mini saga challenge


I can see people walking in the white snow all the houses are covered in snow. I can see children making snow mans with a scarf, carrot and a hat. I can hear birds singing happily in the blue cloudy sky. I can hear children laughing and most of all having fun. I can see the children are having a snow ball fight but they are not throwing the snow too hard though.


my family presents


Today I am wrapping presents for my family. On Christmas day I’ve got mum a candle, my oldest brother strong candle because he is full of oil every day because he is a mechanic.
I’ve got my second oldest brother a candle and my Grandad after eights dark chocolate and dad a pack of boosts because nothing can go wrong with chocolate and finally my Grandma a pack of Aeros.


My Christmas


Christmas is a time of year that Christians celebrate. You leave presents under the tree on Christmas Eve so everybody can only open 1 present. Before you go to bed, you leave outside reindeer dust so the reindeer knows where Santa Claus is and a carrot, cookies and milk for Santa and the carrot for the reindeers. The next day my mum is always the first one wide awake and we all open our presents and then have breakfast we have bacon butty’s and at around 12’o’clock my grandma and grandad come and we all open more presents and I have loads the next day.