What l did over the holidays


In the holidays l went to the cinemas to watch Aladdin for my sisters birthday 🎁 . When we finally finished the show we went back home. Then we ate for lunch l had apple pie. Then me , my mom and dad went shopping .When we came back from shopping we took ¬†everything out of the bags .Then I watched netflix while my mom and dad went to get some pizza. Then we eat food and then we eat some cake .Then as a flash the door bell went and it was my aunty .My Aunty brought some presents for my sister we they went I brushed my teeth and went to bed. I had the best day ever.


My holiday


Today it is my best friends birthday day so I went there for a party it was the best party ever . It started off by me waking up, my mom said I can go somewhere if I want I said ok . I dressed up in my normal clothes and my mom said it is Olivia’s birthday. It was a treat for me because I was the only one who went there with her friends. My mom let me stay there for three hours so it was grate I counted my money and there where just enough money to buy her some thing . We arrived there the decorations where so beutyful and exciting I saw her she opened her present is was makeup and she even got chocolate and beutyful roses for it then my mom went back home . We left the cake for a surprise. We played on the Ipad for a bit we got bored so we played games with her parents but my mother went home so I was alone but I still won feltips so unless I won something then we played with her dolls for a bit . Then her mom brought the cake it was a Strawberry flavoured cake it was so delicious. Then we played games again then we went to the park then we went home I had a lovely day .