Lockdown fun!


Today it is very hot and my mum’s mum came from Pakistan, she came 6th June and is going home on the end of August my birthday is on August 14th. So it is a hot day out side so I will go in the swimming pool we got from home bargains and luckily it was the last one and my mum is going toys or us.

(The End)


having fun at my cousins house


Today I went to my cusain house with my family because they came back yestoday so wet to thirhouse for a bit . Me and my cusain played outside with Rubina and Daniel . Our other little cusain where playing with us when she araived we played tig . then we watched youtude we watched Cinderela . Me and the girls where playing with the barbies for 24 minutes . then we played with her 1 Year oid kittens for a while . And thene because it was a sunny day we had BBQ we where playing on the slide while the boys made the food .
I had a grate day at my cusains house .


Staying at my grandmas for the day


On Saturday I went to my grandmas, I went in my PJ’s.Then I went in the shower, I got dressed and then I went to play on my iPad on my favourite game upstairs in my room then I watched some TV.Then I decided to play outside on a tree swing, I got tired of it so I went on the trampoline then I had dinner (lunch). Then I want to play on the trampoline again then my mum came to pick me up I had a great time.👍


going to my friends house


Today I visited my friends house and have a sleep over . We dresed in her best clothers we could found .Then we went to a park her little sister was there we playad tig we needed to run slow so her little sister could join in .Next we had dinner .Then her big sister did our nails with nail polish mine was blue and purple .Next we dresed in her pugarmers so we had a sleep over.Next day we went to the park again then I went home .


Good Day at the park

On Saturday we went to the park.I got my bike out and my brother got his scooter then we went. We went through a forest to get to the park.We went to feed the ducks as well. We went on the swing , I went on the monkey bars and it was so fun. Then we went in a spin the bottle it was so much fun then we went home. I had a great time.


Sleeping at my Grandmas house!!

When we got to my Grandmas house we went downstairs and we played Twister. After that I got into my Pikachu onesie and we went upstairs and watched a movie.We had a really good snacks we had chocolate, lollipops and a packet of gummy bears. The movie what we watched was King Kong skull Island. Then we went to sleep.