A trip to Jorvik centre


On Monday me and my class mates went on a trip to the Jorvik centre. First we had a look at the floor and we saw lots of old fossils and things that Vikings used in the old times. Next a man dressed as a viking he told us all about bones and I guessed that viking children made ice scates out of animal bones . We’ve even figured it out that the parents threw their children’s noisy toys in the toilet. Then we went to another man dressed as a viking he told us that the vikings could cut their money in half.

Next we went to DIG where we had to dig bones me and Clarissa found tiny bones . Then we went to sort bones like who’s bone it is. Me and Clarissa sorted it perfectly but we needed some help. Then we went up stairs to eat our lunch then we had a look at Harry Potters new clothes and materials. we even met a huge teddy bear on the way.

After that we got back on the coach and got back to school then my dad took me home and my cusian was there we played together then my cusian went home and I went to sleep.