To library


At the start of our school day our class went to the library 📚.My partner was Hamza we had to walk for 30 mins it too k a long time. Finally we got there and we met this lady and she let us go around and look. So I picked Horrid Henry. At the end we went back out side and went back. It took another 30mins and we arrived back to school 🏫.


Mini Saga Challenge


Last summer, my sister took me and my best friend, Faiz to Moss bank Park. It was a beautiful day, the sky was clear blue and the sun was beaming. We had a fabulous time because we made new friends and played rounders with them. After the game, I celebrated with my friends and ate delicious ice-cream and drank slush. We also played other sports such as cricket and football. My favourite moment was when I and Faiz went on the bouncy castle because we got to jump higher than the stars and slide down the biggest slide in the whole wild park.