Lots of pupils attempted the writing challenge last half term.

If you did – thank you, you’re a…

Are you ready for this half term’s writing challenge? Here it is:

In this story by Michael Morpurgo, a brave little robin returns home from an exciting journey.

Can you describe in as much detail as possible exactly what the robin sees as he flies home.

Remember to include:

  • adverbs of time
  • adverbs
  • ambitious adjectives

Good Luck (and be descriptive!)


Star Blogger – Year 4


Your challenge this half term is as follows: write your own mini saga.

Your 3 golden rules are:

  1. Be original
  2. Only use 100 words (or just less)
  3. Your story must have a beginning, middle and end

Here are some ideas to help:



Summer Term

Well we are nearly at the end of the school year. Year 4 have worked so hard and everyone should be proud of what they have achieved. Here are just a few of the things we have been up to this summer term.

I hope all of year 4 have a fantastic summer holidays. I wish them all the best for year 5 and know every single child will be amazing next year.

Happy Blogging

Mrs Welsh


Half Term 4

What another fun packed half term Year 4 have had. We have been to York, had a Viking day, started swimming lessons, been learning how to play chess, learning the glockenspiels and lots more.

Here are just a few of the things we have been up to.


Mrs Welsh


York Trip

Year 4 had an amazing time in York on Monday. We explored the Jorvik Centre and were even archaeologists for the day.

Can you create a post explaining what you learnt about the Vikings and what you enjoyed the most about the trip to York?

Happy Blogging

Mrs Welsh


Welcome back Year 4

It is the start of a new half term and I hope all Year 4 have had a fantastic half term break.

I would love to read about what you have all been up to in the holidays. Can you write a blog about your favourite day?

I look forward to reading your blogs.

Happy Blogging

Mrs Welsh


The vikings

The vikings make food by putting it up in a pan above a fire. The vikings  built there houses  from local material such as wood, stone or blocks of turf. They lived in long rectangular houses made with upright timbers (wood).The walls were made of wattle [woven sticks, covered with mud to keep out the wind and rain].

By Evie


Everything I learnt and liked in York

I enjoyed the ride in York because it was like going back in time. We could even smell it! They had models in the ride showing us what Viking people would do for example selling shoes , sleeping , cutting and much more. But what was  really exstradanary is that they made a model of a real Viking that died!

I learnt that when they tried printing on a coin they used a stamp. But what was really scary was that they used children to hold a piece of metal (silver) to hammer it in shape,their hands broke. After that they would get rid of them. I was horrified when I heard this.

By Seedra


My trip to York and what I learnt and liked

I enjoyed the ride at York because it was super cool and I couldn’t predict what was going to happen.

I learnt that in the ride,  the way that it was set out, was how it looked when vikings settled there .

The lady who taught our class gave us information from how archaeologists dug underground which helped them to discover how the vikings lived many years ago.

On my dig in Viking times I found Viking bones and huge animal bones.

by Dylan A


What I learnt on my trip to York Portia W

I enjoyed the ride because it made me feel like a Viking. I also enjoyed  learning about the coins but I felt sorry for the children because their hands got broken when they stamped the coins.

I learnt that being an archaeologist is a lot of hard work because the job takes a long time.

 I also learnt that archaeologists dig underground to find ancient artefacts.

by Portia