Fabulous memories from our last half term in year 5!

It has been my pleasure teaching the year 5 children this year – what a special group of children! So many children have strived to better themselves each day-whether it be in the presentation of their work, their spellings, their sporting achievements or their behaviour.
I have to take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers for their continued support. I hope you all have a lovely summer break. Keep safe and relax. We all look forward to seeing you again in September.
Miss Varley


The School Motto ‘Let Your Light Shine’ What Does It Mean

The school motto of let your light shine is a light everyone has inside of them and it gets brighter each day. Your light is yourself it means try and try and be unique and do your best in new things and try your best.

Everyone is special and unique there is no one that is the same we are all different there is only one of us and we always try our best to shine our light some people think there the same but %100 we are not the same.

Comment what you like ,

Sports- gymnastics, dancing, football, volley ball , bench ball, basketball, netball or cricket.

Other things- art , computing , singing , writing , reading , cooking , cleaning , helping.

Comment how do you shine your light?

Hope you enjoyed comment and like thank you for reading by Ceira .H.


It’s easy saying Hello but hard saying goodbye …. By Aishah

  • Moving from one school to another
  • Moving into another Key Stage
  • Moving into year 6

All of these aren’t easy so I have things to help….

  1.  Enjoy your summer break.
  2. Get ready for the end of summer break
  3. Jot some TO DO’S  on a piece of paper or diary
  4. Take a good night rest

Thank you for reading .Please  like and comment which one was helpful to you? I’m moving into year 6 and I am really worried because of SATS but exited about head girl deputy head girl head boy and deputy head boy. I can’t wait to wright the letter for it!!!

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Cats Vs Dogs!

Today we are going to talk about Cats vs dogs comment #Catsquad or #Dogsquad and we will see who is better everyone has to comment and we can end this big question. For me  I think cats are better.


Cats are a loving pet. cats love cuddles sometimes if the cat is not a savage and doesn’t like hugs. They will follow you around and beg for attention they like to hunt for things as a gift for you. They will sleep with you on there bed and you cuddle it to sleep. Now isn’t that adorable right!


A nice pet to have that will jump up on you and will usually wait until your back from like school or work. They love a big cuddle from there owner. They are really giddy take them out for a run on a field and there sure to fall asleep after. Dogs play this thing called fetch and you throw the ball and they run after it and they bring it back to you. Very funny Hahah.

Ceira .H. :]



What am I going to do for my birthday!

My birthday is on the 29th July and it is a week. I can’t wait I will tell you what I am going to do. 

First I will get up and watch YouTube then I will go and make my parents some breakfast for all of the things they did for me.

Then I will open my presents and get ready and go to the car and we will go to Crocky Trail my brother thinks he won’t be scared of the rides but I bet him £100.00 he will. 

After we will go out to eat somewhere I don’t know yet. Then we will go home and have my birthday cake [obviously it is a unicorn] hashtag unicorn squad. 

Then I will invite my friends over to a party and we will have pizza and a pool and it will be dark. it will be fun.

Ceira .H.


End of Year 5! Inspired by Ayesha .K.

My School

St Thomas Halliwell COFE C.E Primary School

My Age and my personality

I am called Ceira and I am nearly 10 and I love dancing I became professional at the age of 6 and it all started off in reception I went to dancing and I was nervous and I was okay and I got better and better each day.

Next Year

I will be in year 6 wow! I am still with the same teacher and classroom she is I changing it to a year 6 class room. I am glad I am still with the same teacher YESS!

My next High school

Hmmm….. Not sure just yet but it might be Smithils Cannon Slade or Sharples

Hoped you enjoyed See the source imagebig shout out to Aishah .P. for liking thank you Aishah



My school

My school is called St Thomas C.E primary school Halliwell 

My school is for children ages 4-11

Our head teacher is called Mrs Fielen

My teacher

My teacher is called Miss Pugh

She is 23 years old and she is not married

She has one cat and one dog

I like teacher because she is kind and careing

My friend

I have LOTS f friends

My friend are Mahera , Saara and lots more

We like to tell jokes and playing together

What I like about this school

My favorite thing I did this year was the water gun fight!

