Georges Marvellous Medicine

I read a book called Georges Marvellous Medicine. This is what happened

George’s mother left George with his wicked old Grandma. When Georges parents weren’t home grandma was then treating George badly. George was thinking of something to make that can blow away the wicked old witch women. He was making his own medcine, when he finished he gave that medcine to grandma. In grandmas tummy a fire was going on. After that grandma was growing and growing and growing all the way to the roof. First Georges room then the atick then the roof. Mum and Dad came home and saw that grandma’s head was popping out of the roof. George’s father wanted to make more to sell so that they become rich. They made 3 more Georges Marvellous Medicine. Grandma was supposed to drink medicine number 2 but she drank medicine number 3. Grandma was geting smaler and smaler and smaler until she vanished.


The beach


Last week I went to Blackpool beach with my dad, my mum and my 2 younger brothers. When we were there we got out the stuff whilst my dad was looking for some where to park. We saw that there was no sand because the tide was in so we went to Saint Annes beach. We found a spot and we eat, when we were there. I built a big sandcastle and then went with my mum for a walk on the beach and found some shells. When we came back me and my brother went and blew some bubbles then we packed up and came home.


My picnic


Last week me and my family went to Moss Bank park. When we were there we ate then me and my brother were playing. After that I wanted to play on my bike. I went on my bike, then I went in long grass. I fell and my bike did a back flip and hit the back of my head. I cut my head and started bleeding and dripped on my right arm. My dad took me to hospital, we had to wait for 1 hour. They put special glue in my head.


The book that ate my brother


The book that ate my brother by Michael Dahl. There was a boy named Jack who sat on his computer. He is alone well he thinks he is alone. He knew a website that will destroy books that are evil. He knew that there was an evil book in his house. He typed in on the website that his brother has been eaten from a book so he needs help. He heard outside a big bump then the door opened, it was the book, the book filed the room with his mouth then ate Jack next. He heard a voice help me, as he went closer the voice was getting louder and louder until he saw Tyler. Tyler was in a hole then Jack came to try and pull Tyler out but he could not, suddenly a girl came who was named Skywriter, Skywriter led them out of the monster. After that they went home.


My day – Wednesday 15th April


Yesterday in the afternoon me and my dad set a new printer up. I put the ink in the printer and my dad did the rest. We also printed some math sheets for me to work on.

In the evening we watched a movie called Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. On his birthday at the night at 12:00 he made a wish that his family would have a very bad day. When he woke up, his family had a very bad day. This was a really funny film to watch.

By Hamza