Ninja warrior


On Sunday me and Laila-Rae went to ninja warrior.When we arrived we went inside and we had to take off our shoes 👟. It took a while to let us play . First we tried to do an obstacle course . Then I climbed up the wall and I made it . Then we went into the inflatibals . In the inflatibals there was a obstacle course and I completed it. Then I jumped off something and landed in foam . Then we went out off the inflatibals and did some more obstacle courses. Before we went back into the inflatibals I ran up the wall a couple of times.Then we went into the inflatibals and jumped lots of times .Then it was time to go and then we went to McDonald’s . I had a burger 🍔 and fries 🍟. Then I went home and relaxed.


My trip to the library📓


On Wednesday we went to the library it took us a long time to get there. When we got there we went into the kids library. The librarian told us about the library and what they did. When the librarian finished talking we got to pick some books 📖 to read. Then we sat back down and the librarian read three books 📚 to us. Then we walked back to school and I had lots of fun.