What I did in the holiday


In the morning I woke up then I got dressed and I walked to my antys house. Then we played with her kittens with my cousin then my other cousin bought some games. She bought guess who and 4 in a row. First we played guess who the four in a row it was really fun then we walked to the shop. My mum bought some bread and juice then we went back to her house and had tea. We had pizza then we played for a bit then me and my mum went back home 🏠


The trip to the Libary


On Monday we went on a trip. We went to Bolton library we had to go past the ABC park it was boiling my teacher said we could pick a partner to walk with. I walked with Hana we went on foot. When we got there we took our coats off and sat on the carpet Laura introduced herself to us. After that she read us a poem then a story called Hansel and Gretel. Finally she asked us to order some book authors names in alphabetical order then she told us to do the same with the numbers. After that she told us to pick a book and sit on the carpet with it. Then she told us to read the blurb on the back. Eventually she said get our coats on and go back to school. I had a lovely time!


A snowy Robin Rescue

A book review of A snowy Robin Rescue by Mary kelly

Book reviewed by: Lillie

What was this book about?
Children are trying to save a robin but it is snowing.

Who were the main characters in this book?
The Robin, Evan, Hannah, Poppy and the RSPCA inspector.
Locate a word you were unsure about and write it below.
What age group would you recommend this book to?