I liked how we always use to play games and go out side

Next year!

Next year I will be in year ……..6!!!!!!

I am looking forward to going to BLACKPOOL!

I will have a new teacher called Miss Varley

Next year I will be one of the oldest ,in the school



The Greatest Showman!

At the end of every year the year 6 pupils perform a production and this year it is our turn. The theme of the play is the Greatest Showman and straight away I was dreading it. I had watched the film and didn’t enjoy it a bit. However I did change my mind fortunately. My part was a banker and a villager. Although the villager was a bad guy I still enjoyed rehearsing and trying on the new costumes. Today is the big night because we have to perform in front of our parents and years 3 3/4 and 4.

Yaqub P,  Mohammed-Farhan


Tips of what to blog about!

Here are the tips of what to blog about:

  • How your day was.
  • About the book you’re reading.
  • A story.
  • Favourite singer, artist etc.
  • Favourite food.
  • Favourite colour.
  • Favourite teacher.
  • Favourite trip you went with school.
  • Favourite class.
  • Favourite year.
  • Best friend and about them.
  • Best pet that you would get and why.
  • What production that you did was your favourite.
  • What club you go to.
  • What things you like to do.
  • About your family.
  • Healthy food and Junk food.
  • About your spellings.
  • What you did for your homework.
  • Competitions.
  • Names.
  • What to do when your bored.
  • Best drink and why.
  • Favourite song.
  • Favourite subject.
  • Seasons.
  • Games.
  • Arts and Crafts.
  • Holidays.
  • Shapes.

We have done 30. Hope you like these ideas that we have given you.

By Saffia and Darya.



All About My Day In School!!!

First Miss Varley did the register on her whiteboard. Then we did mile a day. Then we went to assembly. Then we tasted some Irish Soda Bread. Then we got to make some. We could go into groups of four or five. I was in a group of four. In my group it was me,Saffia,Vanessa and Harmain. We made it and then Miss Beatty put it in the oven. Then it was lunch. After lunch we came into the classroom and we could eat our bread – it was delicious! Then we did some work. Then it was hometime.

By Aisha G


What we did in Bolton market

If your wondering…

What did you do at Bolton market?

Well let me tell you all about it.  Firstly we walked to Bolton market then when we got there with our partners we had to find the shop that on the sheet it sayed a teachers name and what they need. So we needed to fine the correct shop for that teacher and write the name of the teacher and an item or food on the sheet. When we were done doing that there was this guy that told us all about African foods. When he finished telling us about that we looked at some ingredents that he puts in the food then we set off back to school.


My Amazing Day At Crocky Trail!

First we got on the coach and had to listen to girls singing for 1 hour and 30 minutes and it was annoying! After we had arrived and I sprinted out and went into the Haunted House and Miss thought I was stuck and I was crying but I came out with a big smile on my face what a waste in sending people in now there going to be crying! 🤣 Me and Kadie went on the flusher and she ran off I was in and it sent me flying down and I wasn’t even on the slide but all of a sudden I felt the slide and I stopped. My house was racing and everyone was staring at me HAHAHA! After we had gone on other rides like the titanic and others. Miss Varley shouted us and we got our dinner and I bought Kadie an Ice cream 🍦 I had mint and Kadie got vannila. It was amazing. After we went on the trail and we had challenges along the way. After we had finished the trail and now we went on the coach and the girls was singing AGAIN! 

Ceira .H. 😻🦄🌅



Here are some peoms that I made up.

1.The sparkly ocean waeing goodbye to you.

2.The sun spinning around as if its makeing you dizzy.

3.The grass growing and growing till its high.

4.The cars running as if its trying to beat you in a race.

