Zoom catch up!

Hi Year Three,

It was lovely to catch up with you all today and see your faces! As promised here are some photos of Snowy!


As you can see she loves going for walks and getting very muddy!

Looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday at 1pm.

Mrs Booth xx


Georges Marvellous Medicine

I read a book called Georges Marvellous Medicine. This is what happened

George’s mother left George with his wicked old Grandma. When Georges parents weren’t home grandma was then treating George badly. George was thinking of something to make that can blow away the wicked old witch women. He was making his own medcine, when he finished he gave that medcine to grandma. In grandmas tummy a fire was going on. After that grandma was growing and growing and growing all the way to the roof. First Georges room then the atick then the roof. Mum and Dad came home and saw that grandma’s head was popping out of the roof. George’s father wanted to make more to sell so that they become rich. They made 3 more Georges Marvellous Medicine. Grandma was supposed to drink medicine number 2 but she drank medicine number 3. Grandma was geting smaler and smaler and smaler until she vanished.


The beach


Last week I went to Blackpool beach with my dad, my mum and my 2 younger brothers. When we were there we got out the stuff whilst my dad was looking for some where to park. We saw that there was no sand because the tide was in so we went to Saint Annes beach. We found a spot and we eat, when we were there. I built a big sandcastle and then went with my mum for a walk on the beach and found some shells. When we came back me and my brother went and blew some bubbles then we packed up and came home.


IXL winners!

Hi Year Three

Week ending 31st May Ibrahim  361 questions

Week ending 7th June Zayan 530 questions

Week ending 15th June Ibrahim 578 questions

Week ending 21st June Ibrahim 527 questions

Week ending 28th June Ibrahim  376 questions


Fantastic effort

Mrs Booth



Hello Class, I know that you might be getting a little bored whilst at home, so I thought you might like to have a go at our ‘PENPAL CHALLENGE’.

Remember Friendship Books (FBs) and Penpals? I Do. - Felicia C ...        Blogging, handwriting and Pen Pals |               Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Penpal to Your Grandchild ...

Choose one person who you are friends with at St Thomas’ and write a letter to them telling them about everything that you’ve been up to during lockdown. At the end of your letter ask them to reply and send you a letter in return, sharing their lockdown experiences with you. Send your finished letter to school and we will post it to the person you have chosen to be your PENPAL.

Your letter needs to be sent to:

St Thomas’ CE Primary School

Eskrick Street, Halliwell

Bolton, BL1 3JB

Don’t forget to write the full name of the person your letter is for and we will make sure that we post it out to them.


Lockdown fun!


Today it is very hot and my mum’s mum came from Pakistan, she came 6th June and is going home on the end of August my birthday is on August 14th. So it is a hot day out side so I will go in the swimming pool we got from home bargains and luckily it was the last one and my mum is going toys or us.

(The End)


Lockdown Fun!

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all happy and healthy.

I know that it has been a long time since we have all been together and that life in Lockdown hasn’t always been fun.

However, I imagine that each of us has done something fun during this time.

Can you reply to this post by leaving a comment describing the most fun and enjoyable thing that you have done during Lockdown.  I look forward to reading your comments.

See you all soon and stay safe.

Mrs Booth