A lovely time at bowling


On Monday we went to bowling we went to Hollywood bowl. Then when we were playing I got hungry so I had some skittles. My brother won then we played some more games. After the games my Auntie said do we want to go to Pizza Hut or Nando’s everybody chose Nando’s so we went to eat at Nando’s. I had a lovely time.


My holiday


On my holiday I went to my cousins house we made a tent with blankets, when we made it we were sooo extremely excited to go in the tent. So went in and we ate some sweets and watched YouTube videos.Then I went home and went to my other cousins  so me and my cousin played with her toy she also had a big tent so we played in the that. My cousin had a lot of toys to play with so we never got bored. So then I ate a cookie 🍪 my cousin’s mum made the cookies. Thne I went home and spent some time with my family . The next day it was EID I was soo excited for eid so I dressed up and went to peoples house and said eid Mubarak. I was soo exited I even wanted to go my cousins house so after that I went home and was really impressed with my day I spent some time with my family I had a great holiday!!!


When I went to cube


One day I went to Cube with my cousins when we went in it looked amazing. We went to the family room Owais’s mum came to me and Imani shared a very berry waffle. On it was berries and strawberry’s . Then we had Doritos with melted cheese and smashed tomato sauce . Then I had a tango Ice blast then we went home. It was the best day ever.


What l did over the holidays


In the holidays l went to the cinemas to watch Aladdin for my sisters birthday 🎁 . When we finally finished the show we went back home. Then we ate for lunch l had apple pie. Then me , my mom and dad went shopping .When we came back from shopping we took  everything out of the bags .Then I watched netflix while my mom and dad went to get some pizza. Then we eat food and then we eat some cake .Then as a flash the door bell went and it was my aunty .My Aunty brought some presents for my sister we they went I brushed my teeth and went to bed. I had the best day ever.


What I did in the holiday


In the morning I woke up then I got dressed and I walked to my antys house. Then we played with her kittens with my cousin then my other cousin bought some games. She bought guess who and 4 in a row. First we played guess who the four in a row it was really fun then we walked to the shop. My mum bought some bread and juice then we went back to her house and had tea. We had pizza then we played for a bit then me and my mum went back home 🏠


Going to my grandma


On Friday I went to my grandmas house we had some breakfast at a restaurant then went to a shop then we went home.On Saturday we went to B&Q we got some gorgeous things then my cousin saw a swing so my grandma got it for her it was £40 so my grandpa built it. When we went home we went to sleep.On Sunday I had to go home because my grandma and grandpa had to go to work so I went home I had a great time.


Going to Aladdin 😀


In the morning I got dressed then I went down stairs and I had my breakfast then my Nan came then we went in the car and went to the cinema to watch Aladdin. We made it, at the Aladdin movie we got some candy and some popcorn then we got our tickets to Aladdin to watch it. In the Aladdin movie Aladdin gets the lamp but then the jeany told him he is only allowed three wishes and then Aladdin got the lamp back. Then I went home and I spent the whole day with my Nan.


Going to Manchester


During the 2 week holiday I went to Manchester to see my cousin and every body I know in Manchester. Then I played football with my cousin then we went in for a drink then I had lunch and watched tv for a bit then we played football again. Later that day we went shopping when we got back from shopping we had tea then we got into are pijamas then we went to bed.