Cruical Crew 2020!

The year 6 children had a great time this morning at the Crucial Crew centre in Bolton.

Thank you to :

  • British Transport Police
  • Bolton Council – Road Safety
  • Bolton Lads and Girls Club-Internet Safety
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • RNLI
  • St John Ambulance
  • Travelsafe

They are going to share some of what they learnt, found interesting and enjoyed !


A Book Review on ‘Tom Gates’Top Of The Class (nearly)’ By L.Pinchon

This is a book review on this book!

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What is the book about:

This Book is about a boy called Tom and he really wants to be on the school council but he is well not naughty but just a little mischievous. He also wants to get TOP marks in his test papers, he wants to be TOP OF THE CLASS! His grades are very low but his teacher Mr Fullerman always notices that he is NEVER paying attention. Because of that he ends up getting himself in detention! There is this other boy to he is really geeky and and knows all of his stuff. He is always bragging to Tom about how clever he is. Tom’s best friend is Derek and they are really looking forward for their sleepover but Tom’s mom refuses until after the upcoming tests are over. Something else really mysterious happens…. Tom is in TROUBLE…….

Star Rating:

FIVE out of FIVE!!!

Age Recommendation:

I would recommend this to children boy or girl that are from ages 9-11.

I hope u liked it!  Don’t forget to like! #NeverStopReading!

By Mahera.


My Crucial Crew Thoughts ! By Zara M

At Crucial Crew, which is in Bolton,I learnt about how to stay safe when you’re in danger .We learnt about the green cross code. Stop, Look, Listen and Think. I found the dark room interesting. In the dark room there was a fake accident. There were two dead men laying on the floor. At the end , one of the men jumped up and scared us ALL!!! All of us were very shocked . It was a bit funny. I enjoyed the part where everybody screamed! #TheDarkRoom#CrucialCrew#Year6!

By Zara M




All About Our Amazing Crucial Crew Trip By Ceira 😜

First of all we set off and we got on the coach.   Kadie and I were chatting about cats and dogs. When we got off he coach and we went into a hall and another school came in and someone talked to us about what we will be doing. First e went to our first lesson and we was talking about a crime scene and talked about how they were injured. We saw a car that had bumped into two people in the dark- they looked like statues and one of the people that it hit jumped up and everyone except me and Kadie screamed and jumped 10 center meters backwards  . The next room we learnt about damaging things If you do you would go to jail for damaging things. After we went to learn about railways and electric things he told us that if we go to the edge we would get dragged of the edge he also shown us a video about a boy called Tom and he and his friends were messing on the railways and Tom climbed to the top of the train and these powerful electric wires eleticuted him but he was still alive but with life changing differences. After we went to learn how to do first aid. We first watched a video about a student finding her teacher on the floor firs she moved the pens so she didnt get hurt and then she put her face near the teachers face to see if she could feel her breath. After she looked to see if she were breathing by looking at her belly to see if it was moving up and down. After we went to do a quiz and first she said if somebody came up to you and said give me your money what would you do A: Run off with your money B: Give it to them no trouble I said A which was wrong she did questions like that. Then we leant about how to be safe near sea and water. She taught us how to float in water and she showed us a picture and we had to say what people were doing wrong. Finally we learnt about how to be safe online. We got asked some questions and I got somebody texts you it starts off alright then they start being mean so I put save texts and show your parents after block them. Then it was time to go so we got on the coach and went back to school.

By Ceira .H.


My Day At Crucial Crew By Kulsum!


Today from my school me and my class went to Crucial Crew 

and I am going to tell you about what I learnt there and what we did. So firstly,my group went to a 

very dark and scary room and it was about a car crash that

involved a human (it was fake just so you know)and we had to find clues about how this happened

and why it did so we started finding clues and then suddenly

at a random moment a so called dummy came to life and scared all of the children in the room it

was scary.It was to teach us about road safety and we all

understood after we heard the story the girl ran across the road at night to go get the ball she kicked

over the road without using the green cross code and so

she got hit due to not using the green cross code(Stop,Look,Listen and think).So I hope you enjoyed 

reading this and I hope now you are more safer on roads.



Our Trip To Crucial Crew! By Saarah P

This blog is all about a what I did at Crucial Crew. We all had so much fun and I will tell you all about it.


Road safety.

Travel Safe

British Transport Police

Royal National Lifeboat Institution

St John’s Ambulance



My favourite part was St John’s Ambulance because we got to put each other into the recovery position.

By Saarah



Crucial Crewing!

My class trip to Crucial Crew was overall was AMAZING!

Our first session was about staying safe in any type of water with the RNLI. First, she showed us two pictures of things going wrong then told us how you can help. Like if someone was shocked by the cold water you tell them to float in a star shape and pull them with something buut don’t go inside the water.

After that we were all excited for what we were doing next.

Our second session was safety on the train stations. He told us that at the train stations they have a yellow line with shows you have to stop.



Crucial Crew

Today we went to crucial crew. It was Amazing. I learnt so much. There were 7 different activities based on staying safe. There were:

  • British Transport Police
  • Bolton Council – Road Safety
  • Bolton Lads and Girls Club-Internet Safety
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • RNLI
  • St John Ambulance
  • Travel safe

My favourite activity was when we were in the road safety room and there was a crime scene. We talked about how we are not meant to go out late at night because you never know what could happen. For a bit of a shock in the crime scene there were two bodies, one was real and one was fake. At the end the real body jumped out and really scared us (Some of us started to cry only because we weren’t expecting it.)

We really learnt a lot and had a lot of fun! 
Bye Ayesha




Crucial Crew By Ammarah

This morning we went on a trip to crucial crew we did 7 activities.

Road Safety

In Road safety we did about, we should not wear dark clothing at night and how we should follow the green cross code:





We should not be on our smart phone when we are crossing the road and we should put our phones away.


R stands for royal

N stands for NATIONAL

L stands for life boat 

I stands for Instution

RNLI is about water safety and the black and white flag is for surfers in the water and yellow and red stands for only how much within the water you can stay

Bolton Lads and Girls club E safety

We should not friend people we do not know and we should report people that are mean to us by using the the app called ceops and  male sure to tell a trusted adult.









Crucial Crew


Today we went to Crucial Crew. It was really fun! First,we went onto the coach and it was only a few minutes drive.When we got there we did these stuff:

  • British Transport Police
  • Bolton Council – Road Safety
  • Bolton Lads and Girls Club-Internet Safety
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • RNLI
  • St John Ambulance
  • Travelsafe

My favourite bit was when WE GOT SCARED!!! In that session we learnt about road safety and we had to find out how a the crime scene happened. The room was so dark. There was a man laying on the floor. First,when we came in it looked like a fake body but there was a real man there. The man was breathing SO LOUD. I just knew it was a real person. This is where it gets scary. Suddenly,he screamed so loud I got so scared!  But it was really  funny when I got scared.