My trip to Manchester


Today we went to Manchester on a coach. We had to sit in partners and my partner was Firdaus we sat at the bottom of the coach. Me and Firdaus were talking a lot. When we got there we were so excited. First we saw a canal there was lots of dirt in the canal. We saw a big skyscraper it was so tall. We also saw a court and a theatre. Then Mrs Booth told us her favourite shop. We also saw a tram we saw 4 trams and we saw a train. We also saw some barges people lived on them. Then we went to the museum we got to play with the stuff. Then we went to eat our lunch. Next we looked at more things we were not allowed to touch them. Then we walked back to the coach this time I got to sit at the top. Me and my friends pretended to drive the coach. When we got back to school we watched the daily news. Then Mrs Booth read us a story then it was home time.