I went to my cousins house

I went to my cousins house on Sunday we played tig .After that we had cupcakes for lunch then we got to colour a picture and then we all went upstairs on the computer to watch a film with my cousins Aisha ,Alia and also my sister .Then we finally went home and I had a lovely time at my cousins house.


Going to a party!!


On Saturday I went to a party with my dog and parents then other people came then we had had some food. We had biscuits,chips,sausage and juice.Then I cracked my hand by some mean girls then I played tag around the car the mean girls were doing musicly. Then we pranked them by switching the lights off and on. Later at night we went home.


Good game at football

On Friday we got separated into teams. I was so close to score but my teammate tackled me! Then the match ended,and my coach said it will be a winning team. I really hoped that we will be the winning team AND WE WON and that is my football experience😄😄😄😄😄😄


A great time at my dads!!

On Friday I stayed at my dads until Sunday. When I got there I when they to a play center it was really fun!! When I got back my brother and sister came when they came we played on our PS4 we played fifa19. After a while we had to pack our bags to get ready to go back to my mums I had a fabulous time at my dads and I could not wait when I went back there.


In the holiday!!!

In the holidays my friends and family when’t to my friends house . We played with Lego and after that we ate some Chinese noodles it was soooo yummy !!!
After we ate we had dessert . For dessert we had strawberries in cream. The food was the best.after we ate we played hide and seek.I was soo good at hide and seek beacause I WON!!!!!


A wonderful day at my Grandma’s!!!

I went to my Grandma’s and it was really fun. I played with her and she let me in her attic. I started cleaning all the dust and there was so much! After cleaning the attic we drank tea. I had a biscuit and tea. We had a really great time. Then I started playing football outside with my friend who lives next door. We played for 2 hours then we went back inside. In the meantime I started playing on my IPad. Later I went back home. My day was really fun!!!