatively, they may bring their own healthy snack such as fruit or yogurt drinks.

If you have any concerns please contact the office. Thanks for your cooperation.

Mrs Booth & Mr Parr



Hello Class, I know that you might be getting a little bored whilst at home, so I thought you might like to have a go at our ‘PENPAL CHALLENGE’.

Remember Friendship Books (FBs) and Penpals? I Do. - Felicia C ...        Blogging, handwriting and Pen Pals |               Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Penpal to Your Grandchild ...

Choose one person who you are friends with at St Thomas’ and write a letter to them telling them about everything that you’ve been up to during lockdown. At the end of your letter ask them to reply and send you a letter in return, sharing their lockdown experiences with you. Send your finished letter to school and we will post it to the person you have chosen to be your PENPAL.

Your letter needs to be sent to:

St Thomas’ CE Primary School

Eskrick Street, Halliwell

Bolton, BL1 3JB

Don’t forget to write the full name of the person your letter is for and we will make sure that we post it out to them.


Lockdown Fun!

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all happy and healthy.

I know that it has been a long time since we have all been together and that life in Lockdown hasn’t always been fun.

However, I imagine that each of us has done something fun during this time.

Can you reply to this post by leaving a comment describing the most fun and enjoyable thing that you have done during Lockdown.  I look forward to reading your comments.

See you all soon and stay safe.

Mrs Booth


Mental Health Awareness Week 😍

This week is Mental Health awareness week and the theme of the week is kindness. This week the activity has a focus on kindness!

Now more than ever, being kind to our friends, family, community and ourselves is incredibly important.

During the week, I would like you to carry out or reflect on an act of kindness. You could:

– Make someone a card and deliver it to them

– Do something to make someone laugh

– Listen to music and dance around!


Reading and Writing 2do’s

Hello Year 3 – Mr Parr says “Hello!”

I hope you and your families are all safe and well. I know you must be getting a little bored having to spend so much time stuck inside – I know that I am! I have spoken to Mrs Booth and we have decided to offer you something else to do so we have set up some new 2do’s on Purple Mash. These are:

  1. Book Review – complete for any book that you’ve read whilst at home.
  2. Author fact file – tell me about the author of this book.
  3. Letter to a character – write a letter to your favourite character from the story.
  4. Comic Strip – turn any part of the story into the pages of a comic book.

Mrs Booth looks forward to reading your work and leaving positive comments in the next few days.

Take care Year 3

Mrs Booth & Mr Parr



Lots of pupils attempted the writing challenge last half term.

If you did – thank you, you’re a…

Are you ready for this half term’s writing challenge? Here it is:

In this story by Michael Morpurgo, a brave little robin returns home from an exciting journey.

Can you describe in as much detail as possible exactly what the robin sees as he flies home.

Remember to include:

  • adverbs of time
  • adverbs
  • ambitious adjectives

Good Luck (and be descriptive!)