My holiday


On my holiday I went to my cousins house we made a tent with blankets, when we made it we were sooo extremely excited to go in the tent. So went in and we ate some sweets and watched YouTube videos.Then I went home and went to my other cousins  so me and my cousin played with her toy she also had a big tent so we played in the that. My cousin had a lot of toys to play with so we never got bored. So then I ate a cookie 🍪 my cousin’s mum made the cookies. Thne I went home and spent some time with my family . The next day it was EID I was soo excited for eid so I dressed up and went to peoples house and said eid Mubarak. I was soo exited I even wanted to go my cousins house so after that I went home and was really impressed with my day I spent some time with my family I had a great holiday!!!


On my birthday


On Wednesday 1st May 2019 I woke up and I was extremely exited because it was my birthday. My mum and dad left a card for me to read and it said: happy birthday to you our little bundle of joy!!!you are definitely mum’s little angel and dad’s reflection!!!I hope you will grow up to be a great girl . Enjoy your special birthday. Happy birthday our princess love you lots. Hope all your dreams come true. From Mum & dad !!!When I read it all I hugged my mum and I jumped out off bed and brushed my teeth for a new day. After I brushed my teeth I when down stairs and ate. After that I dressed up in my favourite dress. After that whilst I was doing my hair I called my dad and said thank you dad and talked about other stuff. After I did my hair I went down stairs and put my donuts in a bag and checked on my jelly. Then I went to school I was excited. When we were doing ICT we were learning about Greece. After that if we were done we could do ttrockstars or purple mash or IXL. After ICT we had our lunch break after that we had maths and English then we had our lunch.In the afternoon we finishing off our ICT .After ICT we went outside to eat my donuts I loved the donuts my mum brought me for my birthday then I give out my jelly’s inside then we packed up for home time and went home I had I wonderful time !!!


My trip to the best library


On Monday my class mates went to Bolton Library . We had to walk all the way to Bolton Library . We went past the ABC park . When we were there we had to be quiet because Library’s are a quiet place to read and work . Laura the librarian read us a poem and a story called Hansel and Gretel . After that we had to find a book but Laura split us up into 2 groups so I had to get a fiction book whilst the others chose a non-fiction book. Laura told us to order the numbers and authors from books and we told our classmates all about our books. I chose a book called the Magic Finger by Ronald Dahl. After that we had to go back to school some of us when to the toilet and after that we went back to school we had to cross roads. My legs felt like all off my bones were broken. It was a lovely , sunny and beautiful day.


In the holiday!!!

In the holidays my friends and family when’t to my friends house . We played with Lego and after that we ate some Chinese noodles it was soooo yummy !!!
After we ate we had dessert . For dessert we had strawberries in cream. The food was the best.after we ate we played hide and seek.I was soo good at hide and seek beacause I WON!!!!!