Fifa 19

A review of Fifa 19


Pegi Rating: 3-70


What is the aim of this game?
To win tournaments.
What did you like about this game?
Because when I win the other person he screamed.
What hints or tips can you give to other gamers about this game?
My tips would be to keep calm while you are playing the game and after every goal swap around your game play.
How long might it take someone to complete this game?
It could take a couple of months.
Would you recommend this game to someone else? Why?
Yes I would recommend this game to someone else as it’s a really fun and an active game.


Mini golf with grandad

On Sunday I went out with my Grandad in town. We went down to the Vaults and played golf. Grandad kept the Score. We were drawing for a while then I went in front when I scored a hole in one. Grandad made a lot of mistakes and it took him 12 putts on one hole. When we added the scores, I won by 11 points. Finally, the total score was 54-65 to me.

My grandad lives in Brazil so we don’t see him often. So it was a special day.