My holiday


On my holiday I went to my cousins house we made a tent with blankets, when we made it we were sooo extremely excited to go in the tent. So went in and we ate some sweets and watched YouTube videos.Then I went home and went to my other cousins  so me and my cousin played with her toy she also had a big tent so we played in the that. My cousin had a lot of toys to play with so we never got bored. So then I ate a cookie 🍪 my cousin’s mum made the cookies. Thne I went home and spent some time with my family . The next day it was EID I was soo excited for eid so I dressed up and went to peoples house and said eid Mubarak. I was soo exited I even wanted to go my cousins house so after that I went home and was really impressed with my day I spent some time with my family I had a great holiday!!!