My 1st ever holiday to Bourgas, Nessebar AQUA PARADISE RESORT


On the 30th May I went to Manchester Airport we went to a shop and bought some food for the aeroplane and before the flight we went to BURGER KING and had a meal. I also got a cherry PEPSI for the plane, we went to the airport window with my sister and our mum took a picture of us. Then we had to RUN to the plane and  the pilot was coming behind us. After that we sat down and we went on a TUI plane and when we were starting to get up in the sky I was a bit scared and nervous . I was sitting next to my grandma. I was watching the little screen and was taking pictures from my mum’s phone and I was drinking my PEPSI. A few times I was checking the map. I was also listening to some music. At one point close to the end me and my sister were eating, my sister was eating some Pringles and I was eating a sandwich with my grandma. When we arrived it was late at night, so we just got off the plane then went on to a bus which took us to the hotel called AQUA PARADISE RESORT. Then all we did was just get off the bus and went inside the hotel to the Reception and they explained everything to us and they put a wrist band on us to know we were in that hotel. Next we went to our room and changed into our pjamas and went to sleep.


My baptism


On the 26th of May I was baptised at St Thomas church. All my family came my mum, my sisters and my brother also my niece and my nephew came. I got baptised by our School Vicar called Rodger. Then I went to a font to get baptised then Rodger put water on my head and did a cross. Finally, I went home and had a party to celebrate my baptism with a cake what had my name on it. Then my dad came to celebrate my baptism then I went play on my bike with my brother I had an amazing time.


Happy Eid!!!!


On Wednesday 5th June it was my Eid. I woke on that day and rushed downstairs to the kitchen. Then I got into my glamorous Eid clothes. I wore culottes and a top and some gorgeous shoes. As soon as everyone was done we went to all our family and friends houses. The food was yummy😋 . As I came back home everyone came to my house and we had a huge dinner feast. We all got together and had a great time. This Eid was my favourite Eid.