5. The airplane going higher and higher till its all the way up to the sky.

Thats all for today and what was your favourite poem…


Lyrics to So Am I By Ava Max

Do you ever feel like a misfit everything inside you is dark and twisted oh, but it’s okay to be different cause baby so am I so am I, So am I so am I I I I I. Can you hear the whispers all across the room. You feel there eyes all over you like cheap perfume. Your beautiful but misunderstood. So why you tryna be just like the neighbor hood. I can see it,  I know what your feelin, so let me tell you bout my little secret. Ima little crazy underneath this underneath this do you ever feel like a misfit everything inside you is dark and twisted oh, but it’s okay to be different cause baby so am I so am I so am I so am I do you ever feel like an outcast you don’t have to fit in to the format oh but it’s okay to be different cause baby so am I so am I so am I I I I I so dress up fancy like Sid and Nancy walk-in killer queen. 

Want part 2 comment So am I Ava Max.

Ceira .H. 👯‍♂️🦄🎀🐈


I have just watched The Greatest Showman for the 2nd time what do I think of it?

Today I have just watched the Greatest showman for my 2nd time and in my opinion it is out of this world! I LOVED IT!!! I had three favourite characters they are Zac Effron, Zndaya and Anne!!! My favourite song was Rewrite The Stars and Never Enough. Have you watched it? Did you like it? I did as I said! comment what is your favourite song .Please like!!!See the source image


By Aishah



All about The Day I Was Erased! By Lisa Thompson

The Day I Was Erased By Lisa Thompson is about a boy called Maxwell and he has a friend called Charlie Geek. Charlie Geek hurt his nose and he ruined the ball and he wished he wasn’t born and Reg had his egg and he held it and opened it and said I wish I was never born. Then he had gone to another world were Charlie Geek is not his friend and no one knows him. Maxwells sister Bex had stollen a bit from the egg in the world where he never existed. Now Charlie Geek got her to give it to him. He said I wish I existed. He came back and it was amazing. Ceira .H. 😻😻😻


All about Marshmello

Marshmello is an American DJ.

He does songs and they are great. 

On a video Alone he gets bullied because he has a bucket over his face.

He is kind. 

He is also very young I think he is in his teens. 

Comment Marshmello and help him out  and I really want at least 59 comments. 

Ceira .H. 



What Did I Do Today At School !🤓👩🏼‍🏫

First we went to maths we did a maths test and did questions like this. 124,897+ 12,567 it was pretty hard. Then we went for play and I stayed in and added some colour to my biography. Then we went to literacy and talked about the things Chinese people do. The unlucky number in China is 4 because in China ‘suh’ means  death and 4 and suh sounds the same. The lucky 🍀 number is 8. After Literacy we went to maths again and did another test. We completed and we went to lunch I stayed in again and blogged. After in the afternoon we first did some triangle flags and coloured them in. Then we read The Day I Was Erased by Lisa Thompson. After we did jobs and I cleaned up the reading area. Then because it was Harry’s birthday 🎁 he gave all of us a buiscuit and a cake 🍰. We enjoyed it thank you 😊 Harry. After we went home. Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed comment happy birthday Harry. 

Ceira .H. ❤️👯‍♂️🦄🐈🎀💅🏻



New School

St Thomas Halliwell was the school I joined it was so much fun. But in my last school they didn’t have a huge football pitch but THIS ON HAS ONE!  It is so much fun in this school if you are looking for one school please come to St Thomas because we do so much fun activities.


All About My Other Favourite Youtuber!

My other favourite YouTuber is also Sis vs Bro I watch them a lot as they are funny. They mostly do slime videos and swapping clothes challenge. There is Karina and Ronald and their pets are called Chibi and Gorge. Comment if you watch sis vs bro and which video is your favourite. Ceira .H.

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Pakistan vs India!

Pakistan 🇵🇰 Vs India 🇮🇳.

Both teams are getting ready for the match, first ball of India smacked a 4 Pakistan was not happy that they just smacked a 4. It was hard for Pakistan to win the match if they didn’t there out of the WORLD CUP!

So far the score to India was 310/4  and that was the score and Pakistan was not happy. It was time for Pakistan to bat!!!!

The score for Pakistan was 208,!!! Sorry Pakistan but India WON!!!

Now Pakistan is out of the World Cup .

They both played good but India won this one.

By the way guys who do you think is going to takeover the World Cup?